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Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • I just bought a 06 Pacifica AWD Signature. The problem is the visor mirror lights will not light. I have checked the bulbs they are ok and the map lights only come on when I rotate the multiswitch to the on position. At this point I can turn the map lights on and off by pressing them. When the switch is set to "parade" mode or the switch is in "dimmer" mode the lights will not turn on. Also the red led next to the clock for the evic will not light up and the orange passenger air bag off led will not light up. Although both of them will light at engine start.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
  • nik96nik96 Posts: 2
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    I have the answer and the fix..It will cost 5 dollars at a walmat and 15 minutes me and I will
  • jlandsawjlandsaw Posts: 2
    I was returning home tonight and divered that I have no headlights. AThe yellow marker lights come on and the driving lights will come on. I can pull the switch handle back on the sterring column and the brights come on but go off when I release the handle. I am leaving for Arizona in 2 days and need some serious help. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? HELP!!!!
  • mycar55mycar55 Posts: 1
    As I am just finding this forum am amazed that I am not alone on the myriad of problems I have had all these years . I still love the beauty of my '04 AWD Pacifica Touring but am crazed with the problemsssssss under warranty and not. Front end and brakes repeatedly. I've now had 4 batteries. I absolutely can't even open doors long enough to clean the car without having to start it repeatedly or jump it. It has never been for repairs without then needing a jump to take it home. What's with this electrical problem. AND as always... The HVAC is at an all time problem with the fan not coming on when outside temp is at it hottest in the 90's ...same happens in winter when it's cold. No fan...when it comes on it blow cold or hot as it should so it is not a freon problem nor just me. Help!
  • I have a 2005 Chrysler pacifica with the 3.8 v6 with 107,000 miles. Last week my cluster went dark and windshield wipers quit working. After check the fuses and cussing up a storm everything started to work again except for the check engine light. The local auto parts store hooked up their computer and gave me 2 codes U140 "Lost communication with body control module" and U110C "Lost fuel level message". I have searched the net for information but can't find anything. Is this gonna be a costly repair or is it just something that happens periodically? I would hate to have to buy another car since it is now paid for but I am really not inclined to drop a huge amount of money of fixing a car and then worry about being nickel and dimed to death. Any suggestion or repair guidance?
  • tbar2tbar2 Posts: 2
    Hi , READ this is lights flicker.......... I did the recall with my'05 years ago and the lights have been going off and on as well. They just Both went out and that's when I had to follow-up. Dealer played games with diagnostic charges, new bulbs,etc.. I took the housing out (2 screws on top) and when I pulled out the large casing the lights flickered. It's the wire harnesss as someone described above (from mexico,etc..) . I actually overheard the mechanic talk to the mgr that the harness was bad.... they are re-doing the recall. now to get my 300 bucks back from dealer who had to have seen them flicker when they diagnosed 2 times ....unreal... also, I was in the shop when they pulled out the light the third time to be sure they saw the flicker and could not LIE again.. you ALL may need to do the same... Don't we all own that company with our tax bailout ??? good luck and let me know what happens...
  • I have 2006 Chrysler Pacifica AWD. When the car idle the lights dim and lights on dash board dim along with the head lights. Also when I have the hazzard light flashing the dimming lights flash along with it. Any ideas on what is going on?
  • Hey my 04 is now having this exact problem. Did you find a solution?
  • I am having the same problem. Did you, your mechanic or dealer figure out what the issue is? Single mom to 3 here and would like to have my friend, who is a mechanic fix it, but I don't want to buy 8 different parts to figure out which one it is. Most electrical parts can't be returned. Any information would be so helpful and thank you in advance! - Stephanie
  • uuglyuugly Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    My mom has an '04 Chrysler Pacifica. She got to my house today, as she was pulling in she said the light down by the shifter that comes on when you push it when you want to keep from skidding around (AND I believe ABS is what she's talking about) came on and then the flashers came on. She doesn't know why and the odds of her bumping both of these buttons and turning then on wld be pretty much impossible.

    We lost my dad in January of this yr, my mom is 76 yrs old. She's up and going and active, but on a VERY limited income. I promised my dad on his death bed it was OK to go, I wld take care of her. I know nothing about cars, just that mechanics will take advantage of us not knowing what's wrong. We don't have the finances for an expensive fix.

