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Mitsubishi Endeavor

Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949
Anyone shopping the Endeavor?

Steve, Host


  • I have a 2004 and was looking to get into at least a 2006. Sticker prices are around 33K and they are no longer offering incentives.

    I have scheduled maintenance, got a great owner loyalty, and a rebate. They are not giving anyone a reason to get into the larger vehicles. It's rather dumb. You'd think they'd have more incentives to get rid of them, especially today. They only offered me $500 owner loyalty with no scheduled maintenance, no rebates, NOTHING. I'd wait until the fall if I were looking to get into a new vehicle. They'll be pushing to get rid of the 05 and 06 models!
  • The new Endeavor coming out looks amazing. I think it will be one of the bst looking car-based suvs on the road.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Maybe I'm a rarity , but I bought a Endeavor in 2004,after shopping several simular sized SUVs. Long story short, the Endeavor is for me a near perfect balance of size,weight,power,braking and MPG. I recently shopped the Volvo XC90 and for $21K more than an Endeavor, you can get about the same performance as the 2007 Endeavor.You'll need to buy the V8 however and all you really gain is a 3rd row seat sutible only for little ones.The Volvo was nice , but $21K more nice it clearly wasn't.So now I'm shopping for a new 07 Endeavor SE w/nav. & sunroof. I'm 4 to 6 weeks away from a purchase and waiting to see if Mitsu. extends the current rebates after April 2. Anyone have any idea what's coming as a 2008 Endeavor? Anyone have any comments on the Nav system? Bill C.
  • Has anyone compared the driving characteristics of Endeavor with the '07 Outlander? Yes, I know they are different classes of vehicles, that the former requires premium gas, and has a wider turning circle. I'm interested in ride, handling, powertrain performance, NVH, comfort comparisons. The Endeavor seems to get a lot of praise in these areas whereas there is some carping on the Outlander over interior quality and noise. Thanks
  • Any news as to when Mitsubishi will redesign the Endeavor and what major changes/upgrades it's getting??? I wanted to get the Endeavor, however, the lack of a 3rd row seat & use of premiun gas stirred me away and decided to get a Honda Pilot instead... I used to own a 95 Mitsubishi Galant, I had it for 13 years without any problem(s), drove from the east coast to the west coast, again without any problem, a testament to it's under rated quality.. I sold it coz I have to move back to the east coast again... A definite trade-in if Mitsubishi get it's right...
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    When will a all-new Endeavor come out??? I've seen 2009 mentioned , but also 2011, and perhaps it'll just go away or be built elsewhere. Mitsubishi's role in North America is still up for grabs and no one knows what will happen if numbers don't get better. Will the Illinois plant remain in operation by then? Will Mitsub's parent Companies continue to pour $$ into the American Market? I researched as much as I could find on future Endeavors because I have been so happy with my 2004 and I was frankly afraid they'd be forced to cut corners to lower costs. The Endeavor is a fine product as it is even without the usually useless 3 rd row seating. I just traded my 04 for a 2007 and I'm very hopefull this 07 will be everything my 04 was and still is. Yes, Yes the Pilot and the Freelander are fine products, but the Endeavor stacks up well in the real world against them. An added bonus is you won't see 10 more just like yours in every parking lot as you do with those really bland stylings of the Honda/Toyota.
    I suspect any re-design of the Endeavor would include some sort of 3rd row seat, but as with the others , it will come at the expense of the 1st and 2nd row. Styling also will change , I suspect something with more of a roofline like the R-Class Mercedes perhaps. A power/remote rear hatch and a rear camera would be nice options,(IMO)rather than a 3rd row of seating.The current Endeavor is a real bargin for those who are willing to step away from the Honda/Toyota mind set.The build quality is there , and they are built in the only Japanese owned car plant that employes UAW workers. Isn't that worth something?
    Personally , I aplaud Mitsubishi for building some fine products. These products have been overshadowed by mistakes within the company that went on for too long, but that's in the past. Bill C.
  • jeffer3jeffer3 Posts: 22
    I would like to hear about real-world experience with the AWD system in the Endeavor. I currently have a Subaru Outback which has excellent AWD but the cabin is too cramped for me, and too little cargo space.
    Also would like to know the technical aspects of the Endeavor AWD as well. Mitsubishi has a great write-up on the Outlander but I think there are a few finishing details on that vehicle, at this point, that might dissuade me from buying it. I've read many good things about the Endeavor, just can't find any testimonies on the AWD and how well it works in snow, mud, and hill climbs.

