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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • jwpt03jwpt03 Posts: 3
    first-time post here. I didn't know about this issue with the CR-V until my AC went out Saturday, 05/30/2009. I work as a Home Health Nurse here in Las Vegas and everything was fine until I was finished visiting my 2nd patient and after turning the AC on, warm air started coming out. It was working just fine after I left home and after my 1st patient. I never heard any clunking or noise or any other warning signs. Since it's a Saturday, I waited to have it fixed today, Monday 06-01-2009 and after waiting 2.5 hrs from the dealership, was told about the problem and that it would cost me $2850 to have it fixed! I just had the HEPA and engine filters replaced a month ago. After refusing to have it done today, I immediately went home and researched about any similar problems related to my 03 CRV. And here I went, found this forum and was very shocked to find out about AC compressor problem with the car I thought was indestructible. I called the 1-800 number and was given a case# and was told to wait for 1-2 business days to get a response from the Regional Service Supervisor. Was polite and calm talking to them. Am hoping to get a good news (which may be unlikely) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is just a bummer! Never had my 03 CRV touched by any repair shop except for Honda dealerships and never missed a beat with scheduled maintenance either. I have 77,780 miles on my car since 09-2003.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Please keep us updated and let us know what they tell you.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • meridgemeridge Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 CR-V and my compressor also seized up and failed two weeks ago. I only have 55,000 miles on the car. The first quote I got was $2,200 to fix. Just got back from the second quote, about the same amount. This guy was convinced that the first garage that looked at it got it wrong...he's never seen this happen with Honda's before. Well, now that I see this forum, I see he's wrong. This is my third Honda, never had an A/C problem with them before, and had close to 200K miles on each of the last two. It will be my last Honda if they don't do something about this.

    As far as the person claiming this is "user error," I've been driving for 30 years, multiple cars over the years, never had one single A/C problem until this CR-V.issue.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Did the dealer actually look at the vehicle before giving you the price? Is it not possible that the compressor goes out and will not need the 'extra' work that the dealers are saying?
  • beyondoilbeyondoil Posts: 15
    It depends on how the compressor fails. Some just loose freon through a failed seal and this allows one to just replace the compressor. When the bearings fail and the compressor breaks apart it gets pieces of metal throughout the whole system and these are the cases that are really expensive to repair. The condenser is a radiator that is in front of the regular radiator and the evaporator is another smaller radiator inside the dash of the car. Also all the lines have to be replaced to get all the metal out of the system.


    Daniel :sick:
  • jweaver5jweaver5 Posts: 1
    WOW...Not what I wanted to hear. I've got a 2001 Honda CRV SE that we purchased brand new. Two days ago, I was accelerating up hill when I heard and aloud clunk/thud. Upon inspection, I found shrapnel all over the front of the engine compartment and the compressor/condenser was suspect with a large gaping hole. Like you I was hoping to just replace the compressor and charge the system. Considering the cost of repair…I believe I’ll just get rid of the booger. Its funny that there are so many sites referencing CRVs AC compressors as being poorly made.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    My father-in-law had his 2001 compressor go out a couple of years ago. He bought his very late in the model year, right before the 2002 came out. He got help from Honda.

    Was yours a late model 2001?
  • tabanowatabanowa Posts: 7
    My 2004 CRV has 73,000 mi on it. Yes - someone else said it sounded like the engine was ceasing - that's what I thought too, but saw there were no engine warning lights on or anything, so I tried turning turning the AC off, and the car ran fine. But if I tried turning on the AC, it would just make that terrible noise and kill the engine. Took it in today and they told me the compresser is shot, and you have to replace all the hoses, basically the whole system because the shrapnel spreads throughout the whole thing - $3000. I called the 1-800 Goodwill Assistance number and got a case #, was told to wait 1-2 days for response.

