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Infiniti FX35 Real World MPG



  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    at 10,000 mi. again, no less than 20.7 mpg per tank. this is w/ 89-93 octane;never 87, cant tell difference (mpg) for mid-grade or high test.
  • I have a 2006 RWD FX35 with Touring and Sports packages. I am in Chicago and drive 5 miles round trip to my office everyday. I live downtown. In the city, I get horrible mileage. 8-10 miles per gal. But on the highway, I have done as well as 22 mpg.
  • rladerrlader Posts: 1
    Fizz said he uses 89-93 octane, never 87. Ethanol raises octane in fuel. Distributors that mix 10% ethanol in regular sell it as regular (87) and as plus (89). Same gas two prices. So check and see if it really does have 10% ethanol the octane is greater than 87. I check on the industry and they can sell a higher octane as a lower octane but not a lesser at a higher octane it is called fraud. I do not have the math but somebody should be able to provide it. :shades:
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I average about 18+ in and around town. On two long highway trips I've averaged about 23+.
  • I'm averaging 19.5 in the city and about 23 on the highway. I rarely have the windows down and 50/50 split on the AC. The reason I think these numbers are high is I use the DS mode to force a higher gear when cruising. There's no reason to be in 5th gear driving 60 down the highway so I pop it into 7th. For general city driving I leave it in D.

    Also the myth about the AC is the rpms are higher with the AC but the drag is much worse with the windows down. Ideal would be no AC, windows up but that also requires a perfect outside temp and sun conditions. Haven't seen it yet :-)
  • msfurmsfur Posts: 17
    I am in a car Iove, the Cadillac SRX ,but it has been in the shop for repairs 24 times in 36 months.As the warranty is about to end, I am looking at cars, all CPO.
    Do you think it is too big a change to leave the SRX for an FX? Will I miss the comfort/smooth ride? The size?
    I like to keep a car a long time, but with the repair record of what I am in, feel forced to get out before I am hit with all of the service bills, and am a bit lost!
    I love the looks of the FX, but haven't driven one yet. Along with the Acura, I am also considering the Mercedes ML.
    Thanks in advance for any opinions.
  • josephyjosephy Posts: 14
    Interesting post, as I currently own a 2004 FX 35 and my wife used to own an SRX. Bought both new. They are two very different crossovers.

    The FX has been a great vehicle. I often felt the SRX floated a bit, but that's not a characteristic of the FX. Sometimes it can have a bit of a stiff ride, but the AWD is outstanding. The ride is best described as 'tight.' It can be a nice driving car when you push it. Very recognizable and wonderful exhaust note.

    Speaking of sound, get the upgraded sound system. I wouldn't bother with the GPS unless you really need it. The dash can get a bit busy.

    The heated front seats are very comfortable and have a nice memory feature. Transmission is strong and the car has been virtually pain free, with the exception of the brakes and a headlight issue, which have been fixed.

    Brakes are probably the biggest disappointment on the vehicle, but a new set of rotors will take care of most problems. It's a heavy vehicle and most drivers throw them around a bit, hence the terrible gas mileage (put it in SNOW and here comes single digit MPG).

    The new ones are pretty pricey, so if you can find a nice used one, give it serious consideration.
  • msfurmsfur Posts: 17
    Thanks for your posting, very helpful, I am still in the SRX and still shopping around.
    At the very other far end of the spectrum, I also seem to like the Ford Flex. Odd, I know!
    Thanks again.
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    Update,w/25,000 miles my avg. on this tank is 21.6. I can't remember it ever being less than 20mpg. This is a mix of highway/city. I can totally understand the lower readings as this car can run like a raped ape! Each tank full has at least 2 occasions of banging this thing thru the gears to north of 100. The thing gets looks like no other SUV in the Akron/Canton area.
  • I have a 2008 Fx35 AWD sport - In the summer, I get around 19 mpg on my average tank (mostly highway), but the last month, my mileage has dropped to around 17.8, with even a 100% highway trip, only getting 18.5.

    I attribute this difference to the "winter gas" they sell us in the Northeast (I think it's Ethanol based these days, after they banned MTBE).

    I run 87 octane.

    Anyone else notice the difference? has it occurred to anyone else, that 10% ethanol, almost a 5% reduction in mileage, so more it burned, has to be shipped to stations, etc - does it really do anything net positive for anything but corn farmers?
  • I believe virtually everyone recognizes ethanol as simply another way to throw hundreds of millions of taxpayer or borrowed dollars out the Washington window.

    The 2010 specifies 91 octane; are you running on 87 counting on the octane increase of ethanol or were the 2008s an 87 octaneengine?

    And remember, the mileage hit on the ethanol portion of your gallon is just that: if you have 10% of a gallon be ethanol, and the penalty is 5% mileage, it's only a 5% penalty on 10% of your gallon. The other 90% of your gallon will get full mileage. So if you got 20 mpg on gas, you would get 18 miles on the 90% of the gallon that is gas, and you would get 1.9 more miles (instead of 2) for a total of 19.9 miles per gallon on that gallon which is 10% ethanol.

    Unless of course the ethanol screws up the performance of the gas it is mixed with in which case I am stupid and should be ignored.
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