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Lexus ES 350 XM and Sirius



  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Sounds like you've got it all worked out - you haven't bought/installed it yet? :)
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    $299 is still $ I would like some assurance that the p/n for that install kit is indeed valid for install on an ES 350. I guess at worse, I could always resell it to an IS 250/350 owner looking for factory XM. ;)
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Have you tried calling your local Lexus dealer & asking their parts department the part number for the unit which goes into the 07 ES350? Seems that would be the most logical and accurate way of finding out!
  • Does anyone know the code you need to activate the free trial offer with the purchase of XM in a new Lexus? My dealer failed to give me the code, and I don't want to wait until he gets back to me with it.
  • Might be unique to your sale or the specific unit... :confuse:
  • Possibly. I know you have to have a Lexus-specific unit, not one you bought somewhere else.
  • Larrymit, I had the XM installed on my '07
    RX350 through the Lexus dealership, and I just put the radio dial on 00 on the satellite channel, and that should give the numbers for your code which would come up on the radio screen that you will need to call in and activate. Good Luck! Satellite radio rocks!!!

    And if that doesn't work, Lexus should be able
    to pull the unit out, as it has the code on
    the unit, and that should be at no cost to you
    to do that. Good luck, again!!!
  • The XM my Lexus dealer installed in my ES works great except the volume is significantly lower than the other sources (FM/CD, etc). Is there a level adjustment on the XM tuner that would let my dealer increase the output of the XM so that its volume would match the other sources?
  • I just bought my ES 350 UL w/ ML and--since I much prefer Sirius over XM--I put my Sirius plug and play receiver in the center console using the auxillary port. The antenna is on the center of the trunk near the rear window. For whatever reason, when i listen to Sirius I hear a high pitched sound that seems to get higher in pitch the more I accelerate. Although the sound isnt loud per se, it is making dogs crazy everywhere I drive. Has this happened to anyone else and, if so, what's the fix?
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Could be:

    1) Faulty auxillary port (perhaps loose ground wire that is wired to the port);

    2) Faulty cable that you're using to connect your Sirius receiver to the aux port (it could be poorly shielded, thus picking up external electrical interference).

    3) Plug at the end of cable isn't making a tight connection in the aux port (i.e., plug goes into aux port a wee bit too loosely)

    Best of luck in finding out the issue...hopefully it's an easily-resolvable one!
  • Has anyone heard if/when XM NavTraffic capability will be offered on the ES 350? According to web site, this feature is currently available on the LS 460 and 600 models with HDD Nav.
  • bobbo55bobbo55 Posts: 25
    I would like to know if anyone else with XM in their ES350, has had this happen to them.When I started the car in the morning. I then turned on the radio.The audio coming from the XM was intermitant and garbled.This went on for 10 seconds or so.Then nothing , no audio.The read out for the artist and song playing was there, but no audio.The am and fm worked fine , but no xm.But when I stopped the car and turned it off. I then turned the car back on.I then turned the xm back on the xm worked fine.I contacted the Lexus service department. I explained the problem to the service manager.He told me that this will occur with xm from time to time.He said all you have to do is turn the car off. This resets the XM part of the radio.Now this problem with no audio on the xm has happened to me twice. I have had the car since July 19th.So, has anyone else had this happen to them?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Never happened to me and it's usually on XM about 80% of the time. Sounds like maybe the service guy is handing you a line.
  • billccsibillccsi Posts: 4
    Is there a Sirius radio for the ES 350? My dealer keeps saying it is not yet available, but it's been a year.
  • billccsibillccsi Posts: 4
    You'll need the ESN that is on a bar code label that should be attached to the user manual for the XM unit.

    When you enter the ESN to register, you will automatically get the free trial.
  • billccsibillccsi Posts: 4
    I have the same issue. Sirius support suggest a noise suppressor on the plug wires.

    I haven't done it. Doesn't bother me enough to worry with it.
  • meadoelmeadoel Posts: 18
    I bought an XM this week and I have the same problem. The noise is loud enough that the unit is unuseable.

    I know the cable is good because I use it for my ipod all the time. XM says to get a line noise surpressor too.... or to get the plug fixed as it's got a loose ground wire.

    Has anyone solved this?
  • vscott1vscott1 Posts: 1
    In response to the post asking if Sirius was available on the ES, since buying my ES 350 in August I'd wanted Sirius - not XM. My dealer (North Hills Lexus just outside of Pittsburgh) explained the problems with reception and the hold on the product. Last week (4/18/07) my dealer told me Sirius is now available and he has ordered it for me. It should be in shortly. Yeah!
  • tliebmantliebman Posts: 5
    I had XM installed in my ES350 in March, and my trial is about to end. They attached the antenna to the inside of the rear window near the center stop light, because I did not want it on the trunk lid. I must turn up the volume alot compared to AM or FM, and I've seen other posts about this. However, reception cuts out more than I think is acceptable. It seemed to get worse when the leaves on the trees filled out, and any kind of valley is trouble. The sound quality is also not nearly as good as FM, CD, or even AM for most stations. I took the car from St. Louis to Nashville a couple of weeks ago and was dissapointed in reception. Does this sound familiar? My dealer said they checked with XM about the antenna working from the inside.
  • crawncrawn Posts: 1
    My ES350 is only at 2,500 miles. It's a wonderful car, except for the lousy and inexpensive radio set up for a luxury car. Shame on me for not doing better research, so I'm really upset with myself. The Premuim Radio with Nav is marginal at best - whether FM or CD - actually Ipod is not bad. On top of that the XM Satellite (dealer installed) is ridiculously poor quality. So, I certainly agree with post 102 and also 33. I love the XM Satellite on my GMC Yukon (standard radio). I expected the same or better. Imagine my surprise at how poor the sound quality it is. Some posts imply better quality with the ML, so am really sorry that I didn't get that, if even for FM, CD, etc.

    As to antenna location, I'm on the trunk. With my Yukon's antenna on the roof, I have a pretty good idea of how the two locations compare for pick-up. Bottom line, I have no problems with pick-up on the ES350 and it might even be a touch better than the Yukon but neither is a problem. Thank goodness for small miracles (and no tranny flair at least for now)

    Got to go. I need to find out how to email Lexus with a huge complaint.
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