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Mercedes-Benz R-Class:MPG-Real World Numbers



  • jasonwipfjasonwipf Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    After 30-50mi test intervals on a long trip with my R320 CDI diesel here are my results:

    55mph = 30.8mpg over 30 miles
    60mph = 29.8mpg over 30mi
    65mph = 28.2mpg over 30mi
    70mph = 26.5mpg over 50mi
    75mph = 24.8mpg over 30mi

    entire trip was almost 900mi & 13.5hrs with an overall avg. of: 64mph = 28mpg (overall includes 4 bathroom/meal brakes, all other results above were non-stop 30-50mi test intervals)

    FYI for comparison purposes I did some test drives before buying this car and with identical test drive routes i got 23.8mpg in a deisel R320 vs. 17mpg with unleaded gas R350. (about 29% better milage with diesel engine, yet in my area diesel is same price as Premium unleaded and diesel was about 10-12% higher than low grade unleaded. And diesels are "supposed" to last about twice as long as their unleaded counterparts. So, still better value eitherway with diesel.
  • kerryekerrye Posts: 2
    Hi guys!
    Honest question, Im looking to buy a 2008 R350 or a Buick Enclave. Which do you think is the better buy. Im looking at mechanical, gas, performance and value.
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