    thanks in advance
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Jeffer , I can tell you my experience has been all positive. Our first Endeavor was the 2004 LS AWD, and we drove it to just over 40K before trading it in on a 2007 Endeavor SE-AWD. The 04 was our first ever AWD vehicle and mechanically it never gave us any reason to question its operation. I never hauled a trailer , nor did I ever take the Endeavor on any 'off-road' trails. But in the snow and on rain slic blacktop the vehicle was always sure footed and never left us worried that maybe we couldn't get to where we wanted to go. In the mountains and in high desert winds , the thing always seemed composed and sure footed.Even Driving at 90mph , it still felt like it was stable , and not out of breath. Our new '07 has only 600 miles on it now(2 weeks old) and it's as squeak and rattle free as our 04. I really missed the exterior door side trim of the 04,05,&06 model so we bought them and put them on the new 2007.Like wise we kept the Mud/snow rubber floor mats from our old Endeavor.Other than routine maintenance , the Endeavor never costs us a dime, and our 04 had a now meger sounding 24 month warranty! The 3.8L never misses a beat and the torque makes it strong off the line. No vehicle is perfect , but the Endeavor is a excellant blend of size and power.IMO. It rides better than a Tahoe, gets better mileage,and the cargo areas are very simular.Rear seat legroom is fantastic. Not even the Volvo XC90 V8 pulls harder off the line , and it was $21K more! We shopped the others over and over in 04 and again this year , but decided to stay with the Mitsubishi. I have driven Subies, and they too are sure footed in snow and rain, I looked at a Forester, but it seemed to small, and Subies styling sometimes is ,well, too different , for my tastes(B9 Tribeca,anyone?)But , I know they are good as well..Bill C.
  • jeffer3jeffer3 Posts: 22
    I'm curious to know more about how the AWD works. Is it what I call "reactive" like in the Pilot or Highlander. In other words, FWD until there is slippage, then applies some power to the rear. The new Outlander seemingly has a more responsive AWD system. But I think the Outlander may be a wee bit smaller then what I'm looking for. My Subaru unfortunately IS too small, as I found out a little too late. My left leg cannot get comfortable. Otherwise it rides and handles fairly decent.
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Jeffer, after a little research this is what I found printed in the 2004 Press Info binder: "All wheel drive Endeavors utilize a center differential equipped with a spider gear and viscous coupling arrangement to realize a full time 50/50 torque split,sharing power to all four wheels."
    I believe this means power(torque) is availble equally to all the four wheels selectively at all times, and that no bias to front or rear is present at any time?
    I hope this helps. As you probably know the sales brochure is big on the radio system and bare when it comes to under the skin spec.'s. That and most dealer sales staff know only whats in the brochure if even that:-)
    I'm 6 foot, 215lbs, and long road trips in the Endeavor never leave me wishing for more interior room.Bill C.
  • ssfbluessfblue Posts: 1
    Hey everyone, I am not super-familiar with customizations so I was hoping to possibly get some advice..

    I have a 2004 Endeavor LTD

    As everyone probably knows, the center console is crap because it is a one piece cover, which hiders the easiness to replace the audio receiver with something better or newer.

    I have a couple of questions:

    How much would it cost (generally speaking) to get a new center console cover molding so that I can utilize the 2-dins (I think) that are already being used behind it? I've seen some other pictures of other people that have done mods to their center console; howver, I am finding it hard to ask them. (I went to

    Where can I get a receiver that is SURE to fit? I already went to crutchfield to check out a few things and found some that supposedly fits; however, they also say: "Video receivers with flip-out monitors may not work in this vehicle because of the configuration of the factory dash."

    Are there actually 2-dins that I can possibly fill?

    How would the center display/clock be affected? I have the Limited version so that center console display is the upgraded version. I also have a 2004 Galant LS, which I was able to switch out the receiver. Will there be an "E Com" message like the Galant and cause problems with the other integrated controls like HVAC and such?

