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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • Keep up the good work!
  • My 2007 CR-V AC suffered "Black Death" with less than 35,000 miles on it. The dealership refused to do anything stating that I should have bought an extended warranty. My husband and I both own a Honda, but if they don't take care of this, it will be the last one I ever own.
    The reason I bought a Honda was because I thought they made a quality product or at least stood behind their product. They have offered to pay $600 toward the bill, but in my case, the entire system had to be replaced due to their faulty part.
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    Mine has been replaced three times.....THREE!!! The last episode left me stranded on the freeway for hours with my autistic grandson. I am so fed up, and with summer fast approaching, wonder if my air will work this summer, or leave me stranded again. Financially, I cannot afford to fix it again. I guess if it does, I will have to trade cars and it won't be another Honda.
  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    I have a 2011 CRV that in two years has been in five times for poor cooling performance on the AC. Last time it was in they did the recall on the clutch. Each time they tell me it is working properly and each time I tell them when it gets over 75deg and sunny the car will not cool down. It seems to start out good and cold when I turn it on, put after about ten minutes is just looses the good cold flow and is cool but not cold like it needs to run so the car never cools down no matter how long or how hard I run it.

    I am thinking either a problem still exists in the cycle of the compressor or it is just under designed.

    Is this a common problem ?

  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited April 2013
    Most shops do not vacuum the moisture out of the system for long enough because time is money. Often they only get 5 min of vacuum when they should have upwards of 2 hours. Naturally care has to be taken when undoing equipment to preserve that dried internal system environment. Any amount of moisture whatsoever in the system will contaminate the new refrigerant and make it cool less efficiently.

    Also, very important to install a NEW dryer canister whenever A/C parts are replaced. This helps keep internal moisture at a minimum. They do not cost a lot considering how important it is.

    Next, make sure there is not too much refrigerant being put back in. If the shops A/C tool centre, has extra long hoses, then that extra length might be contributing to over charging. That is a bad as under charging.

    I am not an expert, but from what I do understand, it sounds like you have an expansion valve that is freezing, hence the nice cold air at the beginning. Or even the evaporator may be freezing up. Is there an excessive amount of dripping water after the car has been turned off for an hour or so in 80¼ weather? And then if you start car A/C will blow cold again for a bit? An icing evaporator will do this and also if you seem to not have as much air flow coming into the car...because the ice is literally plugging the evaporator veins.

    Also make sure the fans that pull air through the condenser are cycling with the compressor. If they are not working then in stop and go trips, when u come to stop, air will not be cold as when you start to drive again getting air through the condenser.

    But it could be other reasons too..

    edit- also..."5 times" - insist on having a DIFFERENT tech address this issue. The original guy could be doing the same wrong things over and over, or lack knowledge.
  • mada4mada4 Posts: 1
    I may be in the same boat, my 2008 CRV is at the dealer now with A/C not working. Has anyone repaired this themselves? Ive read that the entire system needs replaced, has anyone attempted this? Im just considering all my options. I have 110,000 miles so I'm even outside the extended warranty for the A/C system.
  • jimw18jimw18 Posts: 1
    You are correct. Honda not customer service orientated. I also had a problem with my 2004 Honda CRV compressor. I had an extended warranty which paid for a new compressor. The extended warranty through Honda cost me $1,200. I am part of the class action lawsuit against Honda for their compressor problems. Now Honda won't pay anything because I purchased the extended warranty. By the way I also own a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai really takes care of their customers. I will never buy another Honda product again. Honda's quality and service after the sale really stinks.
  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    The freon has been taken out three times in the first year. Mostly to fix leaks, could be moisture in the system but I am not getting water dripping off after shut down.

    Honda ran a test on it last time and went through the report with me. They claim all is with in. Specs. All I could tell the guy is if the car sits in the sun you can drive it for two hours and it will not cool down so either you under designed the system or it is not working properly under demand

    Honestly not sure I feel like fighting with Honda any more about it. I am going back to Fords the reliability gap does not favor the Japan made cars any more
  • sissytoosissytoo Posts: 21
    I hold my breath every time I turn mine on, afraid it isnt going to work. Has been fixed three times. Had it fixed once, new system installed which immediately went bad and had to be replaced again, then two years later, after locking up and leaving me stranded on the freeway. I love this car, but won't buy another. Can't afford to keep doing this expensive repair.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Not sure Ford is going to be any better than Honda in that regard. See link. But besides that...pick ANY issue Honda has ever had whether it be auto trans, A/C, too sensitive air bag name it...Ford has done it all and more.

