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Honda Accord Coupe Gas Mileage Reports



  • Hi,

    I purchased the accord EX 4cyl 09 last week and in my first tank, which is about 3/4th empty now, I got a mileage of about 300 miles. 80% interstate. Do you think that the mileage might increase in the near future or is thr a way to tune up to give better mileage?
  • rogerb34rogerb34 Posts: 30
    Drag increases as the square of speed. Recent article says 24 cents per gallon increase in costs for 5mph increments above 60 mph. Coefficient of Drag is the deal. My 05 Accord .29 - .30. 05 Camry .28, Prius .26. Summary here:
  • I drive a lot and keep on all my maintenance. My car gets 38mpg highway and around 27mpg City. Its not hard if you know how to drive efficiently. Also, I don't drive like a old Asian woman who goes 35 on the highway.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    I drive a 2005 Accord 6M coupe and can echo your MPG notes.

    The fuel numbers logged since driving off the showroom floor summer 2005 are much better than expected.

    Mine was $25550 OTD. Hard to beat that combination of cost/mpg/performance. I would not drop clutch like Car and Driver test guys (but then again they log a 14.5 second quarter miles with this car).

    hang in there, ez,,,,
  • limaguy79limaguy79 Posts: 5
    I think the best I ever had out of my 09 Accord Coupe 4 cyl. was 29 mpg on what I would consider heavy interstate traffic. I avg. about 24 mpg in mixed driving and with a somewhat heavy foot. Thats not too bad but I think a Honda should be able to do MUCH better. I dont mind driving the speed limit and such but I dont want to have to work too hard to achieve relatively good mpg numbers. I have a 2003 Accord V6 which Ive seen get 32.5 mpg from Ohio to TN. Gas mileage would have been better for this generation but the Accord has gained some weight.
  • Hi,

    How do you know you MPG though? I know that it does not show the driver's average MPG on the display. Do you just count them like when you fill up your gas and put the ODO meter to 0 and then just divide them? Is that how you do it? Mine is a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe.
  • crazygrrrlcrazygrrrl Posts: 85
    Yes, when you fill up the tank, set your odo to 0. At your next fill up, divide the number of miles into the number of gallons you buy and you'll get the miles per gallon.

    Here's mine: 2007 Accord Coupe, 4 cyl, automatic transmission (about 39,000 miles)

    422 mi driven/12.94 gallons bought = 32.6 mpg.

    My driving is 80% freeway (I set my cruise control to 65 mph), and 10% city, and 10% gridlock traffic (where you can get out of your car and walk faster).
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ....shifting at 2500 (vice 3500) RPM ups fuel efficiency (but non-VTEC lowers fun coefficient)

    Numbers: 1-28 to 2-28-2011= 1405 miles driven/49.8 gallons of 87.................

    Seven tanks: Mean 28.25; Median 27.92 and Mode 27.9. With winter fuel yet!!

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