  • teresa24teresa24 Posts: 2
    I am having the exact same problem. I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. I have 165,000 miles on my SUV & this is the 1st time this has happened help, please?
  • meeklo1meeklo1 Posts: 6
    Sorry to hear about your troubles, but when I first started taking my 05 Pacifica to Midas they had given me a report on the vehicle that informed customers of recalls and common problems. I remember there was something with an abs speed sensor being listed on there. If the engine light hasn't come on, then I would give the vehicle a park and see if it happens again. There has been funny business with my whole electrical system on the dash, and it goes away after giving it a park. I really hope this helps
  • meeklo1meeklo1 Posts: 6
    I'm unsure whether your having problems with the abs brake light, or if your dash lights have. gone completely black. In my case with the dash lights I turned the vehicle off for 20 minutes plus and the dash lights were back to normal. This vehicle has given me a few problems since, and i feel like it has something to do with the vehicles onboard computer. I just hope that wouldn't be it being that its expensive . I know its very irritating,and I hope this helps.
  • soh1soh1 Posts: 2
    My 2007 Pacifica touring has 75k miles, and recently sometimes when i start the engine, nothing happens. Key turns but No sound. Today, when it did not start, i set the key on ON position, pressed Brake pedal and shifted gear to Neutral and then turned the key, and car started right away.
    I had changed the battery 3 months ago from autozone, and asked them to check, and they told battery as well as self/starter is good. So I am thinking that there may be some switch in transmission that tells car if it is parked and ready to start, and if that switch is not properly engaged, then car does not start. Not sure though but shifting car into Neutral at least caused the car to start.
  • I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica with 169,000 miles on it. I too have had problems like that however now my lights blink rapidly at certain times, my brake light turns on and off at times, car acts like she wants to turn off but dosn;t turn off ...My mechanic stated that it was the electrical harnis that needs to be replaced. So that I am doing next weekend.
  • My daughters crappy Pacifica blows a headlight every few months. Take the two bolts out of the top and I then take a 2" wide putty knife and shove it in at the bottom where the lower catch is. This usually releases it. Then keeping the lower facia pushed down grab the sides and wiggle it forward. I usually replace a H7 lamp. There are 2 torx screws holding the lamp in, loosen them and twist it slightly and then the lamp plugs in. This is the worst design I have ever worked on. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone I know. It drives good when it works but everything on it is problematic. We are 2 weeks into a ABS brake problem now.
  • Try giving the headlight a firm and stable bunt after removing the two screws up top, and that will work for removing the headlight assembly. As for the bulb, you don't need to loosen the torx screws. Twist the bulbs' metal base so that it slides freely, but remember the direction to loosen and tighten the bulb to the connector. Try using some electrical grease on the bulbs maybe. Hope this helps.
  • Don't have the PAC anymore but when I was changing the headlights every 6 months removing the light assembly became 2nd nature. What did happen then the alternator took out my new battery which was still under warranty. The tech said my alt was not putting out the correct sign wave. The quoted me $400 to replace. I did it for $165 and never had to change a headlight again. Only 2 more years but with the old alt that would have been 6 pairs.
  • thank you for your post, what was the end result. My Pacifica is having a very similar issue.
  • Hope this works it did for mine..try replacing the battery cable and connectors that go from battery to fuse box under the hood, the proper name for the fuse box is "integrated power control module" this can be stupid expensive for the module, like $1200-$1800 which is just the dealers way of ripping you.. You can not just go get one from a junk yard they are vin number specific but if you luck up you can get one for about $100 but its really hard part to find.. so back to the power wire that runs from battery to fuse box, they can be bought at any local parts store for under $20, have a mechanic do it if you are not sure what to do cause you will be messing with the $1200-$1800 part and if you screw it up you will not be able to get one very fast or cheap unless you are just super lucky.. but the symptoms in our car that it fixed was the flashing dash lights, the radio flickering, the car suddenly stalling, and the very heated battery, which could also lead to battery drained when you wake up.. hope this helps, it was a long process to figure it out but I am pretty sure the red power wire being replaced did it.
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