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Lexus RX 300 Real World MPG



  • I have a 2000 AWD with 250,000 miles on it. We tow a small properly-rated horse trailer, and recently moved the vehicle to the oldest son and bought 2005 model with under a 100k on it for the wife. These are great all around vehicles. The only issue I have on the 2000 model is a small leak in the front seal. Its a $1500 repair, or a quart of oil a month. You can buy alot of oil for $1500 ! I just found a post on improving fuel economy and performed the top four fixes that were recommended. 1) Clean or replace the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor located on the top side of the air intake. I cleaned it with brake cleaner and/or carb-choke cleaner as recommended. 2) Clean or replace the Idle Air C? Valve (IACV) located below the twin air intake holes of the intake manifold. Removed the lower hose on the little IACV and sprayed carb/choke cleaner in the small port in the bottom of the right-side hole in the intake manifold. Did this several times until the fluid ran out of the lower tube (the one I removed the hose from) clear. 3) Replaced PCV valve on passenger side of the engine block ($8 at auto parts store) 4) Replaced stock air filter with the K&N high flow filter ($40 at auto parts store). I also added Seafoam $8 at auto parts store) to both the crankcase oil and fuel, per the instructions on the can. I am waiting to see the results, but with 250k on the odometer, every bit will help. My son is off to college so I will drive this during his first year because he can't have a car on campus. The wife's 2005 model is a beast with factory oil cooler for towing and factory towing package. the 3.3 motor is smooth and efficient, registering about 25-29 mpg depending on who is driving. 120k miles on it, so not much to do for a couple years.
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