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Caravan/Voyager Sliding Door Problems



  • fatcat44,
    You rock! Two doors up in an hour and that was with a trip to the store to buy 25 cents worth of connectors. The U tube was the clincher, ninja & good show, A.
  • zlitz52zlitz52 Posts: 2
    the new link does not appear to work. can you check it and see if it works from your end. Thanks
  • zlitz52zlitz52 Posts: 2
    Finally found the info. no need to repost. Thanks
  • calvery25calvery25 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Dodge Caraven NOT GRAND 3.3 engine my sliding door one day would not unlock with my key tried to pull the lock up and would not budge.I have no warrenty or money to take to garage trying to fix it myself.I would welcome any ideas.
  • Hi JS98,

    I've been searching online for a solution for my problem and I run into your post here but I just need to confirm if this is the same symptom. I have a 2007 Dodge caravan which works great until last week. I would be driving and I just notice the dome light is on and I come to find out that the drive side sliding door pop open but not slide open just pop open. so I stop and get out and slide it closed again. Once the van started moving it poped open again and the dome light turns on. It sounded like your door pin you replaced. Would you mind emailing me at and let me know how to fix it. I would greatly appreciate it. I tried googling it but I can't seem to find a step by step how to replace that pin. Thank you much for your help.
  • I used to love my Town & Country van until 30 days ago. The first indication was not being able to open the van with the key fob. Assumed a dead battery. My husband rescued me with his key fob and low and behold my fob started what I thought was a dead car. Two batteries later and a couple of visits to dealership asking about short in wiring and no resolution, we put new batteries in the key fobs. My van would not let me in again. Started fine a half hour later. This is when I noticed the clock on the radio was 2 hours off. Got home and the slider on the passenger side opened on its own and then the hazard light came on for two clicks and then off, two clicks and then off, all while my door opened and closed. I started the van again and everything stopped.
    Turned off the engine and locked the van. Started walking away and the driver side door unlocked and then the slider started up again and so did the hazard lights. I do believe this has been the cause of my dead or weak battery. Came home the other day and the slider was open too. Sometimes my fob works, sometimes not. If I wait, it usually turns on all of the lights on the dash and will start. One time I could not get the Fob out or turn off the van. I did change out the battery. Going back in to the shop tomorrow because I can't take clients in a car that may or may not let us in, turn on or off or will have a slider door that we can't secure. We've disconnect the battery on occasion because who knows what the car is doing when we aren't looking. HELP!
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