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Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems

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Bad headlights? Things going a bit haywire? This is the place to work out those electrical/lighting gremlins!

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  • ramabdel12ramabdel12 Posts: 6
    Hello everyone! I am a first user in this forum and i desperately need help with headlight bulb installment. I have very bad eye vision and bought a 100 dollar Phillips xtreme vision light bulb in the headlight. One problem is the manual says to unscrew two screws on top of the headlight and PULL OUT THE HEADLIGHT. The problem is the headlight does not come out, even after intense pulling. I took it to a few mechanics and the dont want to break it. Please, I need help since I drive at night and I am worried I will get into an accident due to the weak light from the headlight. I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica AWD and a 3.5 Liter 250 hp engine. Please explain to me how to pull the headlight out for replacement bulbs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    The instruction is correct in that all you have to do is to undo the two screws on top and pull it out. You may want to wear a work glove to protect the back of the hand that you use to grab the bottom of the light assembly — by pushing in the rubber bumper — and then pull the whole thing straight out. It's being held in place by a locking bracket at the bottom.

    Hope it's helpful. Good luck!
  • I'm hoping someone has seen these problems and can give me some info.
    My 04 Pacifica has just presented it's first problem. The ignition key will not go to lock. After setting for 5 or ten minutes I can hear a noticeable click, sounds like a relay, then the key will turn and I can remove it.
    The other thing I'm wondering about is the dash lights. Not frequently but enough to wonder about, the dash lights will dim or go out completely. This only lasts for a minute or less then the lights return to original brightness.
    Could it be that these are related? Am I looking at the beginning of a long slippery slope of recurring electrical problems?
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    My 06 Pacifica only has 22,000 miles, so I have not had the ignition lock problem yet. I did have the problem on my 98 Buick Regal. There is a solenoid switch that is activated when you move the shifter from drive to park. The idea is that you are unable to remove the key and lock the steering column when the car is in drive. The switch went bad on the Buick and had to be replaced. Then I was able to remove the key. I am not sure if Chrysler uses the same design. Hope this helps.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    Well, this is just a slight annoyance, but our cruise control has been throwing a fit as of late. Once set, if I hit any button relating to cruise (accelerate, cancel, or coast), the main cruise power shuts off completely. It seemed to be doing it consistently for a while there, so I figured it would be an easy thing for the dealer to see and replicate, but now, of course, it is doing it inconsistently. Some days it works, some days it doesn't.

    Has anyone maybe had this problem and know what was done to fix it? maybe if i'm able to point the dealer in the right direction, it would help.

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  • dbock1dbock1 Posts: 1
    I took my 2005 pacifica to dealer ,told them the headlights stay on in auto day and night.His answer was they put it on the computer and everything was alright. I told him this is BS and that they should go off during the day and he said it was overcast that day. Has anyone had this problem.I am about to start complaining to Chrysler about there 5 star dealer.
  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    Just make sure nothing is blocking the sensor on top of the dash.
  • sahm2sahm2 Posts: 1
    We purchased an '06 touring Pacifica and the day after we brought it home the battery was dead. We had it jumpstarted and took it to the local dealer (we had purchased it elsewhere) and they checked the battery and said it was fine, we must have left a light on or something. In our previous car my daughter had left a reading light on for 3 days and the battery was never affected, so I didn't buy this explanation but the car was running so I went with it.

    The next day I went to start it and was sure to check the message center for any "door/liftgate ajar" message and there was none, so I started it and it was dead again. We called the dealer from where we purchased the car (which is in a larger town about 1 1/2 hours away) and they asked when we could get the car down there, thinking the small dealer here couldn't do the proper diagnostic tests. I replied that if I couldn't get the thing to start, how was I supposed to get it down there? :confuse: I don't know if the towing service would go for that when there is a dealer just down the road.

    I am a housewife with 2 small kids and am just sick thinking I will get stalled somewhere. Is this a known problem for this model? Can it be fixed and not just "patched up"? The big dealer has a ton of lots in the same business, would they let me pick out a different make of car that I would feel more confident in? Just thinking "out loud" but would appreciate any help or opinions.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    This is certainly an annoying problem on a new car.

    Have you called the local dealer again to tell them the battery died once more?

    I thought there was an issue posted here a couple of times regarding dead batteries. Hmmmm... I'm not sure where to even begin looking because I believe it was before the problems threads were all broken up like this, so it may or may not be here in the electrical thread.

    Ah. Ok. Go to the original problems thread I've linked below and run a search on "battery". You'll find quite a few comments:

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • Does it stay on even on a full sunny day? I know there are times when my auto lights turn on when it seems bright enough and sometimes and doesn't turn on when it seems dark enough. But most of the time it's a questionable time like early dawn or dusk or even an overcast day. Sometimes dirty sensors will do that as well. And I'm sure you know it turns on automatically when the wipers are on.

    My only auto headlight complaint, and a minor one at that, is that I wish it would respond faster when entering a long tunnel.
  • any body has his problem ac stops workin thn all guages comes on a d off thn stops workin totally thn starts freakin ou t thn stops
  • I was looking at my setup and default from the factory is to keep the headlights on 90sec after the driver gets out. If you stop and do things before getting out and then drive often at night maybe the battery is getting drained by the headlights. Choose NO for factory settings and drop the time to 0 for awhile. See if this helps. If it does you could probably put it at 30sec and be safe.
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  • First time user. On driver side door, none of the switches work. This includes windows, seat movement, door locks, etc. I first thought it was possibly a fuse, but it appears more than one fuse controls all of this. Any thoughts?
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    If you have cloth seats it could be an ESD discharge problem. It was a recall about this.

    If you have leather seats ... I don't know.
  • Im experiencing the same problem as you. ALl the controls on the driver's side door are inoperable. I can't open the trunk, windows,lock the car etc. ANybody else experiencing this??
  • Had my car in for service ... came out with the electrical seat ajustments not working, at all AND when in part, pushing the position buttons on the door cause the RADIO to change channels. They say the work that they did (front end work and replacement of a solenoid for the transmission) would not have caused an issue that I have. Some how I don't believe thier assessment because everything worked before. Has anyone had a similar experience, agree with the dealer or have any ideas?!
  • I just got my Pacifica back from the dealer today. I lost all controls on the driver's side door(windows,seating, locks, and trunk wouldnt operate) and thank God it was covered under warranty,My RADIO wasn't affected. They replaced a "switch" or what they call a "DOM"
    this is what exactly is stated on the dealers paperwork : "SWITCH DO 8053002" replaced. ALso I was due a tire rotation and they discovered a broken tie rod and that was replaced. And I had no idea it was broken, because I didnt feel anything wrong while driving. ANd as an afterthought of your problems with the electrical seating, I'm wondering if your switch is about to go bad. Hmm. I hope any of this info helps .
    PS, my Pac was in the dealers all thru this snowstorm, and luckily I escaped driving in the bad conditions, I really dont want to find out yet how it drives under snow conditions.
  • Caren,
    Thanks for the note. At least others have a similar problem. I am just suspicious that AFTER your service and mine a similar issue occurred. Coincidence or induced problem. I did have the vehicle out in the snow (~ 5" and didn't have any issues.
  • This system is no longer working on a 2004 Pacifica. Also the heat does not come out in the bottom vents. What does it take to fix these two areas? About how much should it cost to take care of this? SCH
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