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Chrysler Pacifica Starting and Stalling Problems



  • have you had this fixed im having same issue.. please email me please please i just bought a pacifica a week ago and mine is doing same thing... should i return it... whats wrong with it... so they will fix it fee
  • I posted a while ago (post #154 in April '08) about my gas guage suddenly dropping to empty then jumping back up with the accurate reading. I've been reading posts here every so often and thought I would update. My '04 Pacifica was driving me nuts! I never did do anything about exploring the gas guage problem-- I justed lived with it for a while (mine never stalled out, however). I experienced this problem for only a few months and it suddenly went away. Never had it in for repairs but I came close to disconnecting the chime (or wanting to wear earplugs!). Since my car never stalled out, I'm wondering if others should just try to "live with it" for a while to see if it resolves itself like mine did. Just a thought--- Also, I'm STILL having problems with oil consumption. :(
  • am1am1 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Pacifica. My battery is one year old. In November my voltage warning light came on. Took it in for an electrical system check. They could not find a problem. The light did not come on again. A month later, yesterday, the ABS and Brake warning lights came on. Today, the car would not start. I got a jump. The car started, however, once I made it home, turned off the car and attempted to restart it, it would not do anything. Does anyone have a clue what is going on here?
  • Mine has been doing this for a year and a half and gradually getting worse. Have changed both fuel pumps and multiple other things to no avail.
  • We had a problem with out 04 Pacifica just going dead while driving and particular when making left or right turns. Same thing nothing came up with the computer diagnosis. We changed the battery cables and haven't had a problem since. We were investigating the Lemon Law :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: which at that time we could have pursued . The car has been a dream car ever since. :D Good luck.
  • I had the battery replaced and have not had any more trouble. For me, it was simply a battery problem.
  • altonsaltons Posts: 1
    Went to start my Pacifica the other morning. The interior lights came on but the starter wouldn't turn over. I ruled out the battery because it is new and fully charged. I attached one end of my jumper cable to the neg post of the battery and the other end to a bolt on the block. Tried to start the car but only got a click from the starter. Felt I was heading in the right direction. Next move was to connect the other clamps on the jumper cable to neg and to another bolt. (doubled up). This was the fastest the engine turned over in months! The problem was that the ground cable was only held on by a couple of strands near the transmission. I attached a temporary cable to the block for now. A repair shop told me it is a 4 hour job to replace the ground. It is part of a wiring harness. If your Pacifica cranks slowly and you know the battery is good, its only a matter of time before it will fail. I hope this will help solve your problem.
  • we had the same experience just last weekend. We used the second key but to no avail. The dealership could not reprogram the keys because the transponder is not working. I think this rarely happens because they did not carry the item in stock. Now, $500+ dollars later, I am scared this could easily happen again. The battery was at full power and even had a jump start. It started for 2 seconds then stopped. Everything worked except could not get the car to turn over. I thought it may have something to do with the security ignition switch, but it was not...sometimes I think I am taking advantage of.......
  • Well the key switch lasted for a few months and then the starting problems persisted randomly. Put some fuel injector/dry gas in the gas tank and it progressively got better. We have been free from starting shut off's for most of the winter. Knock on wood!
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I had a similar problem with my '05 Pacifica 3.8L not wanting to idle. It would start and then die after about 2 seconds which gave the impression that it was the theft prevention system. It turned out to be the throttle assembly was dirty and sticking. This seems to be a common problem with the Pacifica. It accumulates gunk over time and then it won't idle. It has to be cleaned annually. Other people have posted how to clean the throttle assembly yourself or you can have your mechanic clean it. This could solve your problem. Good luck.
  • well i purchase my pacifica in 07, up to now didnt have any major issues with it till this week it stall and wouldnt drive nor reverse. I took it to several mechanics and they wanted to replace the transmission. I went online and read seveal blogs about the same issue that I was having. I called Chrystler and they advise me to take it to the dealership and they open up a case for me. Well I got a called that it was the motor mounts and that it should be ready today but I was going to pay $200.

