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Kia Spectra: MPG-Real World Numbers



  • But I have yet to see it on a manual transmission car(which I have).
    Test drove an automatic before I bought mine, and it had cruise.
  • I have a 2008 Kia Spectra5 5 spd manual transmission.I am getting around 30 MPG running around town and 35 on the HWY running at 78mph on cruise control im sure if I slowed it down to 65 or 70 it might have gotten around 38 to 40 MPG... The only Modification I made was to add a K&N air filter which increased the air flow to the engine. I plan on adding a cold air intake to it which will boost the Horse Power and also allow even more air flow to the engine which will increase the fuel economy.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 181
    Increasing air flow will not improve the mileage on an EFI engine.
  • Since my 37.2, I've gotten 25.9, 28.6, 29.0, 24.3 (winter snows begin), 27.9, and 33.4 on the last tank. Overall average at this point is just under 32.
    I would expect at least 35 on a road trip, and given a 14.5 gallon tank, that gives a stretch-out range with one gallon reserve is over 470 miles.
    At 38 MPG that makes 513, and 40 give you 540. IMO that's doable.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 55
    How much did you guys pay for your spectra? They are advertising 09's for $7900.
  • Ripp1971Ripp1971 Posts: 6
    Be careful with that one it must not have anything but an engine :)... Be sure to find out what its got. If you can get the SX model it will have a few more sporty upgrades body kit 16 inch rims etc.. Mine was 18500 but with my trade in I got out the door for 12,500....
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    This will be an LX stick w/o air. Base model.
    That's a good price, lowest I've seen them around here is about $10,000. Figure $1,000 for AC as a dealer-added option, you're still getting a new car for 9 grand. Hard to beat that deal.

    These purchase price posts should go in the purchase price thread. There is one specifically for that topic.
  • This type of add is well know as bait & switch..Legally they have to have one BUT I can guarantee, U will never see it nor will they actually sell it..They need it to run the add..I would suggest that U not do business with this type of scum dealer. NOW to the actual topic of the thread.......Just bought a 07 with 44k on the clock. Paid 5K for the little squirt. Drove it 200 miles home at 70-80 MPH and it returned 35.6 MPG..YAHOOOOOO
  • Long drive -- averaged 35 MPG. As for city, maybe 30? Still haven't made a marker for short trips and calculated.

    What a great little car: New '09 Spectra EX.

    With Cash for Clunkers, we got it out the door (with an $8500 discount) for $10097, including taxes/fees.

    Should've low balled the dealer -- car salesman said Kia doesn't do it, which I wasn't really buying.

    Sticker price/MSRP was $17250 (plus $1100 taxes/fees) -- not sure why it ended up as $10097, but we'll take it.

    If you're curious about our discount, it was $3500 factory offer, $4500 clunker and $500 credit union membership.
  • July 09 .. I bought an 07 Spectra with 42000 miles on it, from Reno Kia for a total "out-the-door" price of $7000 with $500 trade-in.. and it came with a year warranty, plus I bought a three year extended warranty.

    it was originally an Enterprise Rental car that dealers bid and buy in groups of 10 or 20 vehicles and then have big "Blow Out" sales to attract customers into their dealerships.

    So Far - So Good... no problems and am totally satisfied with the car and price I paid.
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