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Saab 9-3 Real World MPG



  • rondo5rondo5 Posts: 2
    I have the car about 3 years. It has 62k miles and is used less than 3k a year in mixed driving. It seems to run perfectly and has been tuned. It does have a very very slight hesitation on takeoff. It gets about 15 mpg since I got it. I've reset the sid many times. I use mid-grade fuel. Any ideas?
  • Yes, the 9-3 (I have an '08 2.0T) runs well with regular gas (87 octane), but like me, you may pay a price in the long run. My check engine light came on after 106,000 km and the car seemed to have reduced power and abnormal vibration. My mechanic informed me that the fuel injectors were extremely dirty and clogged. He highly recommeded using premium, not for the high octane, but the better quality gas which contains additives to keep the injectors working properly. Repairs cost me $400. I now use premium only. I'll pay about $350 more per year for premium, but this will be outweighed by the fuel savings and less frequent trips to the mechanic.
  • I have a 2008 9-3 2.0T with 6-sp manual. Most driving is highway (90%) and I cruise around 80-85 mph. I'm getting 30MPG on regular gas. I'm now using premium because poor quality gas from 87 octane clogged up the fuel injectors.
  • Finally got an '08 9-3 2.0T Sportcombi 6sp manual. I have owned a Subaru, Honda, and Acura, but none of those cars ever delivered the fuel economy and utility I'm now getting with my Saab. I average 31 mpg consistently and my best tank so far was 34 mpg and I managed to squeeze just over 500 miles out of a tank. Driving is about 80% hwy @ 70 mph with cruise control.
  • swedlanderswedlander Posts: 6
    Very useful info collected with dedication and understanding of variables...


    I just bought a 2001 SAAB 93, its 2.2L turbo behave better and more efficiently than Volvo 1.9 L turbo 2000/V40
  • samarasamara Posts: 8
    I have now put 78K miles (still 80% highway) on my '08 2.0T Sportcombi. Since my last update, my best tank hit 35 mpg on a road trip through the Mohave desert with A/C on and steady cruise control at 70 mph. Besides the impressive fuel economy, my maintenance cost/mile is $0.06 (all repairs, oil changes, spark plugs/filters, light bulbs, tires, brakes, etc) which is almost 2 cents/mile lower than what I spent on my Honda and Acura, and 3 times lower then my Jetta. So far my largest repair bill was to replace the A/C condenser at 80K miles for $650 (parts and labor). It's a shame these reliable cars are no longer being made so will have to hang on this one for a while.
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