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Dodge Magnum MPG-Real World Numbers

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With the price of fuel being what it is, the mileage you're getting is becoming more important. This is the place to discuss the mileage performance you're getting out int he real world.

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  • I just purchased a new 05 RT and am experiencing only 18-19 mpg on the highway. I drive 135 miles a day with all but 15 miles or so on the highway and am averaging around 70-75 mph. Can I expect my mpg to go up as the engine breaks in or is 18-19 the real average mpg on these cars? I didn't buy the car for the gas mileage on my commute but I am hoping that the window sticker average is somewhat close.
  • Midnight,
    Mine had only 1500 miles when I took a 1200 mile trip about the same speeds as you and quite a few spurts to get around people. My first tank got 20mpg but my second got almost 23. Both using manual figuring. I have also noticed much better acceleration since I passed 2500 miles, give or take a few.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I just bought a 2005 R/T showroon demo which had ,5000 miles on it. I now have 7,800 miles on it. My mileage is not good so far - 13-14 around town and a maximum of 17.5 on the highway (cruise control at 75mph on the NY State Thruway). I have a ski box on the roof and four continental high speed rated snows. The dealership checked the car over - they think its the ski box and snows that are driving the MPG way down. Am I expecting too much? My previous car - a 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon - showed no drop in MPG with snows and a ski box.
  • dmarcus48dmarcus48 Posts: 139
    Don't remember where I read it, was an article about gas mileage, might have been cr. The roof box will definately effect your mileage.
  • My RT gets 25 mpg at 65 cruise, 27 mpg at 55 cruise, and 17 mpg in mixed driving. Maybe the Amsoil, K&N, and 22" tires help!??!

  • Hello,

    does somebody has a realistic gas mileage for an 2006 SXT AWD ???? :confuse:
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    I have a 2006 RT RWD. I use 89 octane. Most of my driving is city traffic, and I usually average around 16 - 17 mpg. When I did drive some highway mileage, I would average around 18 - 19 mpg. But, now that summer is here and it's getting hotter out, I'm finding my mpg dropping when using the AC. So, I'm probably around 14 - 15 mpg city when using AC. So, with gas prices, I just have to sweat a little more!
  • badkitty1badkitty1 Posts: 2
    I have 2005 SXT with the 3.5 V6. I live in Louisiana, so the A/C is on year round even if it's cold out because it's so dang humid you have to keep it on turned to hot to defog the windows. I have been getting about 20 in town and 23 hwy which I am very pleased with. I don't drive like a granny either! Granted it's not the 32 I got with my old Geo Prizm, but I'll take it! At least I can compete in traffic now!
  • glene319glene319 Posts: 1
    Gas mileage. Rated 17-24. My all round driving mpg is 16.5, on total miles. I have gotten 23.3 on the highway, but was traveling right at 60 mph. Any time you get up to around 70 the mileage goes down. On a recent trip, going between 65-75 mph, I got 20.5 mpg. I consider that good, considering the 340 HP engine. This Magnum is probably the quietest car I have ever owned. No wind noise at all, rides great on the highway, too. :) :)
  • gboomergboomer Posts: 6
    I just got my black pearlcoat magnum SXT RWD over Memorial Day weekend. I LOVE this car. The wife calls it our gangster car. It is the most quiet, smooth riding car I've ever driven. I drive 114mi round trip every day 30/70 city/hwy and I no longer need a nap after the long commute. If I keep it 70mph and under, I get 25, but that's really difficult in this car since it handles and rides like a dream. I'm getting the front windows tinted tomorrow to match the rear, then I think I'll change my last name to Soprano :shades:
  • I have a 05 SXT and on a trip across the U.S. from CA to NY with the car loaded(5200lbs!!)I stop at truck scales, I averaged 26 MPG @ 85 MPH. The only mod I did to it was a Stage 1 JET Proformance chip. Before I shipped it to Germany were I'm now Stationed(ARMY) I put a MAGNAFLOW Exhaust on it and played with the intake. I had it DYNO'D and came out with 302HP and 298TQ on 92 Octane. Over here heads turn when I roll by. The Germans have not seen anything like it even though Magnums are sold over here as 300 wagons. :)
  • Looks like most of the Magnum owners have the V8 or the 3.5 V6... anyone like to share their MPG with the 2.7 engine? 21/28 supposedly...
  • How are you guys measuring mpg? Are you use the avg MPG in the trip computer?

