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Dodge Caliber MPG-Real World Numbers



  • I have had my 2.0 CVT for 15 months and 27,000 miles with mostly highway miles and get 29-30 MPG almost problems and use synthetic motor oil..very happy with good looking but cheap transportation...get the 17" Sport Aluminun wheels and chrome door handles and gas cap...very sharp!!!
  • airnosairnos Posts: 16
    Hey pmkon7,

    I have a 2.0L SE with the CVT. I do drive to maximize mileage (lots of coasting stops, gentle acceleration, etc.) except when I have to run with traffic for safety reasons. Now that summer's over I've gone up to an average of 28 mpg, with a range of 26-29. On the highway I usually pop at least 30 mpg and I've had 32-33 a few times.

    I live in the South so there is really no need for me to have an AWD, and I passed on that option.

    Just to note, the SE does not have a tachometer or trip computer standard. I'm not able to do the straight-2000-rpm trick although I do try to keep the "tone" of the engine as even as possible. I'm also calculating mileage manually. (I really wish I at least had the tach...anyone know if it can be done aftermarket?)

    One thing I've noticed is that it's not very forgiving about weight in the back end. The one and only time I went below 30 on the highway involved me taking a bookcase between Atlanta and Raleigh. I ran about 27 the whole way up, but the first tank after the bookcase came out was the highest I've ever gotten - 33.9 mpg.

    My D.C. (that's her name) is now just under 8K miles. The manufacture date inside the driver's door is June 2007 so I've not asked the dealer for the TSB.
  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks everyone for your input. As of today, I have a new 2008 Caliber SXT with 2.0L and CVT on order. I will post updates after the car arrives. Doubtful I will get it before Christmas.
  • The following may upset some of you but the Truth is seldom pleasant.

    Other than pushing a button on a computer (which could make the car manufacturer look good ) most drivers have no clue on how to derive their true MPG.. Step #1 Go to a gasoline station, park the Caliber on the most level area of the pavement. #2 Turn off engine. (Leaving the engine run while re-fueling can screw up the on-board computers; it is against the Law; and most importantly can cause an explosion which can kill you, your passengers and other re-fuelers.) #3. Fill your gas tank until the nozzle's automatic shutoff stops the flow of fuel. (DO NOT squeeze a few more ounces or even drops into your tank. It's truth time, remember. ) #4. Assuming your Caliber has an accurate trip odometer, reset the trip odometer to 0000 and resume your normal driving routine. Drive the Caliber for several days or until the gas gauge reads half full. #5. If possible, go back to the same gas station and same fuel pump and repeat step #3. When the nozzle's automatic shutoff stops the fuel flow...immediately write down the Gallons Purchased number on a piece of paper. #6 Divide the trip odometer number by Gallons Purchased...that number is your Caliber's true MPG.

    The WheelMan
  • Traditionally, manual transmissions deliver better MPG for non-stop highway driving
    Automatics have improved substantially and are a close second. Automatics, of course, are favored for stop and go city driving.

    The WheelMan
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said, in part:

    "One thing I've noticed is that it's not very forgiving about weight in the back end. The one and only time I went below 30 on the highway involved me taking a bookcase between Atlanta and Raleigh. I ran about 27 the whole way up, but the first tank after the bookcase came out was the highest I've ever gotten - 33.9 mpg. "

    It's more likely a fill variation between your two tanks of gas, than the book case (unless your hatch was open and it affected the aerodynamics).

    I usually have pretty consistent mileage based on my commute, but if I use a different pump, or go to another gas station, or especially if I fill up on a slight angle, it can throw the mileage calculation off.

    Over 18,000 miles of driving, I have averaged approximately 32 mpg on my stick shift Caliber. Pretty good, but I drive very smoothly and have a largely free-flowing freeway commute in a mild climate that seldom requires aircon and is never below freezing, a couple of common mileage killers.
  • K&N has an air filter and more for your Caliber. Check out>

    The WheelMan
  • To significantly increase the MPG of your Caliber you are going to have to do some things that Dodge did not. #1 Use Synthetic oil #2 Change to a Cold air intake #3 Change to a performance exhaust manifold #4 Change to a Cat-back
    (catalytic converter to the tail pipe) exhaust system. #5 Inflate tires to "firmer" pressures. #6 Drive close to the speed limit.

    Expanded: #1 Full Synthetic oils signicantly reduce friction. Less friction means your engine strains less to do the same work. #2 to #4 Each of these assemblies adds approximately 8-10 hp by allowing your engine to 'breathe" and "exhale" easier without adding any load to your engine. More horses to move the same weight (Caliber and passengers) easier #5. Inflate the tires to what the tire manufacturer recommends...not to what Dodge recommends. Most car manufacturers want you to travel in smooth comfort, so they recommend a 'softer' tire pressure. "Firmer" tire pressures deliver better MPG by providing less rolling resistance. IMPORTANT:DO NOT OVER INFLATE YOUR TIRES. HIGHLY OVER INFLATED TIRES REDUCE TREAD LIFE AND CAN LEAD TO DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.

    #6 Speeds above 65 mph wastes fuel. Period.

