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Audi A4 Real World MPG



  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    WE normally run 89 Octane in our 1.8T. Occasionally fill it with 91-92. I cannot tell the difference, but I have never tried to compare MPG with the different octanes. Still running fine & getting excellent MPG with 48K..
  • kinctkinct Posts: 59
    Recently purchased a new (leftover) 2007 A4 2.0T. Still in the break-in period, but got 33.4 MPG on a recent 300+ mile drive (this is calculated based off of miles travelled / gas pumped, not the silly / inaccurate trip computer calculation which I find to be routinely optimistic).

    This was "trying to get good gas mileage" (65 mph max, coasting down major hills, no AC).

    I suspect normal highway will be more like 30 mpg. A little worse than my 99 1.8T Passat, but not horrible either.
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