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Chrysler Pacifica Starting and Stalling Problems



  • They obviously don't want to look at the underlying issue, and it will more than likely happen again.
  • The problem is intermittent which makes it difficult to diagnose You turn the key and absolutely nothing dead ! No clicking, no slow turnover, nothing. Usually after trying second or third time the vehicle turns over and starts right up. To date the battery has been replaced and late last week the dealer replaced the starter (not under warranty)and the same situation occurred on the dealers lot. This is clearly an electrical issue, my guess is the ignition switch or some relay but there appears to be no service bulletins or any acknowledgment of this problem by Chrysler.

    I am going to be contacting Chrysler directly and it would help if I could document other similar issues with Pacifica owners. My Pacifica is a 2004, but this problem may be more widespread. Please email me if you are experiencing the same issue.
  • To update: 04 pacifica - it was having problems with starting. It would turn over start and then stall. When giving it gas it would be fine after about the 3rd or 4th time. It finally would not start and my mechanic was right on it and found the problem to be the IDLE AIR CONTROL MOTOR. He changed it and I have not had a problem since. He called my car dealer and there were no bulletins on this or recalls. Hope you all can get yours figured out. :shades:
  • Twice my PAC has cut off while i was driving on the road(was not making left turn)i have taken it to the dealership twice and both times they said they couldn't find anything wrong. This is very dangerous and it could cause an accident. The 2nd time it happened to me i was on interstate going 65mph in the right lane(thank goodness)and all of a sudden it cut power nothing...i turned on my emergency flashers put the car in park waited for about 10 seconds & it started right back up. my husband & I travel from the east coast of VA. to SW Va alot and now i'm just scared to drive my car. Does anybody else have the same problem????
  • How did your mechanic diagnoe the problem? My 2004 Pacifica has EXACTLY the same problem. I took it once to the Chrysler Dealer who couln't find the problem. It happened again days later and we had it towed back to the Dealer. They couldn't find the problem. The day I picked it up it happened again. Took it to another mechanic who said it may be the IDLE AIR CONTROL MOTOR. BUt they couldn't reproduce the problem. Took it home - happened again! Chrysler and the mechanic says the car must fail while connected to their computer to diagnose. Been whithout a car (yet with a car note) for over a month. What to do?
  • Bye-the-by. My current mechanic found TSB# 18-004-06 REV. A: "Engine Controls - No Start or Hard Start Condition". Unfortunaltely, he says that the vehicle must fail before it can be acurately diagnosed. This doesn't help me since the vehicle only "acts up" when not in the dealer's possession. There must be another way to check the components.
  • I get a starting problem w/ my '04 as well, but ONLY when it is damp out. Has always been rainy or really damp/humid after a rain. Oddly enough....every MOPAR I've owned has done the same thing....right from my first '77 Dodge Aspen. The PAC will start, but I have to give it a good shot of gas and keep rev'ing for a few moments.
  • Mine is doing the exact same thing. About how much did the repairs cost. I am taking it in to the dealer and would like to have some idea of what this is going to cost.

  • kscarkscar Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem many of you are with my 2005 Pacifica.....2 stalls now. Everyone seems to be from the USA. Is anyone in Canada having this problem, I'm in Toronto, Ontario. I'm wondering where we can go for assistance in Canada when the dealership doesn't help. Thanks,
  • cjs2cjs2 Posts: 1
    Help! My 2006 Pacifica with 10K miles has stalled on me twice. I took it to the dealer the 1st time and they ran a computer check and it showed zero information. It occurred at slow speeds after a left hand turn. The second occurrence happened today and I will go to the dealer ASAP tomorrow morning. What do I tell my dealer to do to fix it! This is very dangerous and I fear for my family's safety!

    Thank you!
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    You need to have your dealer install Technical Service Bulletin TSB 1803905 dated December 5, 2005. Please see my post #4 in this forum for more detail. Good luck!
  • ptormrptormr Posts: 1
    My Pac has 20,000 miles on it and the ABS light came on. I am taking it to the dealer to have it fixed, but what I wanted to know is besides the stalling, which I have experinced a number of times, what are common problems that I should expect from this model. My wife does not like American cars and still tell me I should have gotten a Toyota.
  • I am having the same problem on my 04 pac. This weekend is the first time it occured and I have not been able to get it started. We jumped it with a hot battery just in case with no success. I'm reluctant to send it to the shop without some idea as to the problem. I'm not anxious to spend $500.00 to fix a $50.00 problem. What have you learned?


