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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I test drove a 2000 tonight however the timing belt needs to be replaced. I checked into it and it would cost $600.00 at the dealer. This is a private party sale. I don't really want to get into this.

    Timing belt replacement is part of regular maintenance. If you avoid buying vehicle solely because they need to be maintained, I have some news for you. They all require oil changes, filter changes, fluid replacements, and a miriad of other items checked or replaced on the regular basis.

    The A/C problem is only affecting Gen 2 CR-V (2002-2004) and possibly some Gen 2.5 (2005 - 2006).

    Gen 1 (1997-1998) and Gen 1.5 (1999-2001) are not affected by the A/C problem.
  • wlttxwlttx Posts: 3
    By the way, my 2001 HAS been affected by the air conditioning problem (and I've been talking back and forth with them for almost 2 years now--still nothing. I couldn't afford to fix it then, couldn't even afford the mandatory "take it to the dealer to verify" charge, and still can't afford to fix it now). It's still a safety issue (de-fogging windows,...) and a potential health issue (Texas=hot)
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    If you know the timeing belt needs to be changed and it costs $600 try and get the seller to pay for this or at least use this in negations. You should at least be able to get them to eat 1/2 of the cost. Unless a car has a timeing chain the belt will have to be replaced at some point, and if you don't and it breaks it could be alot more than $600.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "The A/C problem is only affecting Gen 2 CR-V (2002-2004) and possibly some Gen 2.5 (2005 - 2006).

    Gen 1 (1997-1998) and Gen 1.5 (1999-2001) are not affected by the A/C problem."

    My father-in-law's Gen 1 blew the compressor last month.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I still remember the letter to the local auto writers column a year or two ago. A Volvo owner's AC compressor had blown about a month after his warranty was up. Volvo said "sorry" and he had to pay.

    Like any mechanical part an AC compressor can go bad. Honda has been more than benevelont (replacing it for an owner who bought the vehicle used!!).

    My father-in-law's Gen 1 blew the compressor last month.

    And it was at least seven year's old. When does the statute run out in your mind?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "And it was at least seven year's old. When does the statute run out in your mind?"

    Nope, it wasn't 7 years old, it was still under the 7/100K extended warranty - so no cost to my father-in-law to repair.

    A blanket statement had been made that the problem does not apply to Gen 1. My post was point out that compressor failure DOES happen to Gen 1.

    While a part can go bad, what happened caused metal parts to go all over the A/C system. Sound familiar?
  • ldp2ldp2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Honda CRV that I purchased from an individual. It had 35K miles when I purchased it two years ago. With no prior warning or strange sounds, a loud "pop" was heard while driving it. My daughter, who was driving, thought a tire had blown out. She pulled over to check, and noticed the a/c was now blowing warm air. I took to a local repair facility that specializes in Hondas. The repairman said he had seen this type of problem before and the compressor had literally exploded. He pulled a large piece of metal out from under the hood. He quoted a minimum of $1300 to replace the entire a/c system, as metal shavings had been sucked into the hoses. I searched the internet for similar problems with the CRV and found this site. I called Honda Customer Service and was given a "case number" and told to take it to the local dealer for a diagnosis. I did, and the diagnosis was correct. Honda replaced the entire a/c system and paid 80% of the repairs. My portion was $457. I asked Honda how the percentage of payment was determined, and they said it was based on the year of the vehicle and mileage. This a/c system is warrantied for 12 months. I am so glad I found this site. I could have been out of pocket way more than $457.
  • life_is2life_is2 Posts: 5
  • bengalscotbengalscot Posts: 1
    I experienced the compressor failure (02 Crv with 101,000 miles) in July 07. I took it to First Team Honda, Chesapeake, VA, as well as contacting Honda Customer Service regarding Goodwill warranty replacement. Honda ending up paying for all parts and I paid for labor ($440). Just a couple of days ago, compressor blew again, this time blowing metal shards throughout system, basically requiring a total rebuild of AC system (about $2k). Honda is going to cover all under the 12 month/12,000 mile parts warranty, with no hassle. The service manager at First Team is awesome!!
  • robjdrobjd Posts: 2
    I hope this finds you all well, in good spirit and having a good day.

    I too have recently experienced the catastrophic compressor failure that seems to have plagued numerous other CR-V owners. My wife has a 2003 CR-V with 72K miles and a few days ago it suddenly stopped blowing cold air and begin blowing warm air instead. I called Honda America first and started a case number and then took it to a dealership to have it diagnosed. As with many others, the compressor had seized before shattering and destroying the entire A/C system. I have been quoted a replacement cost of $3600 which, with the special breaks from Honda America, will be discounted down to approximately $2500. I have also been made an offer for them to pick up 75% of the tab so that I would pay only $671 to have the air conditioner back in working order.