    Also, if anyone has any advice, that would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated!!!
  • jojo16jojo16 Posts: 6
    My 2004 XLS AWD is having a noise which sounds like engine knock.
    It came from under floor at the speed of 40mph or faster, I fist doubted engine knock but seems nothing to do with the gas pedal position.
    Does anyone have similar experience?
    I use premium gas BTW.
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    First , I wish this site could generate a few more posts! Not much happening either good or bad and no one wants to talk about it? I have a few observations reguarding my 07 Endeavor SE.I wonder if savings was the reason behind the omission of bag hooks in the cargo area and front seat backs? My 2004 LS had them the 07 SE don't. Also my 04 had large rubber blocks mounted on the inside of the rear hatch near the tail lamps , they are missing on the 2007.Lastly , leaving off the side trim did not improve the looks , in fact it had the oposite effect. (I had them installed after purchase) Sadly the hood still uses a prop rod to hold itself open as did the 04. Is there anyone who knows why this was done? The savings don't seem worth it, with Mitsu in the hole, was cutting $5.00 off the vehicle going to save the company?
  • Got a 2006 Endeavor LTD AWD. Drives great no probs yet. Does anyone know if Mitsu has a GPS module that can fit the console ? Seem to remember salesman saying something about an extra $200 or $2000 to install. I was to happy to drive away. I don't quite remember what he said.

    Thanks, travla413

    btw: taking her for a run down to North Carolina in 2 weeks looking to see how she performs outside of New York city. :)
  • We recently bought a 2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor, largely on the recommendations on this forum. We are happy with most everything except the audio system. Has anyone swapped out the system and were you happy with the results. Any information will be much appreciated.
  • I was looking into the same thing (replacing the stock display with the larger GPS display). I can't get a straight answer out of the dealerships. We have four Mitsi dealerships here in Denver and I asked all four. Three said yes you could, and one said no. I called a Manufacturer line in Illinois and they told me 'no' you can't. So I don't know. My dealer told me I would need to purchse the middle console and a new housing for it - but they didn't know if the wiring would hook up to the existing connector. Nobody knows. Let me know if you've found anything out.
  • I got basically the same answers. One dealer said that the option is on 2007-8 models. Nobody knows for sure. However, I did purchase a Garmin Streetpilot 330 and it did the job from NYC to Charlotte , NC and back.. I'll still check into it.


  • I've been searching the various forums on the web and discovered that a handfull of people have customized their center dash (removed the stock stereo and cut a full-sized double din square into their console) to fit a double-din touch screen unit - one that has MP3, Navigation, Bluetooth, Satelite radio, etc. They all have the same story - the custom auto stereo shops (BestBuy, CircuitCity, etc.) tell them it's impossible to do, so they took out their own tools, purchased an extra center console to trial with, and went to town cutting out the square to fit their display unit. I guess most of them cut their own console, cleaned it up a bit, then had the stereo shop add the screen/unit of their choice. The big issue is that nobody wants to do that type of custom work anymore - if there's no specific kit for it, then they don't want to touch it - we're losing the type of folks in this country that are able and willing to think outside the box (no pun intended). The end results look really nice - I printed pictures of five different personal custom installs of this kind from the different forums and took them to my local BestBuy and showed them what any joker can do in their driveway with the right tools (which the install shops have) and asked if they would attempt it - no takers... The biggest question I was not able to get answered yet is if the steering wheel controls still control the custom added deck (volume, song title, switching from radion, CD, custom unit, etc.), and how the Navigation unit worked for them. If anyone has done anything of this nature please post your experience and pics if available, and who worked with you.
    I like the external Nav units, but removing it from the car every time you stop at the store or work gets tedious (theft issues).
  • BTW, I just purchased an '06 Endeavor Limited AWD awhile back and enjoy it. We just had our third snow storm in Denver this year (2007) and the truck did great in the snow! I took it out on the first snow at night and drove all around the side streets and small hills, and practiced a bit in the Target parking lot to see how it would react - it did well. I also drove around testing the AWD along with starts/stops on hills and in deeper snow (8-10 inches). I also played around with the truck/AWD in the other two snows as well. The one thing that was readily apparent, the stock tires (Turanzas) are not good in the snow at all, a set of different tires would make a noticeable difference for snow traction and driving, and by most accounts I've read from others and on, on ride/noise as well. I have a fair amount of winter/snow driving experience from living and driving in Denver and to the ski resorts in Colorado so I have a little background on how different vehicles and tires react. I've had a variety of four-wheel drive vehicles (Pathfinder, Explorer, Trailblazer), and AWD vehicles including a Subaru and a BMW 325xi (still have the 325xi and it does well in the snow, but dreadful ground clearance). These Turanza tires do not do well by any stretch of the imagination (but they seem to last a decent amount of time if rotated regularly), and if they weren't so new, I would spring for a different set of tires. Bottom line, I think the AWD with it's 50/50 torque split does a good job in the snow.
    Anybody change their tires, and if so, what have you gone with and how have you liked them?
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