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Dodge Charger: Real World MPG



  • todd7todd7 Posts: 16
    So far I'm averaging 13-15mpg in the city and a high of 23mpg on the highway. Given the performance of this car, I'm satisfied with that
  • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! Im glad you said it I was thinking same thing!
    I enjoy my R/T, very much!
  • I commute about 65 miles a day, gas mileage is important.

    Best real world highway mileage???
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Sorry for such a late reply. Straight highway in my 2008 RT with the R&T package I get about 22-24 MPG doing 75-80mph. When I drive mostly city I see about 13 mpg. My wife gets about 15-16 mpg with more of a combined city/highway commute (and probably less of a lead foot).
  • We took our 2006 SRT8 to Cali from PHX in 08 and drove it on the I-1 or PCH and got a surprising 25 mpg for the whole trip. In town my wife and I are getting about 18 mpg. Of course when I get in it drops to about 17.8 mpg. But thats not bad ether. The figures are not calculated using the fill up tank method, these numbers come from the display in the dash. Pay caution though for whoever does read these numbers, if you leave the key in the acc position the mpg readout will drop as if the car were on and you were parked. Perhaps Chrysler corrected this after 06. So far we love this car. I was a little disappointed with the cheap plastic but after purchasing a 2008 Malibu, I now know what real cheap plastic is. The blinker switch is in the wrong location, too bad Chrysler couldn't move it up 2 inches.
  • jagon91jagon91 Posts: 1
    I really don't see how y'all are getting the mpg's like y'all are. I will drive like the most fuel efficient person in the world and still only get a max of 20.4 hwy. I have done everything to raise the mpgs but nothing works at all. I am ready to just give it up and buy something else... I didn't buy it for fuel economy but if i am getting the same mpgs as a v8 i would love to have the power that goes with it!!! :mad:
  • Try resetting it before each trip...if you haven't already.
  • This was just a test drive, but the results I got were amazing.
    2012 Charger SE 3.6/8-speed. I accidentally reset the MPG meter just as we got off the interstate. Over about four miles in town including a couple of stoplights, it showed 32 MPG.
    The meter on my 200 is usually one to two MPG optimistic, even so, this was impressive. I'd like to see if it's repeatable.
    At 60 MPH, the tach showed 1300. That's 46 MPH/1000 RPM in top gear. I bet this is one impressive cruiser.
  • rico1217rico1217 Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about buying a SXT with the 3.6 engine, 8 speed transmission and AWD. Does anyone have any updated information regarding gas mileage that I can expect with this configuration?
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    Drove 150 miles roundtrip in my 2011 R/T AWD Charger from Rochester, NY to Buffalo and back. Going out I averaged 24.9mpg with a crosswind and 85F temperature. Coming back I averaged 28mpg with no wind and 91F temperature. Cruise control was set to 74mph both times. My car is modified with a K&M CAI. This is the best gas mileage I have seen so far.
  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    Can you give us an update? What are you getting for gas MPG with your 3.6, 8 speed?
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