    While this may seem generous on the surface, it in fact is an attempt by Honda to get their customers to pay for their design flaw while at the same time denying the FACT that it is a design flaw. A system where one component (in this case the compressor) destroys the entire system is a flawed design. The fact that this type of failure is almost unheard of--except for the CR-V--is further proof that the design is flawed. My point is simple; this is not an issue of normal "wear and tear" where the manufacturer and consumer share the liability based on age and mileage; this is clearly a design error. There is NOTHING that the consumer could do, through proper maintenance, etc. to avoid the problem and for many it has been a recurring problem.

    I have spoken to someone at Honda America already since the 75% offer was made and tried to kindly share with them that the problem was really 100% their fault so they should really feel 100% responsible for the repair. Why would they wish to punish their customers for trusting in their products? Not only does that not make sense, it is unjust and unfair.

    If anyone has been successful in being fully and fairly compensated for their CR-V compressor failure please let me know. Unless people are willing to fight for what is just and fair, others will suffer. Hopefully Honda will come to this understanding soon and do the right thing. Time will tell.

    Peace be upon you all,
  • jpcanaverajpcanavera Posts: 33
    Rob, while technically you are correct, under most cases the help many of us are getting is clearly after the warranty on the vehicles expires. Unless someone is going after this on a class action mode, Honda could easily turn their collective backs to us.

    What I do find strange though is the variance of costs to fix the problem. My compressor blew at 88,000 miles on my '02 CRV. The thing sounded like someone threw marbles in it. Bottom line the local dealership charged $1,600 to make the repairs. My problem is I did this before going to Honda America, who settled with me by paying parts with me picking up labor. It was a 50/50 split of the bill. If I had contacted them first I would have probably gotten a better deal since they could have gotten a better labor rate from the dealer in advance.

    What I don't understand though is the wide variance in repair costs. My failure sounds about the same as most, where the internal components of the compressor fly apart. Why should there be such large variances in dealer repair costs. I understand labor changes per location but heck why should your dealer repair cost 100% more than mine (keeping in mind that I paid for the repairs before contacting Honda America)???

    If I had any beefs with Honda, the repair cost should be consistant at each dealership, allowing some adjustment due to labor rate contracts.

  • chrismattachrismatta Posts: 19
    I dont understand the variance either, except that I believe each dealership is its own entity to some degree and can negotiate independently on how much they pick up.
    My 'or CRV compressor blew well past the warranty, and thanks to this forum I first called Honda Corporate, composed a 'nice, firm letter from a loyal Honda customer', faxed a copy to corporate, and a copy to the Service Manager at my Dealership, and THEN brought the car in. I think this sequence helped.
    In the end, Honda paid the whole thing, 100%. I was pleasantly shocked.
  • kisseypookisseypoo Posts: 29
    Rob, You may want to check out my experiences and final resolution with Honda re A/C on my CRV. Read msgs. #668, 670 and 679 which I posted previously relating my saga...not only with A/C but with rear differential also.

    Hope this helps.

    Kissey Poo
  • robjdrobjd Posts: 2
    Thank-you for your reply KP, and I will check out your posts.

    Regarding the rear differential, I was quoted $250 to change the hydraulic fluid out which I did myself in about 20 minutes for $20.

    I would like to share with everyone on this forum that after several days of discussing this issue with Honda America, I was finally offered an agreement that they would cover all but $100 of the cost of replacing the entire system. This agreement came with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, which I hope will not be needed. Hopefully the new compressor is an upgrade to the previous one that seized and exploded.

    While it would have been better if the offer would have been their initial offer, I am pleased that they are willing to stand behind their product and treat me as a valued customer. There are very few companies left that will do either anymore.

    Peace be upon you,
  • kisseypookisseypoo Posts: 29
    Glad you had some success w/Honda re: a/c compressor. Yes, Honda Corporate does stand behind it's product...the dealer is another story in most cases.

