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Chevy Blazer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    When you turn the key to the spring loaded start position is 12v getting to the starter solenoid from the ign wire (samll one)? I've seen that nut get loose cause a pain to tighten up there.
  • jtheifjtheif Posts: 4
    i am going to try this when it get warm up here it is snowintoday so i will post the results in about 3 days thanks for the suggestion
    Thanks Frustrated Car Guy :shades:
  • This 01 Blazer has a 4.3 ltr V-6, 150000 miles.
    It had been running just fine when one day I tried to start the vehicle and all it did was
    turn over and over. I put some fuel down the throttle body and it started and ran momentarily.
    I waited about a half hour and just for the hell of it I tried to start and vehicle again and it
    started and ran for two months without another incident.

    Once again 2 months later the same problem occurred and this time I took it to a dealer
    and they replaced the mass air flow sensor, fuel filter and fuel pump. Vehicle ran fine
    for 1 month but Friday, every time I stopped at a stop sign or tried to slow down to make
    a turn, the engine would stall. I would crank it over and over and it would start again
    but as I tried to get it back to the dealer the engine was starting harder each time
    ( meaning it would turn over and over more before it would start).

    About 6 miles from the dealer, the engine stalled and would not start again. After about
    20 minutes went by for some reason it fired up and has been running fine ever since.

    The dealer put their Tech 2 code reader on it and there was a code shown something about
    a loss of communication from the BCM but it had rechecked and passed sometime during the
    last 20 miles of driving. I have no service engine light on at the present time.
    Is my computer going bad?
    Does anyone have any ideas?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Perhaps its the security system called Passlock that cuts fuel thinking someone is stealing it. BCM controlled and GM has the bulletin on the failure modes - usually a bad connector from the main wiring in the column. Does the security light come on when this happens - if so thats it. When it will not start does the security light stay on (should go out after apprx 5 sec when you turn to run).
  • Ever since we purchased this vehicle, the security light has been intermitent. It comes
    on and goes off at will, usually when we are
    driving down the road. Would this connector cause the vehicle to stall when slowing down or stopping?
  • If so what connecter am I looking for?
    Is this a part I can purchase somewhere
    or do I need to pull one from a junker?
  • Hello. I have an '01 Chevy Blazer and recently it has started having trouble firing up. It will crank over and take probably 10-20 tries before it starts up. ONce started, it runs fine. Put in the guage, and just sitting, fuel pressure dropped from 48 to 10 within two hours, so.. We did a tune up, replaced the fuel filter before deciding on the fuel pump. We put a brand new fuel pump in yesterday and now it is still having the exact same problem. Battery is brand new, too. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2000 Blazer that will not start. A couple of weeks ago on our way home, it just quit on us. It spit and sputtered once or twice and then just quit, like it was out of gas. We got it home, replaced the coil, had the module checked that is on the same bracket as the coil (it's fine), and checked the fuel pressure, which tested at 60psi with the key on, engine off. Can anyone tell me what I should check next? It turns over, but will not start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Cap and rotor first to rule it out and get a Delco - had a few problems with aftermarket ones lately. That module is the ignition module (older blazers its in the distributor). Then next piece would be the crank sensor under the front of the engine right behind the harmonic balancer that tells the PCM where to fire the plugs (timing) and also get a Delco or Standard motor part. All fuses were checked of course.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Any codes or SES light on? Fuel pressure should be min 60psi key on engine off - is it now? All fuses OK like ECM bat and ECM ign? Then cap and rotor if pressure OK cause maybe electrical. Then test the coil, and then the crank sensor.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Should be setting body code DTC B2960 and is for 98-01 blazers. Look up GM bulletin 01-08-56-001A and its 5 pages long so detailed - Passlock is getting incorrect sensor voltage to the BCM (body control module). Could be broken wire, connector, bad terminal, insulation rubbed thru, etc. Main wiring from column to all so it could be anywhere almost so suggest a GM dealer - they have done these and few others have. Sorry.
  • After checking the usual steps for ignition spark when cranking, if there is a spark then I would be suspicious of water in your gas tank. With the stupid problem of GMC fuel pumps burning out with low levels in the gas tank so ownes filling up with at least 1/4 tank all the time, these GMC trucks/cars are susceptible to water content build up in the tank causing spluttering and non starts when cold. Water is heavier than gas so lies at bottom of tank feeding the engine first and never mixing with gas. Remedy is to run tank to safe low limit and add water dissolver solution at next full fill up. Do this once a year in the winter when condensation/water build up is more likely. This is more common in colder & humid climates.
  • Just wanted to thank repairdog for the advice on the no start condition on the 2000 blazer. It turned out to be the cap and rotor causing the problem. Everything is fixed, and working fine! Thanks again! :)
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Great! Glad you got it. Finding more and more aftermarket parts for the Blazers are not up to par and failing very fast so Delco ones are best or many are made by Standard Motors Corp so they have been holding up.
  • I just bought a used 2000 Blazer TODAY ... and, it's sitting in a parking lot right now. My son, a very new driver, went to get the car while we were paying the bill at a restaurant ... and, the next thing I know, the SECURITY light is flashing and the car won't start.

    The owner's manual led me to the Passlock section ...
    I followed the instructions ... waited 10 minutes ... tried again ... but, no luck.

    Any suggestions?

    David in Detroit (
  • Awesome. We left the vehicle in the parking lot overnight and we're going to see what we can do today. Thanks VERY MUCH for your help. David in Detroit
  • The vehicle needed a jump start and there were no problems with the flashing SECURITY lights after it sat for 24 hours. Many thanks to everyone for the help.

    Any opinions about dealer service vs. a good repair shop?
  • Ok, my truck seems to stall out for no reason. There is fuel and spark. When it stalls i lose all power. no power steering, brakes, stereo, dash, and all power everywhere. i think it has something to do with the ground because when this happens all i have to do is, pop the hood and shake the battery a touch. everything will turn back on and it will start right up. i am not sure what else i am supposed to check to fix this. i have checked the battery terminals and followed the cables to the grounds. they are all secure. Can i get some better ideas???
  • Check the cables with a meter and shake them as someone watches - bad cable, terminal block, connector, or a battery or alternator problem - get them tested at most auto stores free. Also look at teh starter cables and solenoid connections for bad or loose wire.
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