    As you can see, Ford too have had their issues with what is known as Black Death. This is the same symptom that takes out the CRV A/C systems. It is why the entire system needs to be replaced or the contamination just re-contaminates the new parts that were replaced and the cycle starts all over again.
  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    After three months, speaking to 12 people, and having me submit documentation of repairs numerous times I was told Honda would not reimburse me for my repairs. My husband and I test drove the 2013 CRVs and are both in the market for new cars. I was all set to purchase that day, but I wanted to see if they stood behind their product. After speaking to three or four managers, each of them telling me there was nothing wrong with the CRV a/c, I realize THEY DON'T stand behind their product, so I they lost two sales. I will NEVER buy another Honda.
  • rugglesbrugglesb Posts: 1
    My 2010 CR-V, even brand new, never "wowed" me with the AC performance. So, when I got the letter about the compressor clutch warranty extension, it made me wonder. Sure enough, the first warm spell of the spring came, and my AC would not blow cold air, so I took it in to the dealership (with my extension warranty letter in tow) only to be told that the problem was not the compressor clutch, but the evaporator and expansion valve that would cost $945. Is it me, or does this seem a little too coincidental? Looks like a scam, quacks like a scam....anybody else been given this all too profitable answer from a Honda dealership?
  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    Consider yourself lucky if you have only had to replace a couple parts. Honda will tell you it's anything just so they don't have to spend a few dollars to make it right and admit fault. They don't realize that they would have happy continued loyalty instead of angry disgruntled one time customers.
  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    Mine is essentially the same story.
    1st time was 2mo after I bought it new in 2011. It had less than 5#'s in it they claimed it was low from the factor I sad BS it has a leak.

    2mo later I take it back in and demand they take the freon back out sure enough down to 5# again. they put die in it and tell me the fill valve is leaking.

    2mo later back in 5# again, oh the valve is still leaking.

    Now it is winter. next summer take it back in they claim it is full show me a fancy test as tell me it works fine. I say BS to the service manager.

    3mo later I get a clutch recall notice, take it in sure enought the clutch is all most completly burned up they agree to replace it.

    Still does not get very cold.

    I don't hate Honda's they are a low cost low thrill car. But what it does confirm for me is that a Ford truely has caught and passed Honda in over all quality, which is more than a low price. Drive a new Excape, it is just a better vehicle than a Honda for the price. Buy American, the Honda's are nto better any more.
  • chantal714chantal714 Posts: 6
    UGH! So FRUSTRATING! How can they ignore every person that is having an issue with the A/C system?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    edited June 2013

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  • Just got off phone with Honda about my Ac in my 2007 crv- The jerk I spoke to denies Honda ever having class action suit against them for Ac problems. Right now im looking at approx. 2600 to 3,000 for ac repair. Im so beyond words with Honda... This guy talked to me like im stupid.
  • I revived a letter a couple of months ago from Honda in Torrance, CA. I filled out the claim for $900+ and sent it in. Two weeks later I got a check for $617. That us $617 more than I thought I would get. Had to verify that the car had less than 100,000 miles when the clutch went out. I have a 2007 CRV. I had to buy the compressor and clutch from a third party as Honda did not have any on the east coast when mine went out. Not totally satisfied but a lot more happy about the ending than I was.

    Call Honda in Torance, CA they are the ones handling these claims. :D
  • oldbearcatoldbearcat Posts: 165
    I just took my 2010 CRV to the dealer as well because of poor A/C performance. They checked it out and told me the system was performing to specifications, and, there's nothing wrong with it. They didn't charge me anything, but, it convinced me that this will probably be my last Honda. I'm tired of cooking when I sit in traffic in the Summer.

  • dvickersdvickers Posts: 5
    I had my clutch replaced on my 2011 CRV and it still does not get cold like it should.

    I am a bit tired of going to meetings dripping because my car will not cool down if it sat in the sun.

    I hate to say this but I am thinking serously about just dumping it and buying a new Escape and admit I bought it because it was cheap and I got what I paid for.
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