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Lexus RX 350 Real World MPG



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    You can't figure MPG by looking at your gas gauge.... We don't even know if the dealer filled it all the way up.. just that the needle was on F.

    Fill up your the trip odometer.. drive it until it is near empty... then re-fill it, noting the number of gallons... Miles/gallons = MPG.

    That is the only reliable way to check your fuel usage..

    Also, if your vehicle recommends premium, then use it!


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  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    Is there a way to see what the car is calculating my average speed or mpg is? My husband's Honda Odyssey does that and I've been trying to figure out the gizmos in mine to see if it will too.

    With gas prices the way they are now, I doubt they'll be going down anytime soon so I guess I'll fill 'er up and see how much the car gets. I'm hoping for 400miles per tank to average out at 20mpg. Anyways, what's everyone's opinon on using which type of gas (87, 91, or 93) and how has it affected your mpg?
  • I too have had 4 previous Lexus SUVs. My wife just bought a new 350RX and, like you, cannot get any better than 10-12 driving around the area (city). When we take it on the highway, the best was 15 miles per gallon. But we have an even stranger problem. If she does not drive the car for 5 days (which sometimes is the case when we go away), the car does not start. Anyone ever hear of this? Bottom line, they are advertising falsely (no surprise there).
  • wcs1885wcs1885 Posts: 15
    I put 1000 miles on my 2011 RX350 since Feb 26th. So far my average gas consumption is 18.4. For every refuel at the pump... I get 270 miles before I have to visit the gas station and I average about 20 miles per gallon and so far I've only put 13 gallons everytime I refuel and I let it get down to about 1/8th of a tank. I dont see how anyone can get over 20 between city & highway.
  • cecartercecarter Posts: 7
    I have a 2006 RX 330. I average less then 10,000 miles/year. most of my driving is local, less than 12 miles, and as short as 1 mile 6 X/week. I have tracked my mileage since i purchased my car and the average has been 19 local, and as high as 25 on a 400 mile trip.
    the car has a fairly high battery drain because of accessories. have the battery checked, and upgrade to a higher capacity or get a plug-in trickle charger.

    The computer mileage is very close to the logged mileage.
  • fernsferns Posts: 4
    I have a 2010 RX 350 and get 18 MPG City and 26 MPG on High way. Filled gas full and started the calculation with coninuous 3 times filling gas full to empty and dividing the total Miles travelled by the gas quanitity and get this average. One point to note is that you need to ensure that the ECO light is maintained ON to get the best mileage. I have tried with premium 91 and regular 87. There was not much difference in MPG.
  • fernsferns Posts: 4
    One more note to add: Premium Gasoline can be 'Required' or 'Recommended'. For 2010 RX 350 Premium is 'recommended'. There is no difference in gas mileage hence no need to use it.
    Only difference will be that you will lose half a second while take off from zero to 60 miles in 7 seconds. So, if you are on the race track then you will need Premium.
  • cecartercecarter Posts: 7
    Since you have a 2010, what does the ECO mode do? What I wqould like is the capability to upshift at lower speeds like I had in my Mercedes 230 Compressor. I could select 5th gear at 20 mph.
    Is ECO just a light or a switch?
  • kwbuggykwbuggy Posts: 11
    It is just a light which illuminates when you are driving economically. If you try to keep it lit up at all times you will improve your fuel economy significantly.
  • I recently purchased my fourth Lexus RX. Previously owned a 2000, 2004 & 2006 hybrid. While the mpg for my new car is not quite as impressive as with the hybrid, overall I get 22-23 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving in mountainous terrain. The car has about 2000 miles on it right now. What I lost in gas savings I gained in insurance premiums savings, as my annual premium has decreased by about $500!
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