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Chevy Blazer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • I just had my 99 blazer stall out and would not start at all. Still had power just wouldnt turn over. I ran a scan for fun and it came up the crankshaft position sensor. Just something to check out, hope it helps.
  • check the inline fuse locate in the alternator wire that runs under the battery tray, mine was doing the same thing, and i replaced everything i could think of , and it was the fuse....a lot of money spent for a $2.00 inline
  • Drove it home on a Friday night everything was fine. Left the house Sunday afternoon and it died just down the street and would not restart. Turns over just fine. 2 hours later went out to tinker with it and it started right up and idled but then died a few seconds later. Once I started it again and placed my foot on the gas it spits n sputters very rough and dies. In the last year I have replaced the alternator, battery, mass airflow sensor, and fuel filter. The battery died and when we jumped it today it sounded completely normal until I attempted to give it gas and it dd the same thing. So I'm pretty sure I can rule out the battery and the battery gauge sits at 14 when it does idle so the alternator should be good as well. When I am under the hood and it dies there is a foul smell that I have noticed for just a few seconds and about 3 to 4 quick clicks come from around the intake.

    So I'm really not sure where to start looking for the problem. Tools and $$$ are limited right now so any help pinpointing the issue would be greatly appreciated.
  • Changed fuel pump still same thing. Getting plenty of fuel it just won't start and if it does start it only idles for up to 10 seconds. Any acceleration and it sputters and makes the whole vehicle shake. Checking for spark at each plug now. Any help much needed.
  • chadb2chadb2 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 blazer with the 4.3 vortec v6 sometimes it starts great other times about once daily it fires then shuts off I keep trying and after about 20mins it starts and runs fine any help would b appreciated
  • Not sure if you have been driving yours or not. Mine died outside the driveway and would start and die or no start at all. Ended up the coil wire was rotted under the plastic sheath. Try it while its dark to see if there is any spark jumping.
  • HI, i have a 1998 chevrolet blazer 4.3L vortec V6. It was running fine at first. But it started the run very rough and shakes like crazy. the temperature gauge doesnt work even after installing a new temperature sensor. it does this everyday. sometimes on very short drives like at lunch it will drive fine on the way to the store and then drive like crap on the way back. the temp gauge moves from cold to hot and back to cold when ever it is starting the spit and sputter. it stalls at traffic lights and is a pain to get it started again.. i have to pump the accelerator to get it started when ever it stalls. when ever the spitting and sputtering problems occur when im driving it stops running like crap when i floor it. but stills runs like [non-permissible content removed] after. i dont have much $$$ and with a baby on the way i need to get this fixed. help very much needed. thank you.
  • derickfunkderickfunk Posts: 2
    did you ever figure this problem out?
  • ginintnginintn Posts: 1
    Have a 1994 s10 blazer. Have replaced fuel pump and filter in tank, inline fuel filter, throttle position sensor, rotator button and cap, iginition module in distributor. Still would idle all day long but when you started to drive it it would get hot then stop. we changed the catalic convertor started running great. thaT night it stopped again starting missing bad. fixed some vacumn line links still didnt fix it is not coil we tried that.... any other suggestions?????
  • iamthoriamthor Posts: 2
    did you every find a fix to your truck? I know it's a 4 year old post, but I have the exact same issue and done the exact same thing...I even took off the whole exhaust system to eliminate plugged CAT...UGH! I'm at my wits end too. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
  • iamthoriamthor Posts: 2
    Well, I fixed it...It turned out to be the fuel pump. I replaced it and it fired right up with no issues. Lesson learned...fuel does not necessarily mean that the fuel pump is good.
  • Remember: Dead or Dying Fuel Pump Will Not Give A Code.
    90% of the time, the stalling issues will end up being a fuel pump.
    The fuel pump is like any other electrical motor. Take the starter for example.
    If you find the starter is burnt out, you can some times strike it with a small hammer or anything else with some weight, and you might get it to start again.
    Now why none of the car companies will put a sensor on the fuel pump, is beyond me. It would actually be a simple thing to do and would stop alot of the heartache.
    Something like this:
    Key is put into ignition mode-No gas pressure? Send Error Code.
    Key is put into ignition mode-No electric signal passing though? Error Code.
    I can do this with simple programming to a microcontroller, yet none of the billion dollar car companies can add this feature into the system?
    Now one other feature that could be very simple to intergrate into any vehicles system, The Code Read-Out onto a 0.50 cent LCD panel possibly on the fuse box, instead of having to take your broke down vehicle to any shop or car parts store to have it scanned.
    Why don't they?
    Because the car companies want you to pay top dollar for all of the repairs, the diagnostics and possibly get you back into the dealership to purchase a new vehicle.

    FUEL PUMP PEOPLE, And prepare to pay out atleast $600.00 for a new one isf you vehicle is a 1998 or newer.
  • i have a 95 blazer changed fuel tank fuel pump sending unit fuel lines spider and fuel regulator and fuel filter.It will just crank for 5 to 10 sec until the oil pressure gets to 20 then starts right up. I was thinking there is a rollover switch or something that is bad but can't find any info on it.
    Runs great just wont start till 20 pounds of oil pressure.I dont hear the fuel pump at all when i turn the key over to try to prime it.Just have to crank it till it hits 20 pounds oil pressure then starts right up.It is quite annoying any help would be much appreciated thank you
  • dagimstsdagimsts Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Hi I am all new to this blogging, However I may have the solution to your problem, generally the Gm system has two circuits to the fuel pump, one with the relay that primes the system for those first 10 to 20 second of cranking the engine and the second one through the oil pressure switch that activates as soon as it reaches operating oil pressure.
    You mentioned that you can not hear the pump when the key is turn on and that is a good indication that there is a problem with your fuel pump circuit (relay, wiring or fuse). try to get a wiring diagram for your fuel pump circuit through your local GMC dealer most of the time they will print it for nothing for you, that will help you out with your problem.
    Hope this will help you out.
  • can some of yall help me my 2003 s10 stutters and back fires at mid to heavy loads.... heavy heavy loads and it takes off like a bat ...if i punch it taking off it will burn the back tires but the let off it will backfire once or twice then stutter all the way down to 2k rpm then soothes out
    as far as starting it it will turn over twice then be running i replaced the mass air flow sensor.....very little help i have a job that starts in a week and i really need this truck running
    so i dont have to borrow dads and listen to his crap..... oh it has a 4.3 L vortex v-six
  • syco4syco4 Posts: 1
    try to check the timing chain might be warn remove belt and dis cap move harmonic balancer back and for to check for slack
  • i like your answer, I often wondered that myself.
  • my 04 blazer was running with battery pack on it to charge. whent back little wile after and it wasn'trunning. cantget it to start back up. has spark and gas. sounds like pressure being released after a few cranks but no egnition

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