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Honda Insight MPG-Real World Numbers

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With the price of gas being what it is, your real world mileage is becoming more important than the estimates on the sticker. This is the place to talk about your real world on the road results!

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  • Hi all; I am new to this forum. Just thought I would report I am very pleased with my 2003 Insight. The car is a pleasure to drive, and I often exceed 1000 miles on just 11 gallons. I have AVERAGED 86.2 mpg over 33,000 miles so far. I am a pilot and verify my numbers using my GPS and saving fuel receipts. Generally, I just put a little extra air in the tires, and slow down slightly. These 2 things contribute greatly to increased mpg in any car.
        Anyway, I also spend alot of time cleaning the car, including the underside. I display it @ car shows on saturdays, and answer lots of questions and meet nice people. With the high % of highway driving I do, AERODYNAMICS and the lean-burn catalyst are the primary reasons for such high mpg, NOT the electic system (IMA).
         I applaud Honda for designing such a wonderful automobile........and shame on our culture & society for believing we need to have 300 horsepower and rush up to a stop light, only to slam on the brakes! We need to learn about momentum, leaving for work early & not hurrying! Billy......
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Welcome to the forum. I'm with you on all the extra horsepower some feel they need. I'd be tickled if I could get half your mileage with my Suburban ;-)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    Here is the mileage test on the Insight. It is obvious that AC is a real challenge to those trying to get the maximum gas
  • Hi, I am new to the group, my name is James R. Currier. I was told of a person in Woodstock, Ct who has come up with a 5th wheel modification for the Honda Insight that claims an mpg increase to >110 mpg. Has anyone heard or read about this and if so please give me his name and or email address. Thanks for listening
  • msirachmsirach Posts: 1
    You can find all of the info on his website at:
    link title
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Mr Host, you really need to find a way of differentiating Old Insight from New Insight in the thread titles.Those two cars are unrelated.No? :confuse:
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    any hypermilers with the new insight ?
    how about leadfoots who used to drive TDIs ?
    "what's the mpg, kenneth?"
  • Bought Insight June 19, 2009. Have 8000+ miles.
    Previous worst mileage: 41mpg. Best mileage: 50mpg. Now temps in Minnesota are 10-20 degrees. Mileage has now dropped to 32-35. Is the electrical overloaded? Is the CVT sluggish in cold weather? 10mpg drop is significant with no driving style changes. ?????
  • "Now temps in Minnesota are 10-20 degrees. Mileage has now dropped to 32-35."

    I can't figure this out either but it seems to be normal for Toyota Prius to lose MPG's in cold weather. It seems a larger percent drop with a hybrid than with a normal car. I had a 2007 Dodge Caliber before gas skyrocketed, went from 30mpg in summer to 23 in winter. Currently have a 2002 Prius which I bought seeing no end to skyrocketing gas. (I HATE it, the brakes are way too touchy for my big feet!) which gets normally around 47mpg but with recent subzero temps we barely manage 39mpg, and boy does the gas guage seem to go down fast!

    I'm looking for real mpg numbers for the NEW Insight as a possible replacement for my loathesome 1st generation Prius. Dont get me wrong I LOVE getting close to 50mpg and could never go back to a "normal" car and guzzling 30mpg.
  • I have had my new 2010 Insight for about a month now... weather here in NY has just gotten cold in the last week or so. Without changing my driving style too much I was getting about 48mpg. In this cold it's down to about 42, but I"m running the heater and defrost a bit. My daily commute is only about 20 miles on streets, cant wait for the weather to clear and take it out for a weekend road trip. Will post more numbers if they change.

    And the car it replaced was a 17 year old Toyota Paseo that I was getting about 25 mpg w/ so that tells you a bit about my driving style.
  • cjl49cjl49 Posts: 4
    Part of the reduction in mileage in cold weather arises simply from temperature-dependence of air density. A drop of about 50-70 degrees is about a 15-20% change in temperature on the Kelvin scale, which would correlate with about a 15-20% increase in density of gas molecules per unit volume. This is not inconsequential, but basically acts similarly to an increase overall wind resistance.
    Slip behind a truck traveling 60 mph and one's Insight mpg's can easily increase by 10-20%.

    I have a 2004 Insight which suffers similar loses in mileage with temperature. With a car averaging 56 mpg in the summer, a drop to ~48 seems a big concern. However, for those driving a car averaging 20 mpg, a drop to 18.x is hardly noticeable.
  • So my 32MPG car getting 27.8 MPG during the winter would be expected?
  • cjl49cjl49 Posts: 4
    Yep, sounds pretty normal
  • mobrydmobryd Posts: 1
    I just bought the 2010 insight. I live in jersey Its been very cold this whole week and i only have 170 miles on the car, i have been driving with the econ mode on and have been keeping the dash light green with the exceptions of a no more than a couple of seconds. i have really watched my driving to make sure i follow the best practices like following speed limits etc. My highest average mpg guage reading has been 33.6. i am reading people saying they are getting over avrage 40 miles to the gallon. am i reading the wrong gauge. can you help me better understand how to read the instrument panel and get the best use out of my car.
  • A drop of 10% to 20% mpg, depending on how cold it is, is not uncommon in any vehicle. Sometimes people complain about that drop in hybrids, but of course, it happens in all gasoline powered vehicles. So, at least the drop is from the 40s, not the 20s.
  • Anyone know a source for a sunroof for a 2010 EX w/out Nav???
  • We just a couple of weeks bought a used(2007)Prius, and our car computer generated MPG is only 36,but definitely better on the highway rather than town.It will be intersting to see what it is when I fill up and get a real reading.I have a feeling it will be less.
  • We bought a new 2010 Insight on February 27. I have to say I am disappointed with it. I am still on the first tank of gas, but my average MPG is only 28.5 although the EPA sticker said 40 in town and 43 on the highway! We have driven 187 miles since picking it up, mostly but not entirely in stop and start traffic. I have been very careful to drive only in ECO mode, I don't turn the heat on right away and generally try to keep it "in the green" as much as possible. Any thoughts as to why there is such a big discrepancy between the advertised mileage and my real world results so far? I feel like I compromised on quite a few things I would normally want in a new car in order to get the higher MPG, but now I don't even have that. Thanks in advance for any tips on how to achieve the kind of mileage they claim it gets.
  • jjbearjjbear Posts: 3
    I bought an EX the first week of the year and drive it 170 miles a day back and forth to work. Driving at 70mph I'm getting 41-43mpg consistently every day. The "trees" are growing, and it is not really babied. ECO has never been off. Cruise is usually on.
    Have the dealer check it if it doesn't improve!!
  • rkriegerrkrieger Posts: 3
    There is a break-in period... some say about 1500 miles.. you should see some improvement as the weather warms up as well. Try to take it out on a highway once in a while and see what happens.
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