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Honda Insight MPG-Real World Numbers



  • spunjornospunjorno Posts: 45
    Good post -- but you don't have to go to the same pump to accurately calculate your gas mileage. Yes, the fill point on a fill-up will be slightly different each time, but this will average out. Your MPH per tank may be off, but your MPH over several tanks will be spot on. And that's the number you should be mostly paying attention to. Besides, the MPH per tank would only be off by 1 MPH at most due to pump fill-up differences.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,811
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  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 21
    Even though I am posting this after the deadline of July 3rd, I think it's important to share this. I've had my car since November 2011, I purchased it brand new and I am totally pleased with it. I wanted a relatively "cheap" hybrid, that is not expensive as a Prius, and I am totally satisfied. The few maintenance warning I've had are oil change (twice) Low pressure tire (twice) on very cold days (live in R.I) and check gas cap, also twice. I've put on 16,000 miles with no incidents.
    My only concern is the warranty on the IMA battery which is to say the list confusing from state to state. I still don't know if I need to purchase the extended warranty before the 3 year warranty expires.
  • I purchased a used Honda Insight (2010) about a week ago. The main reason I purchased it was because my wife and I recently moved and I now have a longer commute...hence I wanted better gas mileage. I have been fastidious about trying to keep it "in the green." I don't speed, I take stop/starts slow. I filled up tonight and got 30 mpg! I've been keeping my eye on the "mpg" on the dashboard and no matter how slow/fast I go, it's never gone above 37-38 mpg. I have about a 20 minute commute, in which I would consider suburban/city stop and go...not alot of highway. Even so, what am I doing wrong?
  • I have a feeling there is something wrong with the car, is the battery actually working?, you may want while driving look at the "charge" of the battery. When going down the hill and not pressing the gas pedal, do you see the battery charging?
    I'd go to a Honda dealer and get it checked for sure. My car is a 2012, so I don't have any experience with a 2010.
    Good luck!
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