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What is the Best SUV For me?



  • So much of this is personal taste.

    We have two kids, and we just went through the same process you are going through. What we felt, and this is only our opinion:

    - Mazda CX-9 was too small, especially the third row and driver seat (with that huge, elbow-high console in the center)
    - Highlander was too small, and wife just didn't like styling
    - Armada we liked, but just to big and expensive
    - Pathfinder was OK
    - Acura MDX was nice to drive but too small
    - Head good things about Buick Enclave, but given inherent questions about reliability and a price that started too high we never looked at it
    - Same for Chevy Traverse
    - I suspect Hyndai might be the value play, but couldn't get wife to look at it
    - Already owned a CR-V and love it

    We bought a Pilot. A little bit truck like, but has a servicable third row for visitors and handles well for its size. Good luck.
  • chickorychickory Posts: 1
    I have 4 large dogs & a husband & would like something that I can fit them all in if needed. I also would like one that has lower emissions but could actually get off the road if necessary. I looked at the GMC Terrain & the 2010 Chevy Equinox but they are both low riders. I don't often need to go off road but I do sometimes. I was all excited about the Jeep Patriot 'til I actually saw one & saw how small they are. No 4 large dogs in that. The Jeep Wrangler looks cool but reviewers seem to really dislike it. I have a Prius now & can deal with so-so gas mileage but I really want at least to have low emissions. If I had been thinking about never being able to fit my family in my car & knew what a low rider the Prius is, I would not own it. Otherwise it is great. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • denver5357denver5357 Posts: 319
    Given your priority seems to be ultra low emissions plus some off road capability, I suggest the Subaru Outback or Forester. They might even have a hybrid version.

    I would stay away from Jeeps unless you like to do your own repairs. They consistently come out at the bottom of the list when it comes to reliability, and a couple of them have even been named "worst buys." Jeeps are largely an image play.
  • ask420ask420 Posts: 5

    I am expecting a baby in september and we are planning to buy an suv sometime soon. We are expecting our parents too. Initially, we were thinking of buying toyota highlander ltd model but the problem is the 3rd row seat...its not spacious enough for an adult to be considered for a long drive. Our next option would be Honda Pilot, which has much better room in the 3rd row. But have heard some break issues with the Pilot. Anybody who owns a Pilot if they can throw some light on this would really be appreciated.
    Also, is the third row safe for infants??? and is it ok to put a child in the 3rd row seat as per the law??? Have no idea about this...

    Any suggestions on other suv with a great mpg and with a safe infant seat would really help. Not really interested in buying a minivan.

  • mtairyordgemtairyordge Posts: 144
    I owned four Toyota Highlanders all Limited, a 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2008. I got rid of the 2008 for a 2011 Pilot because I noticed the quality on toyotas's had slipped markedly. Other reasons I got the Pilot nice room in the 3rd seat compared to HL. Neither 3rd row is SAFE for baby, so forget it, the 3rd row is okay for smaller adults. It is not a full size row.

    The real reasons I like the Honda over the HL:
    Navigation - the passenger can manually adjust the navigation while the car is moving.
    Bluetooth - So much better than Toyota system. Better voice recognition, better sound, easier to control volume, etc.
    Windows: On hot days push the key fob button 3 time hold it on 3rd time and windows open letting heat out of car. LOVE IT.

    Breaks are better than HL. I always hated the HL breaks they are too mushy. On the Pilot I recently had to hit the breaks hard and stopped with enough room and control to be safe. Given the same situation on the HL I would be dealing with insurance company now.

    I know what I speak about the HL I drove the 4 over 350,000 miles. I won't drive one again.

    There are drawbacks to the Pilot that I know the mileage is not the greatest. I have 10K mile on my 2011 and love it so far.

    Hope this helps.

    I purchased a 2011 Touring with Nav and RES for 36K
  • ask420ask420 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply. We are looking for Honda Pilot considering the spacious 3rd row room. Also, the middle seat in the 2nd row looks much better to put a child seat (i am not exactly sure if it ok to put child seat in the middle, but it is 100% better than Highlander).

    Do you mind if i ask you was $36K total price, inclusive of tax and everything. where did you buy your pilot from? I live in WA. and here just for 2011 EX-L with Navigation(RES not included) they are giving estimate of 37K (inclusive of tax etc.,) or so.
    I think they are asking too much.

    Thanks Again.
  • mtairyordge

    I was also wondering if that 36K touring with RES and Nav was the drive out price, if so that is a great deal. Been looking to get a drive out of 37K with no success. I also am only trying for front wheel drive, was your front or all wheel drive and if you dont mind teling where you got or even the state would be appreciated.

