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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Tires & Wheels



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Any tire shop should have no trouble hooking up the sensors to the new rims. They change tires and rims everyday.

    The OEM Goodyears have a quiet ride but that is about it. I think any aftermarket tire will be better in the snow. If you get a lot of snow, the Blizzaks will do you well. Smart move.
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    "Any tire shop should have no trouble hooking up the sensors to the new rims. They change tires and rims everyday."- dtownfb

    dtownfb, I wasn't clear in explaining that I have two sets of rims with sensors all installed; my original '04 set and a "newer" set of '06 rims aquired at a junkyard. The issue is that fact that the '06 sensors need to be calibrated to work with the computer and read out the pressures on my '04 van. Hopefully the dealer or someone can easily fix this. The tire pressure readout is a convenient feature on this van, and I've grown spoiled using it. It saved me once already, detecting a slow leak that we had on one tire due to a nail we were carrying around in the tread.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    225-65-16 tire will be standard on Chrysler/Dodge van. So, we will have more choice later of the year!
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    "225-65-16 tire will be standard on Chrysler/Dodge van. So, we will have more choice later of the year!"-carzzz

    That's good news, carzzz, and explains the other choices now available. With a volume like the Chrysler vans, it won't be long and there'll be tons of choices!
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    I'm not sure that just because Chrysler/dodge has decided to use it that it will mean more choices. Nissan has a good thing going having only 1 size tire available for the Quest and Goodyear making the tire has a good thing going being the only maker of it. Perhaps other manufacturers might decide to make that size or Chrysler/dodge owners will be in the same boat as the rest of us.

    I absolutely hate the Goodyear 225/65/16 tire. Very expensive, rated for only 30,000 miles. They are hard to balance as well as it usually takes the dealer two or three tries before they get it right and only if they "road force" ballance them. The balance problems usually appear to be manufacturer inconsistancies as I have one of them right now not that old but out of specs for roundness.

    Hopfully though another manufacturer will start making the tire. I'll never buy anything with the name Goodyear on it again.
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    "I'm not sure that just because Chrysler/dodge has decided to use it that it will mean more choices."- garycox
    Gary, check, in addition to the present crappy Goodyear tires, 225-65-16 tires are now also available in General, Yokohama, and Michelin. All I can guess is that maybe these companies saw the Chrysler request and the potential volume made it cost effective for them to produce this size. This is great news for us Quest owners.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I still don't think you will have a problem. When I replaced my tires on my 2004 Quest, I asked the service manager (Tires Plus) about the tire pressure monitoring sensor. He said they were trained to handle these sensors since they are very common on today's vehicles. If you have any doubts, simply ask before they do the work. I would be shocked if a tire shop cannot handle this.
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    I called another Nissan dealer yesterday and they said they could calibrate the 2006 sensors to my 2004 computer for $34.95. They weren't sure if I would lose calibration for the 2004 sensors, though. I'll try a regular tire shop to see what they say about it all.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    Our van Quest 05 SE has ~21.5K, and it looks like the OEM tires may have to be replaced @30K. I have a few questions and would like to have some feedbacks.
    First, some of you mentioned about putting the Yokohama Avid TRZ. On TireRack website, some Quest owners said so, but one of them although started out having a good impression said that he later experienced problems with these TRZ, almost to the point of regretting to buy it. If you have them, please give me some long-term feedback.
    Second, I also saw that Pirelli P4 can also replace the 17 inc OEM on my Quest. Anyone has experience with them so far?
    I'm also interested to hear about other brands if you have them. Reviews on tirerack website tends to be a bit a mix of positive and negative, and of course includes many car companies so it's a bit hard to get a good feeling for what tire may work or not on my van.
  • Look at BFG Traction TA's.
  • joe148joe148 Posts: 1
    I recently researched tires via and comments from this site and decided on the Kuhmo Solus KH-16 in the 235/60 16 size. It's a 60000 or 70000 mile tire. We just came back from vaction and put 2000 mi. on them so far and I'm most pleased with performance/ride and at a great price. HUGE difference over OE. I didn't order from tirerack; I found a local independent dealer who ordered and installed. 4 tires for about $365 out the door.
  • keltobkeltob Posts: 1
    First, thanks to everyone on this forum--I needed new tires for my 04 Quest and this discussion was very helpful. When I finally talked to a dealer, I learned that Yokohama now makes tires in the size recommended for my vehicle (225/65-16). Judging from the comments here, I was lucky that my tires held out to 52,000 miles, but they definitely have to go now!
  • rstiefrstief Posts: 2
    What kind of a price did they quote you?
    I was looking around yesterday and Walmart quoted me for the 225/65/16 eagles $135. plus tax and mounting. And $128 for the Michlen MXV plus everything.

    Another place quoted me Toyo 225/65-16 $130 plus tax but included mounting.
    So I am still looking. I do have 45000 on this 04 Quest and so far haven't had any brake problems.
  • rstiefrstief Posts: 2
    Has anybody ever heard of this brand? I think they are made in Korea. I see they are selling the 225/65-16 for $380 shipped from Florida.
    Was wondering anybody had any experience with them.
  • Got my 235-60-16" Blizzak tires ($82 each from Tire Rack) mounted up on steel wheels today, without the tire pressure sensors. Looking forward to trying them in snow this winter.
  • Installed the snow tires on our '04 Quest yesterday, they ride very nice with no interference issues. Handling in the snow should be interesting. Also, I'm noticing more and more variety of the 225-65-16 tire available on . Putting this odd size on the Chrysler minivan really seems to have inspired the tire makers. :) I'm really looking forward to getting rid of those awful Goodyear LS2's. :mad:
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I am planning to order a set of Winterforce with size 215/70R16, and i am not going to get a TPMS. How do you disable the system?
  • carzzz, what people have been generally using for the '04+ Quest is 235-60-16 for a suitable replacement.

    On our '04, I run no TPMS for the snow tires and the monitor shows nothing but ** for each tire pressure. No need to disable anything.
  • I ran 235-60-16 on a set of alloy chryser wheels I bought for $75 last winter. I think they came off an Avenger. NO TPM's and like exploder said just a bunch of ***. It is really nice not having to swap tires & wheels at $50 a whack.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    Thank you!
    I have heard that narrower tires have better traction during snow, and also see tirerack recommended size 215/70R16. I am going to try narrower tires. It should do a lot better then OEM.
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