    Meanwhile, my dealer called and got them to agree to pay for 75%. Unfortunately, that leaves $750 for me, which is pretty much my life savings at this point. My car does have 73,000 miles on it, so I'm told 75% is a very good deal. The dealer told me it really helped my case that I brought the car in recently for 60,000 mi service (paid $350 for that). Sure wish I could get 100% covered, or pay only $200-250 like some others here have. I'm going to fight for that...
  • jpettibonejpettibone Posts: 51
    Be glad you're getting anything. I did all my service at the dealer, had 10,000 more miles on an '04, and got nothing. I would have gladly paid $750.
  • lening99lening99 Posts: 4
    My 2003 CRV air conditioning had the system failure last week at 45,000 miles.
    Repair was estimated at $2800 for complete system replacement. I called American Honda and was given a case number. Today I received a call back and was denied any finacial assistance toward the repairs. Honda claims it's my responsiblitiy and does not admit to any prior knowlege of other AC failures. I will be driving without AC from now on. I am in the market for a new car and it will NOT be a Honda. The CRV was my third and my last. It seems from this and other forums, that Honda stepped up to the plate for a while on this issue but now is taking advantage of the "bad economy" as an excuse to turn it's back on it's customers.
  • tabanowatabanowa Posts: 7
    Wow - that's unbelievable! I just was told 2 days ago that they'd cover 75% for my 2004 with 73,300 mi. I'm still waiting to actually talk to the guy at Goodwill to see if I can get closer to 100% (my dealer talked to them at got the 75%). But definitely, Hondas are not what they used to be! My car before this was a 2000 Honda Odyssey that had a defective transmission. It went out at 110,000 mi, but I was very lucky that they replaced it 100%.
  • jpettibonejpettibone Posts: 51
    This is informal, but from reading the reports here, it seems like the cut off is at 5 years ('04) and up to 75k in mileage. Cross either of those borders, and you don't get help. I could understand large violations of those rules, but the people just on the other side are not getting help.

    Also, the more I read of these reports, the more I think my Dealer was padding my bill by wanting to charge $3400 + $400 in tax. He was willing to cut it down to 3k as a "favor" to a reliable customer, but that's still above what others are being charged.
  • tombs31tombs31 Posts: 4
    You must not be hearing all of us. We can no longer trust "Honda". When the amount of mileage over the limit is consistantly less than 10%, the problem is real. To not admit it is a design flaw is to say it is designed to fail just past warranty. To the "Letter of The Law", accurate; to the "Spirit of The Law", not even close. To quote a 1.2% warranty claim figure in regard to this issue is a veer tactic. What is the % of failure under 85,000 miles. That would be a more appropriate reference. Compare that number to other brands. It is easy for a company to claim great products and customer service if the claim is not tested. To steal a quote, "They have been weighed, they have been measured, and they have been found wanting."
  • tombs31tombs31 Posts: 4
    The way you have phrased it you really are referring to a common denominator, not a variable. The common denominator is not the human (we all have different driving habits), it is the CR-V. The only constant in this situation is the CR-V. As you have stated, other models have not seemed to suffer the same problem. But I believe the compressor is not universal. The CR-V compressor is different from the other models units, as well as its location. Thus one would have to deduce it is a CR-V problem.
  • tombs31tombs31 Posts: 4
    Where in all these post did you come across a statement even resembling Honda "taking care of the problem. They are the people we all need to speak with. What ever they did we all need to do.
  • lorraylorray Posts: 6
    Hi I have a Honda CRV 2001 and the air conditioner just went out. This is the second time this has happened since I bought it brand new. I found out that I need a compressor etc and that there was also a large hole as well. It will cost me about $1,500 at the mechanic I go to. I will not take it to the Honda dealer as it will cost me so much more. I couldn't believe that other people are having this same problem. I love this car but not this problem and doubt I will get another CRV with this happening. Thanks and I'm sorry about the others out there having the same problem. Lorray
  • tabanowatabanowa Posts: 7
    Do a search for 100%, or $200 and you should find some.
  • tabanowatabanowa Posts: 7
    You should definitely call American Honda about this; especially since it's the second time and you bought it brand new!
  • lorraylorray Posts: 6
    Hello, thanks for your reply. I am going to do that. Especially since it is the second time. Have a good day. Lorray
  • w1johnw1john Posts: 6
    Hi folks, can anyone tell me if after the compressor fails the defrost and heater will continue to work? I have a 2004 CRV and concerned about this. Considering trading it in before it fails. Thanks!
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