  • jezmiajezmia Posts: 36
    I am looking for a small compact SUV or a mid size suv. My main concerns are gas/mill, performance and reliability. There just doesn't seem to be many cars with decent miles and the hybrid versions don't seem to make sense for the price difference. So far I am considering the nissan rougue because of the slick shape, mileage and interior is pretty decent. We ruled out the rav4 and the crv because of the interior. My family is basically 2 people, so we don't need anything too big, I am also thinking about the murano, but it is much more expensive and the millage is not too great. We've owned only foreign cars, but I am slightly considering the equinox, it has pretty decent reviews and the price is ok. I basically haven't come up with other cars that offer somewhat of a good mileage look good and have good reviews. Maybe I am overlooking other great cars, so if you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Take a look at the Escape 4cyl., Ford is practically giving the 2010s away right now. They're roomy, great gas mileage and Consumer Reports gives it a Best Value award.
  • broken7broken7 Posts: 1
    Buying my son his first car, he'll be driving it to college and in this area of WA the roads get pretty snowy in the winter. So we're looking for a smallish 4WD or AWD, and auto transmission. He ruled out Subaru because it doesn't have the higher driving position and better visibility of the others. Since this is his first car and our limited budget, these SUVs will be older and all well over 100,000 miles. Which would be the best pick? I like the CRV(a '99 or newer because of improvements) because better gas mileage than Escape with the V6 (4 cyl underpowered, and most for sale are V6). Is the Escape as durable/reliable as the CRV, would the fuel economy be drastically worse than the CRV? We ruled out Jeep because of poor gas mileage. Or is there some other vehicle we should consider?
  • vtrn09vtrn09 Posts: 1
    Which vehicle will be the best value? A 2006 Nissan Armada with 56,700 miles that costs $18,900 or a 2007 Mazda CX-9 that has 52,000 miles that costs $19,500.

    I like the Armada, but I am uncertain if the gas will last a while when full traveling like an average of 200 miles a week. I see the Mazda has better mpg than the armada, but the bigger fuel tank seems to make up for that.

    Can any owners or car experts please help? Looking to buy this week.
  • I don't want a third row seat, we've got a minivan if we are hauling a lot of people. Needs to fit 3 comfortably in the back seat, as I have 3 kids and don't want to hear too many complaints.

    I need AWD, as we will be taking it to the mountains. Since my wife is 10 inches shorter than me, I have to have memory seats. I am really tired of banging my knees on the steering wheel.

    Needs some guts. I'm currently driving an Accord with a 3.0L V6, and that amount of power works.

    Mostly I will be driving in commuter traffic in Los Angeles, but weekend trips to the mountains (year round) makes me think of an AWD SUV.

    I think I want to stay away from Honda, as both of our Hondas had transmission problems at 50k miles and I don't like the way we were treated by Honda and the local dealership.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
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  • Currently drive a Honda CRV, first generation style.

    Used it will have to be. Small SUV or small-to-mid size.

    Manual transmission. I know that limits me more and more as time goes on but I'd rather shift than ride the brakes, especially if snow or ice is involved. Better control, too.

    I get 24 to 27 mpg in the CRV, depending on whether the AC is on or not, and that does not include much freeway driving. I usually get better mpg than is listed for the car. I'd like to keep that mileage but I'd also like more oomph, so maybe a little give there to get a 6 cylinder.

    Would love to keep the dependability of the Honda, but Honda seems to be abandoning manual transmissions like other makers and the CRV does not come in a 6 cylinder.

    Any suggestions? I did a search and came up with:

    Mitsubishi Outlander
    RAV 4
    Mazda Tribute

    Any input on those? Can I buy a used one, around 45,000 miles, and keep it another 10 years? We take very good car of our cars.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    If you have a 1st generation CR-V, why not upgrade to a 2nd gen? Last year was 2006, but that will be at least five years newer than yours...

    As a former owner of a manual 1st Gen and an automatic 2nd Gen, believe me, the difference in power will blow you away!

    If you want AWD and manual transmission, maybe a late model Subaru Outback Sport? It's more of a hatchback than an SUV, but still has a lot of utility..... easy to find in a stick, too....

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    What is your price range? 2008 BMW X3s are wholesaling for around $18K-$21K.... you can find those in a manual.. 255 HP!!

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • kyfdx, thanks for the replies.

    I'm AC shy of any but late models CRV's and those don't come with a manual transmission and I'm not inclined, at the moment, to patronize Honda for that AC dust up.

    I'll take a look at the Outbacks but those seem more car sized? (Height especially?)

    The Outlander seems to get good reviews.

    BMW- When I looked on Edmunds, MPG seems a little low compared to others. I know, wanting more ooomph and MPG at the same time may not work.

    I just, time and again, think of the times where the manual has gotten me out of trouble or been easier to handle a situation with, that it's hard for me to consider an automatic. The only time the automatic seems better is in constant stop and go and I'm not in the kind of traffic enough to warrent the trade off.

    I've got about a year to sort this out so I can try and think on the options for a while.

    What about the RAV 4 and Mazda Tribute, along with the Mitsubishi Outlander? I'd like a car that returns minimal trouble for good care.
  • I am a single mother of a set of 13 year olds and will soon have my nieces who are both in car seats come live with me. What SUV can I get that will best fit my needs. I prefer a 4 Cylinder
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    A Mazda 5 will seat six.. and, has a 4-cylinder..

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  • Hello All,

    I'm new to the forum and have a dilemma. I bought a 2011 Kia Sorento about 5 months ago and now....well, I am sort of not thrilled with it. Can't really put my finger on it but the more I drive it, it just seems cheap and not very durable. I had a 1999 Passport with 160,000 miles on it (gave to my mom to replace her 200k Crown Vic) and loved it. I don't see this Kia getting any where near that age. I'm willing to suck it up and trade in the car, have read pretty good things about the RAV4, but I have a question: is the acceleration during passing and merging that much better than the CR-V? I would imagine it is since the RAV4 has a V6 option. My job requires that I make a major relocation every 3-6 months and that usually requires driving around Texas (high speed drivers) and through New Mexico (up and down mountains) I'm also considering a CR-V and maybe an XTerra. All answers and opinions appreciated and sorry so wordy!

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