  • Hi, we own a 06 tourning PAC with 6500 miles on it now , we too encountered both of the problems you have described above . First off we had the slow left stalling problem happen with our PAC 3 or 4 times in our first 2000 miles we brought it in for service and they performed the TSP1803905 FLASH PROGRAM UPDATE and almost 5000 miles latter we have had no problems. Second we to had our ABS light on took it in thety replaced 2 of the sensors no problems since, the sensors can go bad driving through deep puddles hitting a steep ditch etc.. Those were only 2 problems we realy have had and both have been corrected and to date we our loving our PAC also we our getting better gas millage since we hit 5000 miles goood luck, and keep us all up to date on your progress in having you problems fixed
  • I retrieved my 2004 Pacifica from the mechanic about 2-3 weeks ago and have not experienced the problem again (YET). Note that the mechanic nor the Dealer have fixed anything. I am, however out of hundreds of dollars in diagnostic fees, auto rentals, and a lot of lost time. Chrysler won't do anything and the independent mechanic and the Dealer's mechanic agree that they can't (won't) do anything unless the problem can be reproduced. Further, we were presented with the option of paying for an Idle Air Control Motor replacement (80% probability that this is the problem) and/or the fuel pumps at our cost (i.e., the warranty company won't pay unless there is a documented/diagnosed problem). How generous and special! We don't need a car that unreliable. That's why we just came from another dealer looking for a new car.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Just don't buy a Ford. They spit out spark plugs and Ford does not back you up either. Google 'blown spark plug' and see for yourself. I had one of those and it cost me $5000 before I learned that this is a design problem, not isolated case as I first thought and was told by a Ford dealer.

    Chevrolet did not help me with Tahoe problems either. Fuel consumption went to 13 MPG when it first 1500 miles was 17 MPG. Dealer would not fix as there was no code in computer. Tail pipe was black as the vehicle would burn a gallon of oil for 1000 miles though. Had to fix it myself while it was under factory warranty.

    That is why I bought a Pacifica for my wife as my '95 1500 Dodge Ram pick-up has been so trouble free. And it looks like next vehicle for myself will be a PAC also when it becomes time to get something new to replace the Tahoe.

    So far no problems at all with PAC. The only thing I went for a service was to change the car's country code to Canada to make those daytime running lights to work. Cost $0. And of course for an oil change.

    Do you have the AWD? It sounds like the stalling problem really is mostly related to the second fuel pump in PAC models (AWD) where the tank has two sides in it. For a dealer it should be easy to tell the warranty company that the fuel pump is a problem as they know it is.

    Idle air valve could also be a problem but you should have issues with it stalling all over. Also starting should have problems with idle air valve problems.

  • I have a 2004 PAC and have never been so disappointed with a vehicle. I have been experincing problems with vehicle not starting. Just recently I had to have it towed to the nearest dealership and once the mechanic took a look at it of course they couldn't duplicate the problem. They suggested that I have Idle Air Control Motor replaced. Can someone tell me if this will correct the problem?
  • I am experiencing the same exact issue. My car is at the dealership now. They can't reproduce the problem. I have also had the battery replaced on my 04 as well.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    It would be nice to know for sure what 'not starting' means. Some people use this term when the car's engine does not even turn over, some use it when it cranks but just won't start.

    Let's assume you have the latter, i.e. the engine cranks when you turn the key but does not start running. In this case it is very possible that the idle air valve does not work correctly.

    In a modern car, like PAC is, engine idle speed is controlled by a separate idle air valve. This is a small by-pass air intake valve which controls engine speed when you take your foot off of the gas pedal.

    (Older cars used to have the throttle equipped with a small adjustment screw that had to be set for idle position, i.e. adjust the minimum throttle opening so that the engine runs correct idle speed).

    Idle air valve opening is controlled by a small step motor, which in turn is controlled by the cars computer and yes, if the idle air valve motor goes bad it can intermittently cause starting problems.

    You can test for this. Next time your car won't start try giving it a little bit gas, i.e. open the throttle by pressing on the gas pedal just a little to give engine air while you crank it. If the problem is with idle air valve you should be able to start your engine this way. It also means that when you take your foot off of the gas pedal the engine could stall again, like when you come to stop. You would need to keep the throttle open for the engine to get air.

    I had this problem with my Ford Crown Victoria and it was first very intermittent but got worse over time. Replacing the idle air valve (with built-in motor)completely fixed the problem (part cost was only about $65).

  • Attention all stalling Pacificas!! My dealer has been great about this. (Courtesy Chrysler Jeep in Rockville, Maryland) It took them three trys with the same results all of you have had, but they finally fixed it. For real, honest, it's been several months. Have your service people call Courtesy Jeep 301-424-1700 (Dennis Conklin, Service Manager) for details. I can't praise them enough for all of the effort they put into solving this!
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