    Any tips for getting better MPG other than:

    - having proper tire air pressure
    - getting rid of excess weight
    - going easy and steady on the gas pedal
    - having a clean air filter
  • sadboysadboy Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 SXT the dealer had sitting around and made me a great deal on back in October. 3200 mikes later this car still averages under 15mpg. 13mpg in the city and at it's best 17.9 on the highway.

    Chrysler keeps sayng the window sticker is average mileage not actual and won't stand behind their numbers as the numbers attained "depend on personal driving style".

    I baby this thing in terms of take-offs which is a shame since it's al ot more fun to take off fast. On a recent 500 mile trip at an avg speed of 82mph the maggie got a whopping 14.9mpg.

    Anyone have similar experiences and were you able to get Chrysler to do anything (the local dealer says there's nothing to be done - mileage will get better as the car gets older)?

  • I've had my magnum for about 6 1/2 months now and am completely in love with it. I don't drive very often as I work from home but have put on about 7500 miles thus far, so it's still pretty immaculate.

    Unlike the poster above who has had mileage problems from the start, this Magnum has been flawless, and aside from the first 500 miles of driving slow, it's been a dream, and the MPG has been very consistent.

    The vast majority of my driving is on the highway, travelling 55-75 MPH, and I average around 22-24mpg on the highway. If I use the cruise control on a long empty stretch of road I've gotten as high as 26mpg. When I'm in the city it drops down significantly to around 15-17, but at that point I'm usually just enjoying the car - the speed it takes off is just SUCH A RUSH, I love the beautiful purr of this motor.

    Not a single thing has gone wrong with this thus far and I just couldn't be happier. I'm glad I took the advice from the people on this forum and bought the RWD instead of AWD; though the wet-weather traction seems a BIT lacking, so when it comes time to replace the tires, I'll probably go with a more wet-weather-friendly tire, as I live in rainy South Florida.

  • I've had my used 05 for a month and I've put over 5,000 miles on it. Just drove it from Michigan to New Orleans and I averaged around 20-22 mpg running hard at 85 mph. In town I'm getting 16-18 mpg...a little disappointing since my 01 Deville with the Northstar was getting those numbers. In fact, I could average 24 mpg in the Caddy on the highway running just as hard. But, you can't beat the looks of the Magnum. I was hoping for a bit better mileage....
  • kecajkecaj Posts: 4
    Did anyone try premium, and why manuf. wants only 89. From my experience all cars run better on 93 or up
  • My understanding is that you need to stick with the octane the car is rated for. If you trade up or down the car's computer will adjust the mixture and negate any benefits.

    My 2005 R/T AWD with an AFE cold air intake gets 22-23mpg on the highway when cruising between 65mph and 75mph. At 80mph and above I get 19mpg. Around town I get 16mpg to 18mpg. While the gas mileage is not good compare to my previous car, a Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon, the Hemi is just too much fun. As a volunteer firefighter it gets me to the fire house real fast!
  • The revised (lower, more realistic) EPA ratings are now out. Check out

    Dodge recommends removing the roof rack cross bars when you are not using them.

    The principal determinant of fuel mileage is vehicle weight, regardless of all other factors (of course, hybrids are a special case). Notice that the 3.5 V6 and the 5.7 V-8 get identical mileage (if driven in an identical manner). Once you stick your foot into it, that's another story.
  • About the octane: The manual warns that heavy detonation can damage the engine (duh!).

    But the brochures say that the Hemi, at least, has two detonation sensors, so that shouldn't be a problem. I don't hear any detonation with my '06 Hemi.

    (My '87 Grand National has a detonation sensor, also, and retards the spark if it senses any. You lose a little power with lower octane gas, but no harm done).
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