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Caliber Accessories & Modifications



  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I was only reporting what I had seen first hand regarding
    the chrome grilles on the in stock vehicles.
    When I asked the salesmgr why the RTs had painted griles he
    said they had been ordered that way to fill custom orders.
    If you read it properly yes I said only the SXT
    (non sport)came with the chrome.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Relax dude, this forum layout strikes again! When I said "he doesn't know what he's talking about" I was referring to the orginal posters comment asking if his salesman "knew what he was talking about" not YOU!
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    It's as you said forum layout stikes agn.
    I should have looked closer at the reply line.
    Have a good day and keep on truckin.
  • maryr22maryr22 Posts: 7
    Hello-this is my first post. I'm picking up my Dodge Caliber R/T tonight and have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me with! by the way, I'm SO excited after reading these posts to get my new Caliber! I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee (an Isuzu Rodeo before that) so this will be a change, but a much anticipated one! Anyway, I have been waiting for this car for over 4 weeks and have had some problems with the dealership re: (mis)communication. As a result, they are going to pay for part of a dealership-installed navus navigation system (the one that is $724 on the Mopar website) My question is - do the dealerships pay MSRP on the Mopar navigation systems? That's what I was told by the sales manager when we were talking about price, and it seemed strange to me so I'm checking on here to see if anyone knows the real deal. ANY help would be greatly appreciated so that I can go into the final paperwork "in the know". Thanks in advance all! By the way, in case anyone wants to know price, I am paying $20,000 for the R/T AWD with leather interior group, heated seats, stereo w/6 CD changer, Musicgate,aluminum chrome wheels, sunroof,engine block heater, tonneau cover. I think that's it (steel blue metallic color)-any thoughts on what I paid? thanks!!
  • jetlinerjetliner Posts: 5
    Price looks good, but the navigation system might be a little pricey....the usual Garmin,Tom Tom, Magellen systems are all $100's less. I use a lap top in the car (which the ac outlet is great for). I got a system that hooks into the pc including MS Routes and Trips for about $90.

    My only complaint about the car is it is "road noisy" especially on rough roads. I'm interested in the tonneau, is that a "bra"? If so email me the cost as the car can surely use one!

    Jetliner :shades:
  • maryr22maryr22 Posts: 7
    Hi Jetliner, the tonneau cover is for the rear cargo area - it's a rolling cover to hide stuff you put in the back (looks like a window shade). hmm, interesting re: the nav system price - this one is "advertised" as a cheaper alternative to other navigation systems. I was curious to know if it's true that dealerships pay MSRP for Mopar accessories, which is what the sales manager told me... thanks for your feedback!
  • jetlinerjetliner Posts: 5
    My system is a deluo, google that name and go to their website. is a good comparative shopping site with excellent links for all the "common" name brands.

    Case Logic makes a collapsible tote both with and without cooler section that can go under the tonneau and keep stuff from shifting around. Available Wal-Mart app. $20
  • I have a SXT 2.4 automatic and purchased it 8 weeks ago. I prepaid the cruise control as my car did not come with it. The dealership has told me that they are having trouble with the module that comes with add on cruise. I find this difficult to believe. As yet I do not have an instal date. Anyone with a similar problem?
  • maryr22maryr22 Posts: 7
    Hi, has anyone had the Navus Navigation system installed on their Caliber? I just got mine installed today and have some questions about it. I didn't have a regional map card installed (additional $145) so it's the basic North American system, but I don't know if I need a regional map card in order to get specific address directions - all I'm finding is directions to towns, but not specific addresses. Do I need to buy a regional card to get this?
  • lexan1965lexan1965 Posts: 118
    I bought my 2.0 cvt sxt about 5 months ago and the only thing it did'nt have on it was the cruise. My dealer promised me they would give it to me at cost when they got it in. After i had the car for a month or so I inquired about the cruise control and was told that dodge was not going to have a kit for the cruise anytime soon. This really pissed me off because I drive a lot and am on road trips often. If anybody knows how I can get ahold of a cruise control kit let me know please.
  • Is there a known problem with the cruise control on the US Dodge Caliber's. I took delivery of my Caliber SXT Sport on Auguest 1st and have found the cruise control to me good.

    Going back to the chrome grille thing, I am a little annoyed as the UK spec says the SXT Sport comes with a Chrome Grille as standard however they changed the spec after the brochure was printed. I am in FL in October, does anyone know if I can pic up a US chrome grille to change it on my UK version?

    Very impressed with the Caliber though, much better than the Neon. Hope that we get more US cars coming into the UK!!!
  • dallardallar Posts: 15
    graysebring: I too bought a Caliber w/o cruise and paid the dealer at time of purchase to have it installed. After 3 months of the dealer attempting to get the cruise control from DCX he was told it would not be available for at least 9 months. My car had 2K miles on it. The dealer took the car back and gave me full credit on another Caliber with cruise. Two weeks ago I took my car in for the recall.....the service mgr told me that DCX is till telling them that cruise will not be available until mid year 07, other than factory installed. Good luck.
  • Anybody know what the story is on the ESP option?
    There is no information at the website!
  • guditusguditus Posts: 2
    I've seen a picture or two with the third window (on each side) having a vent type thing. I don't know what they are called but have seen them on Mustangs mostly. I haven't been able to them. Anyone know what I'm talking about and have any idea where to get them?
  • I don't know why anyone would even try to make that window with a vent.It's only about the size of my hand from the inside.I'm just dissapointed that I have to have the windows tinted as an after market item as it wasn't even avail. from Dealer.
  • guditusguditus Posts: 2
    Yeah, I'm very surprised it isn't offered. There must be some sort of reasoning for it cos that's a very common option on most cars. I still haven't gotten mine tinted as of yet. Not completely sure I want to.
  • You can find the rear window vents on the Razzi web site along with the new body kit.
  • I am just about finished putting add-ons on the new Caliber.The only thing left is window tinting.Just posted some pics on my carspace site.Comments appreciated.
  • where did you go for the vent visors and mud guards (prices)?
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I was admiring my black sxt as it sat in the garage and
    realized I should have bought fogs but I've had them
    on my last 2 DCX cars and never used them much at all.
    Having said that I thought they do add to the looks,
    so I popped the removalable cover plates(5 min)and then
    covered them wit that very shiny aluminum foil duct tape.
    Popped them back in and wala makes the front nicer.
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