    Your Dodge dealer's Parts Department can get you prices for items 2,3,4 and their Service people can install these parts. These assemblies are genuine Mopar and are specifically engineered for your Caliber. NOTE:Performance parts/assemblies may affect your warranty so get all the info before you open your wallet.

    If you plan to keep the Caliber until the wheels fall off the performance modifications might be a way to go.

    Much of 2,3,4 is a digest from Pat Goss of Goss's Garage, MotorWeek on PBS

    "Drive like your life depends on it."

    The WheelMan
  • Yeah, I calculate my mpg this way all the time. Even if I had a mpg estimator on my car, which I don't, I would not trust it. Checking mpg is most acurrate doing it manually. Still getting very close to 30 mpg average.
  • Haven't posted here in many months & need to follow up. At the end of my first year ownership (October 1, 2007) with the CVT 2 liter SE Caliber here is my MPG compilation.

    The first month of ownership(Oct. 2006) I averaged 31+MPG. As the weather got colder & lower energy winter mix gas was used, individual tanks dropped to 25 MPG, dragging overall average down to 28.4 MPG. During February & March, 2007, weather warmed & higher energy summer mix gas returned, & individual tanks averaged 33+MPG with highway highs of 35.6MPG. Slowly overall average rose till October 2007 when my YEARLY overall average topped out at 31.4 MPG for 50+ tanks of gas. My average going over 4000 foot mountain passes was 32.7+MPG.

    My 2 previous cars were very reliable & averaged 42 & 45MPG. I bought the Caliber because I'd been waiting for a cheap reliable CVT for 16 years. Tho I got less MPG than my previous cars, I have feather footed the Caliber & the CVT returned as good MPG as I could have hoped for. Many people have had bad Caliber MPG. But my SE Caliber & feather footing have done a pretty good job.

    Furthermore, my SE Caliber has been 100% mechanically reliable & NOT ONE creak, squeak or rattle has developed anywhere in the car. I'm happy! :D
  • Glad you haven't had any mechanical issues! :)
  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    I have a SXT w/2.0 engine and CVT. if I cruise at 65mph on the highway, I have gotten 33-34-5 mpg with a/c on. I get around 22-25 mpg around town depending if the a/c is on or not.
    The car has 36,500 miles on it. No big problems. Minor stuff like water leak around 3rd tail light, squeaking bushings in rear and door alignment(just after delivery).
    No complaints. Car rides nice, handles well. Love it!
  • lacnylacny Posts: 1
    Using fuel pump calculations & Miles driven. I always get more mpg than the numbers on the sticker in the window. Round trip to Doore county from Rockford, IL. including driving through small towns, 32 mpg. Commonly get 30+ highway driving. 25+ around town. Using Synthetic 5w-20 Oil, K&N air filter, Mobil 1 oil filter (Made by K&N), Nitrogen in tires, and a light foot, staying close to the speed limit. A heavy foot will bring you close to the window sticker number of 23 for city driving but usually closer to 24. I love cutting my fuel bill 35-45%. Also love the fact that I don't have to sit 4 inches off the ground and have to repel, every time I get in the car. I tell people its my old Pacifica, it just shrunk in the wash.
  • Total disagreement on two things.

    Synthetic oil is overrated. The minute amount you'll gain in mileage will be countered with the price of the stuff. At best, it's a complete wash.

    DO NOT GO BY THE TIRE MANUFACTURER'S PSI. This is not smart. Fill them to "firmer" and you will wear them out faster. There is a reason to follow the car maker's recommendation and it's called safety. The vehicle was designed for tires to be filled to a certain PSI for handling, braking and ride.

    I've been in the auto industry for fifteen years and you ALWAYS go by the "book" when it comes to tire PSIs.
  • ltyler44ltyler44 Posts: 2
    I have passed 25K on '07 SXT. Milage poor until passed 8K, then improved to 20/30 city/hwy.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I filled up today with 503 kilometers on the trip odo since last
    fillup tank guage was still showing 1/4 left ( I know that's not
    how to determine mpg/liters per 100 km).It took 40.922 liters
    to auto shutoff,worked out doing the math that's 28.9 US or
    8.151 L/100kms/34.65 mpg CAN.All under city driving conditions
    with max speed of 90 km/hr.
    I use Shell 87 exclusively Mopar oil and filter on my SXT 2.0/CVT
    which is 3 yrs old and 39,000 kms on the odo.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Good fuel economy under city conditions in a vehicle of very useful size!
  • My 2007 has about 74,000 miles on it and going strong. Most of my driving is to and from work on I-95 @ 70-75 mph. When in town I leave the traffic lights with a light touch on th gas pedal. I average 28-30 mpg.

    I'm happy with the car.
  • krash33krash33 Posts: 2
    We have a 2009 caliber se and we drove 1729 miles from Las Vegas to Wisconsin we drove 26 and a half hours at 70 to 80mph and spent $350 round trip om gas.. love the car it has 19000miles no problems... great reliable car and if you own a previous dodge you get a loyalty discount my gf had a 05 neon and got 6000 off the price so in the end we paid $13,000 for a 09 caliber instead of the 23,000

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