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2007 Acura TL



  • can you use the HFL phone when the navi is making an announcement?

    Yes. The directions are still given, and I don't notice them being muted either, but the peopel I speak to do not seem to hear the voice - just mine.
  • No, the people on the phone can hear the NAV voice and always ask about it. The phone works fine but the NAV seems to be louder than the phone.
  • Los Angeles - Acura owner seeks advice on how improve ride quality/comfort on automatic Trans / 2007 Acura TL.

    Seeking any feedback on suspension adjustments or aftermarket products to help alleviate some of the stiff /harsh road ride.

    OEM Tires Michelin 17X 8 - Size: 235/45R17

    Love this car's styling / interior & exterior, fit and finish, gas mileage, etc. Just looking to tradeoff some road handling in exchange for ride quality!

    Any suggestions, technician contacts or web site info, Greatly Appreciated !
  • The michelins as I recall have a very stiff side wall, hence better cornering. You could try a "softer" tire. I wouldn't mess w/ the suspension for fear of voiding the warranty. My '05 rode the same way and I eventually tired of it, especially for a daily driver. Now, my newest ride, a VW GTI, has all the handling of the TL (probably better) with none of the jarring over rough terrain (i.e. rr tracks). If the germans can build a comfortable performance car, why can't the japanese?
  • I agree with upstate that the 1st (and maybe even the only) thing to do is change the tires. They make tires built specifically for comfort - you may give up some handling in the process, but if that's a worthwhile trade-off for you, that's the easiest, least invasive fix.

    Tire Rack has a website you can visit, and of course there are various tire stores you can call. I happen to be partial to Allied Tire.
  • 07 Acura TL - Is there anyway to turn off the day time running lights on this car? I think it's a safety/security issue to not be able to turn off these lights when you don't want to be noticed, especially at night when just idling waiting on someone.
  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    Say folks I'm leasing an 07 TL which I love EXCEPT for the damned subwoofer. I am a music lover so the vehicle's system is extremely important to me. I mainly use my iPod in the car and I get an extreme rattling from the subwoofer even at lower volumes (when I say low I mean like 3 or 4). It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it's very annoying. My bass is set to C and so is the subwoofer when I can stand it, however, I still end up turning the subwoofer down to like -3 or -4 to reduce the rattling when it starts. Turning it off seams to leave a void in the sound. I've tried different cords and adapters thinking it was the iPod's sound level. Even bought a line level output for the iPod all to no avail. Then I try the CD player and have the same friggin problem.

    My issue is that if I have to turn it all the way down why have it? Has anyone else had this issue??? If so please tell me how it was resolved, does the subwoofer need to be replaced?
  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    I don't think there is a way to turn those off, sorry.
  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    Actually I found a fix for my subwoofer problem...just in case anyone reads this in the future with the same issue. Apparently the iPod's output levels are pretty high and a bit too much for the car's system. So here's an easy fix... once you're in iTunes select the Music icon for your iPod. Then select all songs and right click, select the option Get Info. Click through the prompt and go into the Get Info screen. Once here look for the volume control, it will be a sliding scale. Drop the scale back one level and click ok. It'll take a few minutes to apply the settings but you will notice little difference in sound quality and you will actually be able to use the subwoofer w/o the annoying rattle. This is especially important if you listen to a lot of bass heavy music. The only catch is you'll have to update the new songs you import or buy on a regular basis.

    I did try the Sound Check feature but the subwoofer still rattled. The solution above has allowed me to really enjoy the sound system fully.
  • I had the same issues but not only with an MP3 player but with all sources of music. Like you said it's not all the time but generally when you least expect it. I went to Best Buy where they installed a rubber mat to reduce vibrations however that did not help. What I ened up doing and had no idea this would work was I installed a seperate amp for all speakers minus the subwoofer, then installed a seperate subwoofer in the trunk with another amp just for that...volla....I can crank it all the way up with ZERO buzz or vibration noises.
    The main amp controls all speakers including the factory amp minus the sub in t trunk.
  • I was in a recent accident in my 2007 Acura TL. I "T-boned " a Nissan Maxima and had considerable damage to my front end. I was traveling approximately 35-mph when the accident occured. The air bags did not deploy on impact at all. My concern is that if I had been traveling faster would they have deployed then. This is a safety concern for me and my family. The older model maxima's air bags deployed in spite of me crashing into the drivers side front wheel well. Have there been any recalls for air bags not deploying on the Acura TL 2007 models?
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,167
    Just as we have one forum for the '99-'03 generation TLs, I think it would be a good idea to combine all the ones relating to the '04-'08 generation into one forum, so that you'd have two forums covering the '99- '08 model years, and a separate on the the '09-??.

    I think this makes sense from a simplicity standpoint, and also because the number of postings tends to go down as the models age. What do you think about this suggestion?
  • Me & my husband have been having many problems with our TL. It has about 55k miles on it, and since the beginning of this year the battery had to be replaced twice already, 2 weeks ago the power steering was leaking, the alternater had to be replaced a month ago, and now the transmission has to be replaced. We are unsure of whether to fix the transmission or go to an Acura dealer to figure out why there are so many problems with this car. Is anyone else having these problems and is it worth fixing it yet again?
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