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Pontiac Vibe - MPG-Real World Numbers



  • Is it possible that you do have a full tank but the floats are stuck, or there is some other problem with the fuel gauge giving you a incorrect reading? As far as I know, all Vibes have a 13 Gal. tank.
  • My vibe is 2004 1.8l and about 52000km (32318mil) mileage. I just made 158 miles on 13.5

    litres petrol (approx 52mpg) on the highway without air conditioning. Is this mileage achievable

    in real world numbers? Just some worries though: the airbag signal on the dashboard is always

    on and the abs does not come on on the dashboard. Help please!
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    I used to follow a Mercedes Benz discussion list where lots of discussion was devoted to synthetic oil and its benefits especially related to diesel MB engines. It was pretty much a given that those who used it (in this case Mobile 1) saw oil consumption decrease because of cleaner rings. The other comment I will make is that I used to live next to a man who was a petrol distributor. He had a red Chevy truck with 300K miles on it (long commute) and had not been wrench for anything other than standard wear items (plug, belts, filters, etc). All fluids in the truck were always synthetic. Never a problem with anything. He is on top of having the least scratched fixed and the truck looks and runs like it came off the showroom floor. He changes the oil every 12K miles.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,341
    edited June 2012
    I just got 41 mpg on my Corolla Vibe automatic on all highway driving with the cruise control on most of the time and sticking to 55-60 miles per hour range. I think that is unbelievable. I got 35 mpg on the way home, speeding the entire time with no attempt to baby it. I also got 37+ on another fill up with the cc on some of the time and a partial lead foot other times. I currently get 33 in suburban driving. I was amazed at the 41. It was the only (and probably last) time I was the "slowest" person on the road, in no particular hurry. I am quickly approaching 60,000 miles on the odometer, so perhaps that is the break-in mileage :shades:
  • I have an 08 automatic, run about 38 psi in the tires. Highway driving going the speed limit in the summer I can easily top 40 mpg, 42 if I'm drafting. Winter months it really drops, maybe 36 at best. The sticker says 31 highway - I'm never that low, even when I'm approaching 80.
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