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Caravan/Voyager Sliding Door Problems



  • mdcnmnmdcnmn Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport and one of my kids in slammed the sliding door open. Now when you open or close the door it makes a loud clicking noise. Plus I cannot use to keyless entry to open it anymore. Does anyone have any idea what has happened and can I fix it myself?
  • judyjewjudyjew Posts: 6
    I bought a 2008 dodge grand caravan fully loaded. I have had problems with the sliding doors opening.It has been a problem since I bought the car.It has been back to the dealership many times with no results.The company told me this is impossible to happen,From the looks of things it is not impossible.They have replaced the computers in the doors,replaced the remote thing that opens,locks,and starts the car,.What can I tell them to do next ,it seems they do not know what to do,I hate this car!! Is there anything anyone can tell me that would help.thanks. :sick:
  • mainemommainemom Posts: 1
    Hi, went out to eat lunch with the family, came back to the 2008 van and saw the door wide open. Thank goodness our sweet dog was curled up on the seat and did not jump out. The sliding door will work as long as several hours and all of a sudden AWAY WE GO!! Slider will not stop. Never saw anything like this before.
  • judyjewjudyjew Posts: 6
    I think they have finally found out it is the key that is doing it,It is sending a signal to the doors to open.Have them replace the key fob.Now my new problem is that sometimes when I pull into my drive way and go to shut my car off , it wont shut off and the key wont come out.It has happened twice now .Also I have 15,000 miles on it and they are telling me I need front breaks.this car sucks.
  • my car is the car from hell, after hundreds of complaints from the doors opening by themself, to the car not shutting off, to the key not coming out of the car, the shift button sticking in, the seat base braking and putting new brakes in at 15,000 miles.The company is telling me that there is nothing wrong with this car, and that the doors are opening because someone is pushing the button to open them. I am suprised that my dog who is a mutt, has learned how to climb on the table and put the right button to open my doors. It seems he must be obsessed with doing this because it happens every day some times all day long. I think I will rent him out to people who people who cant open there doors.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,269
    Sounds like it is time to read up on your state's lemon law....
  • I have a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport,and the power sliding on the right side is hard to open by hand,it works fine using the power. What I need to know is if there is a clutch in the motor to let it be opened by hand,and if so can it be fixed without replacing the motor.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A fairly common problem...

    The disengagement clutch between the track gearing and the motor has failed. Unfortunately the motor and the clutch assembly are manufactured as a single unit and that is how they're sold. I bought mine from a couple of years ago for a hundred and change (I don't remember exactly). The installation is a two-beer job with only a couple of skinned knuckles. ;)

    Best regards,
  • tl4tl4 Posts: 1
    2004 T&C drivers side power sliding door won't open by hand.

    It unlatches and open maybe 1/8 - 1/4 inch but cannot open by hand any farther - seems stuck or unlatched but has "popped".

    If I try to force it sometimes I can get it to go but very hard to slide.

    It will open and close under power seemingly fine. Just concerned it will go completely and want to fix it now.
  • js98js98 Posts: 2
    2000 Dodge Grand Caravan ES

    Hi, My Dodge Caravan ES driver side slider door won't open at all, it seems stuck in place. I have tried really hard to open it and need answers. Can you help me?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    It sounds like the interlock for the gas cap is broken. These vans have a safety locking mechanism to prevent opening the driver's side door when the gas lid is open.
  • Where is the interlock for the gas cap? Can I fix it I know a little about repairs.
  • fatcat44fatcat44 Posts: 4
    The right side door on my 2005 dodge grand caravan quit operating electrically, and recently, the left side quit operating, too. The left one will open by pull away from the van, but then it will not slide open. Also, when you close it manually, it pull itself tight. the right side electric system does not work at all. Any thoughts. I am thinking a broken wire on the left, and a short on the right, that the computer picked up on, and will not allow the right door to open.

    Any help here would be appreciated.
  • judyjewjudyjew Posts: 6
    i tried the lemon law but the said there was nothing they could do. I need to get another dodge garage to confirm it does that but it never does it when the garage has it. Only where ever I go , grocery store. in my driveway, at the drop in senior center.but not at the garage at least that is what they are telling me.
  • fatcat44fatcat44 Posts: 4
    I found a website on fixing the electric on the sliding door. It even has pictures.
  • fatcat44fatcat44 Posts: 4
    I found the answer and have found a link to the description on how to fix it, and a video that shows it, also.
  • mrgrey13mrgrey13 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue. It won't open with the key button or the button inside the van or the by the door. It starts but then just unlatches. It will open by hand very easily and slides well. I thought it was fuse issue first. I checked but the fuse is fine. The passenger side will open but slides rough by hand. Any info that anyone can pass along would be great.
  • mrgrey13mrgrey13 Posts: 2
    This looks pretty good!!!!
  • js98js98 Posts: 2
    The Mechanism is inside the rear well of the drivers side slider door. There is a pin that allows the door to pop open, but not slide out. Me and my father just replaced ours a couple months ago on our 2000 dodge grand caravan es... You need to take the interior trim piece out and take the interlock out from the inside of the door. the most likely problem is that the door was slammed shut so hard that the pin that holds the door went past the cavity that it is supposed to rest in. This was the case with our Caravan. You will also need to put at least 3 washers on the top two bolts connecting the mechanism to the door well to ensure that this won't happen again. Good Luck!
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