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Dodge Caliber MPG-Real World Numbers



  • krash33krash33 Posts: 2
    hey check out and they have a mpg meter and rpm in one gauge its 87.99...

    then click on lighting and electrical and click fuel saver device
  • I have a 2008 caliber sxt this spring it failed inspection because it needed ball joints and tie rod ends. it only had 68,500 km, I am wondering if anyone else has had the same kind of problems... I also ended up going to the dealership and I had to put rods and things on the back end too... not sure of the right name... I really love my caliber, it is nice and high for getting in and out of and also handles well... wondering if anyone is having any other troubles as well.. thanks
  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    I had a 2007 which went though 2 sets of suspension bushings at both ends plus tie rod ends. I am glad I had an extended warranty. I kept the car until it reached 60,000 miles and traded it in for a 2010 Dodge Avenger. Never had problems with the suspension on the Avenger.
    Just bought a 2012 Avenger.

    I am told that the Avenger has a different suspension so could explain things.

    I liked the Caliber otherwise. The Caliber was very reliable as is the Avenger I have now.
  • ajr006ajr006 Posts: 2
    A tank lasts about 100 miles city for me.
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