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Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance and Repair



  • adarawadaraw Posts: 1
    Hello, if anyone could give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it.
    I drive a 1990, 60 series Toyota Land Cruiser, and unfortunately a few days ago when pulling out of a parking spot, I backed into a small grassy hill. I am not exactly sure what happened to the exhaust pipe, but I believe it is bent. It is of the hanger, so the current quick fix option I came up with was to wire the pipe back up, however if it is bent should I take it in to get fixed, and does anyone know roughly how much it would be? I know it seems ridiculous that I don't know whether or not it is bent, as I should just be able to tell by looking at it, however I don't know very much about cars at all, and I don't know what it looked like before the mini accident. The area where I believe it could be bent is way far under the car, so it is hard to tell, but the tip of the pipe is kind of jutting out to the side. Any one have any suggestions? Thank you so much.
  • mans_landmans_land Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    My '02 Land Cruiser's rear view mirror and passenger visor were yanked off and completely removed. (Don't ask. lol). Anyway, both those items were electrically wired -- the rear view mirror had the headlight adjustment feature for cars behind me, and the passenger visor had the lighted vanity mirror. Anyway, I didn't replace the parts immediately (and still haven't replaced them), but in the meantime I had wires exposed which I believe came into contact somehow and shorted. Now, my interior overhead lighting is dead and my transmitter which connects to my garage door opener is also dead. I checked for blown fuses and didn't find any. Is there a relay of some sort that I should replace instead? I called the dealer but they didn't know exactly; all they said was there's a dome relay which is available for replacement but not sure if that will solve my entire problem here (including the problem with my GDO transmitter). Please advise. Thanks.
  • pzkpzk Posts: 1

    I have a problem which looks similar but I really don't understand what to do.

    1. Sometimes, when I start the engine at first it works out well but when I drive and later switch off, it becomes really hard to start the engine later. I even had to change the starter but the problem isn't solved.

    2. It happens sometimes when changing the gear, the engine goes off. it has been quite long and we have tried to check all wiring without any diagnosis. fuel filter should be ok!!
  • colocruisercolocruiser Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    The right side blinker stays on constantly when either the running lights of the headlights are on. All of the blinker and brake lights work fine when the head or running lights are off. I have replaced two fuses and the some bulbs on the rear and the front of the vehicle. This is on a 1989( power windows, & mirrors) Land Cruiser Any ideas?
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 111
    Interesting problem..

    Three questions:

    I assume the turn signals on the outside of the car are activating also when this occurs, and it isn't only the indicator on the dash that is doing this?

    If so, is it both front and rear right blinkers?

    They are actually blinking when they are on--right---and not remaining on continuously? (The word "constantly" is what I am trying to clarify)
  • mecheng5by5mecheng5by5 Posts: 3
    edited June 25

    Hey guys, anyone change out an alternator on their 1999 (100 series) Land Cruiser? I about to attempt it myself instead of letting a shop do it. Any advise? [non-permissible content removed]

    Thanks, Will

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