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Toyota Camry Hybrid Rattles, Bumps, & Squeaks



  • Thanks for the post and for the video pdxsk8!! I am going through this exact thing right now and could not believe there was a video on it. After reading the thread I wanted to post that last night i moved my car from the driveway into the garage and then this afternoon the noise exactly like the video. That seems to be a link possibly?
    I have not tried starting it again since reading this and letting it run. I am going to wait until my husband gets home so i can video this with the hood open like pdxsk8 had wanted to do.
    Thanks to all who took the time to post about this issue. Even if it does start to run smooth, I think this will be something I will be nervous about until they know exactly what it is.
  • What a coincidence. I had to have my waterpump replaced yesterday on my 2007 TKH. It just so happens I have had 5 occasions on which the same violent shaking has occurred with my vehicle. The toyota people swear this is the first time they ever heard of such a problem and no one can explain what the cause is. Thanks very much to all who captured the video of this obvious defect. Now I have some better tools to demonstrate to the dealer what is happening.
  • As added followup to your post (kingstril and ikaikamute) the violent shaking demonstrated on my 2007 camry hybrid was first observed upon turning off the engine after running the vehicle. The subsequent occurances were all upon starting or with a start and rapid shut down.

    One question for both of you. Have either observed numerous occurances of engine not being ready (shift to park first message) if you go through sequence too fast. My unit seems to require a very deliberate slow sequence of brake on, push start button, wait 1-2 seconds, shift out of park. Any deviance/simultaneous action/ or failure to wait causes warning message.
  • pdxsk8pdxsk8 Posts: 8
    edited June 2011
    Note, I found another video on youtube with the same issue.­c . It seems there IS a pattern here. So how do we get Toyota to address the issue? For now just don't shut the car off until after the ICE has been on for at least 30 seconds.
  • mjmeansmjmeans Posts: 1
    Just wanted to know if you ever got this issue resolved. I am having the same problem. Service dept. says they have not seen it before, the panel is rivet in so should not be a problem. At the time I went in, parts from overseas were in short supply and not soon coming because of the earthquake and tsunami.
    I've considered using strips of felt to cushion the filter, but thought I'd ask first.
    Thanks for your input.
  • My 2009 TCH also began to knock and rattle on occasion. It occurred for the first time this past winter. The car sat idle for a day or so. When I started the car, the engine rattled and knocked as though it wasn't getting any oil. It happened again also a cold start after it had been idle for three days and the temperatures were more spring like. I discussed it with my mechanic and he really had know ideas but like me wondered if the engine was getting oil. I might try using a thinner viscosity oil. I currently use 5W-20 which is approved for THC. I may change to 0W-20. I currently have 53000 miles on my TCH.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854

    I've had vehicles that were prone to be a bit noisy at first after sitting without running for a period of time. Not sure that thinner oil is the solution. What's happening is gravity doing it's thing and oil working it's way down to the oil pan. As long as your oil level is OK and the oil pump is functioning properly, it's sort of normal for the sound of the engine to be a little different until the oil pump gets things moving around again. It's usually a couple of seconds for me, maybe longer, depending on the temperature. If the noise doesn't stop for an extended period of time, double check your oil levels before moving on to try and diagnose an oil pump issue.

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