    You may want to check out Rear Differential Problems on this forum. We have had two similar problems on our '02 CRV (4WD) within 3000 miles! See post #98 under Rear Differential Problems. There have been two service bulletins issued by Honda regarding this problem. The second one was later in 2007. If you should have a repeat problem and don't want to take the time or spend the money to correct the problem yourself (or if you just want to see what Honda service does to correct the problem), go to the link mentioned in Post #98. Hope you've solved both your problems for good.
  • I am totally in agreement with Robjd. I had the compressor go out on my 2004 CRV in June of 07 at which time it was replaced under an extended warranty. Now today they are telling me that it has gone out again but only due to the condensor cooling fan assembly. On the surface that seems like a good answer but the symptoms are EXACTLY like what happened before. I can see it a mile away that they are going to charge me for the fan. The condensor is going to go out in another month or so and then they are going to tell me I am out of warranty on the 12K/12month replacement part warranty. In addition the transmission has failed 2 times over the same period. It is sad that Honda is asking me to foot the bill on something that they clearly did not perform enough R&D on. I WILL NEVER buy another Honda again and if I can influence others to stay away I will.

    I have opened a case with honda and will see where that lands me. If I dont get the satisfaction I am looking for, which is 100% coverage of the work they did just 1year ago. I would definitely be open to any action that can be brought against this :lemon builder.
  • kisseypookisseypoo Posts: 29
    Lemondriver: You may want to check out my previous posts on this forum: #668, 670 and 679. We had the second compressor quit after less than a year and got parts compensation from the dealer and labor compensation from Honda Corporate. Also got compensation for second Rear Differential repair 3 months after the previous one! Perhaps reading about our experience will be helpful.

    Good luck! And please, post your results.

  • We just had the compressor failure two weeks ago. Upon looking for the cost of a compressor online, we found this forum, and were armed with how to go about getting the problem solved. My CRV is an '02 with 107,000 miles. I created a case with Honda Customer care, then called the local dealer. They couldn't get my car in for 10 days, and when I took it in, I made them aware that I know of the compressor problems. I will pick up the car today, but the district svc mgr could only give me a 10% break, citing the number of miles on the car. Total for parts and labor is almost $1100 after the 10%. I then relayed this to Customer Care, who will now work with the dealership to sort out and see what they can do. I bought my first honda from this same dealer in 1981, and currently own 2 hondas.

    We'll see what happens, they are supposed to get back to me by tomorrow.
  • lynnerklynnerk Posts: 2
    My AC went out in my 2004 (113000 miles) 2 weeks ago. I had the Honda Care extended warranty, but that expired a few months ago. I was in DC at the time with 102 degree heat..and had to drive back to Indiana without. I had a mechanic look at the car while I was in DC but had no repair, just wanted to make sure the car was safe to drive.

    Anyway, I wanted to research cost and came upon this forum..thank goodness..It would have never occurred to me to contact Honda. Which I did immediately and then took it from there.

    I did mention what I was finding on the Internet. No one is disputing the issues with AC, however, no one is admitting to them either.

    So far, everyone has been extremely polite, and I received a call from Honda America today to tell me that they are still working on "Goodwill" assistance. Now, luckily, my compressor did not "implode", their word, not mine. However, while they know the clutchh/coil assembley is bad, they have no idea if the compressor is working until the assembly gets fixed, so I think they are trying to determine how to handle the 2 different scenerios. Sadly, I'm wanting 100%..which I doubt I get..but we'll see. I've owned Hondas since I started buying cars in 1985, all new, and all serviced well. My last 3 Hondas have been with the same dealer.

    I'm hoping for the best ! :)
  • bedilbedil Posts: 11
    I have a 2003 Cr-v with 43,000 miles on it. Last week the air conditioner just quit working. Since 1987 I have owned nothing but Hondas and Acuras. I have sworn by every one until my CR-V. I have not been 100% satisfied with my CR-V. I am on the 4th set of tires since I purchased the car as well as my air conditioner going out. The fabric on the driver side back door has been hanging for months now. This happened on the passenger side within the first year I had the car. That was fixed under warranty.About a year ago I was driving and I heard a popping sound. I thought I had a blowout so I pulled over. Everything looked fine so I figured that I may have run over something. I told my husband about it and he just gave me the look. Well later that week it did the same thing while he was driving it. We immediately took it to the Honda dealership but they could not duplicate the problem. I was afraid to drive the car for a while but I eventually got over it. The finish on the steering wheel has worn off as well. I emailed the service manager at my dealership regarding the air conditioner. He replied asking me to call his cellphone at my earliest convenience. After reading the postings I'm not sure whether to contact Honda America or return his call. Our household consists of a 2002 Acura RSX, a 2002 Civic and a 1996 Accord. We maintain the vehicles and they all are fantastic. My car is the newest and I drive the least. Where do I go from here?
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