    I dont think I should be charge since this problem wasnt because I didnt take care of my truck but due to their faulty transmission and they have a recall on it. I was wondering if any of you who had the same issue did any of you have to pay for the repairs. Can you guys let me know asap before I go pick it up and hopefully the truck will not stall on me again. I hate having to ask for rides to go to work and/or pick up my kids from school. Single mom here that needs all the help she can get.

    thanks. :cry:
  • tralivetralive Posts: 3
    I own a 06 Pacifica I purchased this car new. This past weekend 7/2/11 my Pac stalled 3 xs in a 2-mile trip. This has happened several times in the past and like you I took the car to my dealer. The same dealer I purchased this car and was told each time "no code no fix". The PCM re call was done 11/2007. Today I learned about the TSB 1803905. The last post to this issue was 2/2011. June 25, 2011, I drove to AZ round trip over 800miles and not one problem. Is anyone currently having this same problem? My car stalls out when accelerating from a stop and it is very difficult to re start. The dealer could not recreate the issue they had my car for 2 days and I had a rental. I read all the post and I just need to know what to do. Do you still own your Pacifica? I am at point that I want to trade it in for something else because this is driving me insane.

    HELP!! :confuse: :cry: :(
  • I have all the issues are having and then some. Stalling out , motor mounts being replaced twice now in 3 months . My car is underwarranty but they tried to not refund the 250 dollars that was spent on the deductible. Had to fight like cats and dogs to get the money back . But got it . still having stalling problems . hopefully this time i won't have to take back to shop to repair the motor mounts again.
  • I feel your pain I finally decided to contact consumer legal service. There is a defect with this car however Chrysler will never admit it. Today I received in the mail a letter from Chrysler wanting to buy back the car. I loved my Pacifica, however I could no longer take the stalling and oh yes the last time I took the car in I was told that I needed 4 mounts and just 2 years earlier I replaced 4 motor mounts. The last time it stalled i was in a grocery store parking lot turning into a space, people began to blow their horn at me, after 2 minutes the car started and I parked the car. I was done, that was the last straw. I traded my Pacifica in that following weekend.
    I wish you no bad luck but I am willing to bet the Pacifica will stall again. BTW Consumer Legal just settled my case.
    Good Luck
    Signed No More Stalling
  • i have been having this problem to but its when im going up hill i wanted to know if your still having this problem because your post is almost a year ago
  • No I traded the Pacifica in this summer. The Pacifica stopped when turning, when driving on surface streets and on slight inclines. After the multiple
    Stopping episodes I could not take it anymore. I drive too many miles to work and did not want to take a chance on getting stranded.
  • i have a 94 paciffica that is doing this same thing. can you offer detailed pics of what you did to get it started?
  • angelaangel144angelaangel144 Posts: 8
    edited November 2011
    ok well i took my pacifica to the dealer today there replacing a ekg thing in it and then see if it continues to stall if it does they have to send it to Chrysler im not paying a dime for it because i have a warranty on it so cant tell you how much it will be to fix it. once i get it back i will post what ever i found out after that i will still keep posting once a month giving everyone an update because i know this crap is just all big pain in the [non-permissible content removed]

    Angela Thompson

    after putting it in to park and turning the key to off then turning it back on it run just fine

    i more in like will have to send it in so maybe about a week i will post again
  • well the ekg seems to be what was casing my problems i can feel the difference in the gas peddle im so happy right now. :shades: :) :) :) :) if any thing comes up i will post again
  • For some: there is a switch called, oddly enough, the PRNDL switch and it is located inside the trans (xmission must be pulled to replace it). If it doesn't make good contact with shifter in P or N then it can be adjusted or, worse case, replaced. >>GEARSHIFT CABLE ADJUSTMENT

    Place gearshift lever in gated park (P).
    Attempt to move vehicle by rocking back and forth on level ground. If vehicle does not move, attempt to start engine. If engine starts, the park position is correct.
    Set parking brake.
    Turn key to on/run and depress brake pedal. Place gearshift lever in neutral (N).
    Attempt to start engine. If engine starts in both neutral (N) or park (P), gearshift cable is adjusted properly. No adjustment is required.
    If engine does not start in either park (P) or neutral (N), perform adjustment procedure.


    Park the vehicle on level ground and set the parking brake.
    Place the gearshift lever in gated park (P) and remove ignition key.
    Loosen the cable adjustment screw at the transaxle manual valve lever (Gearshift Cable Adjustment).
    Pull the gearshift lever fully forward to the park detent position.
    Release the park brake, then rock the vehicle to assure it is in park. Reset the park brake.
    Tighten the cable adjustment screw to 8 N·m (70 in. lbs.). Gearshift cable should now be properly adjusted.
    Verify adjustment by using the verification procedure

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