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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • berriberri Posts: 4,000
    RE: Lawsuit. The vehicles are out of warranty, I don't see a claim here... there is no written or implied warranty on the A/C lasting longer than 3 years / 36K miles, unless you bought an extended warranty, in which case the mileage/time would be whatever was purchased.

    Not necessarily - possibly a latent defect matter.
  • jim333jim333 Posts: 4
    My air conditioner went out on my vacation three weeks ago. I have visited three Honda dealers and am now about to pay over $2000 to fix it. I will get a one year warranty for this outrageous price. I have 52000 miles on this car, and I will have to say it is the worst automobile I have owned since my 1979 Ford Mustang. That was the car that pushed me into the Japanese market. I have owned Toyotas since then, but was persuaded by Consumer Reports to buy a Honda. What a terrible mistake. In addition to the failed air conditioner, I had to buy a new oxygen sensor (500 dollars) and my door locks will not work. Ever try to replace the air filter on these turkeys? Good luck. Honda Customer Service is worthless and will only make you angrier. When I finally unload this junk, I will go back to Toyota.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,000
    Toyota has a D3 attitude toward customers, but my experience is that their cars are better than the Honda's I've owned. However, both are noticeably cheapening to me, so perhaps Ford, Hyundai (and maybe GM) can catch up.
  • jim333jim333 Posts: 4
    Yes. I agree that the quality is slipping on all Japanese cars. The Koreans are trying to make it big, and Ford is just trying to survive. Both have made good impressions on Consumer Reports lately. I will definitely shop both of those companies, Hyundai and Ford, as well as Toyota. I am still floored by my experience with Honda, though. You don't expect to get a Chrysler when you buy a Honda. I also find Honda owners a little more cultish than Toyota drivers. They probably don't fess up to all their problems in surveys, etc.
  • dwkinseydwkinsey Posts: 11
    My biggest issue with Honda is not just that the compressor fails on these vehicles, but that it DESTROYS THE WHOLE A/C SYSTEM!! I have replaced my compressor twice and still don't have A/C because I can't afford to replace the whole system. How could Honda not know that the compressor is defective? They used the same one for at least 4 years. I have researched the problem and what happens is that the metal clutch rod inside the compressor disintegrates and spreads tiny pieces of metal throughout the whole A/C system. If Honda were a company that cares about their customers, they would have replaced the defective compressors before they failed and destroyed the whole A/C system.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    A/C is certainly not a luxury in central Florida! For the last month, the heat index has been 100-110 degrees F. Add to that I am disabled and I cannot tolerate extreme heat. So I either stay home, ride with someone else, or pray for rain.

    Sorry to hear about your disability. However, I think the problem here is deeper than the failed A/C. If the local weather prevents you from leaving your home, why continue living in such environment? Does whatever comfort level you get of living in FL outweigh the possibility of worsening health issues possibly exasurbated by such weather?

    I have asthma, and FL, no matter how nice it is in the winter is on the list of states I just can not live. I even moved away from the coastal North East/New England to get away from the humidity, which seems to make my asthma worse. I value my own health more than comfort level of having estblished networks, and connections.

    Going from one air conditioned environment to another and not being able to enjoy the outdoors is worse than a prison sentensc, since you have not done anything wrong. Maybe it is time to reconsider FL and enjoy life in the environmnet that is more forgiving to your disability. Just a thought.

    Besides, most of FL is below the sea level, with the rising seas, it will be under water in the next 10-15 years... :P
  • jim333jim333 Posts: 4
    That's an interesting point and one that could help people who have either not yet experienced this problem or have already bought a whole new ac system. If I had known the damage my compressor was going to cause to the whole system, I would have bought a discount compressor and had it installed by an independent mechanic. This could have been done for about $400 dollars instead of the 2k it costs to replace the entire system. Moral of the story: After about four years or 40 thousand miles replace your compressor, even if it is working properly. If you are on your second compressor, replace it after two or three additional years. It is a shame that you have to do this, but the cost of owning a "reliable" car is skyrocketing!
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Hey, blueidgod, I bet you can say "A/C is a luxury" from up there in Buffalo.

    I believe air conditioning has not been invented until the mid-20th centruy. I guess all of the warm climate countries were not populated until then.

    Yes, most homes here don't have A/C, and you can find cars on dealer's lots that has no A/C. I installed central air in my house, because it is still too warm for my liking. It is a luxury, not a god given right. If it were, then we would not have to pay for it.

    If my A/C fails, I will call Honda and take whatever they offer, because after 3 years, 36,000 miles they are not liable for anything.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    This guy, excuse me blue eyed goddess, must work for Honda or one of their dealers.

    No, it is Blue Eyed God, thank you. Not goddess, although if implying that I am a girl makes you feel better, knock your self out. At least all of my vehicles are manual. Man driving an automatic is the same as man wearing a dress or make up. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :P What ever floats your boat.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,000
    Sorry, didn't mean it that way. Should have said "Adonis"!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    most of FL is below the sea level

    Not exactly. The average elevation of Florida is 98.43 feet - above sea level. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • lorraylorray Posts: 6
    Hello, I'm very sorry to hear about your air conditioner as well and being on vacation. This is my second one that has gone out. My CRV is a 2001 and now has 199,000 miles on it. I have driven this car many miles as you can tell. However, the first one went out at about 75,000 miles. I like this car except for this but I won't be buying another one either. I wish you the best. I don't like going without an air conditioner in the summer as it gets pretty hot here, but at this point I have to as I don't have the money to fix it. Best of luck.
  • galvdudegalvdude Posts: 7
    Vehicle now on it's third compressor, the latest at approx. 115,000 miles. I live in eastern SC, so A/C use is not an option and I wouldn't have purchased this vehicle if I knew I would have to limit the use of AC to extend compressor life. I currently own 5 other vehicles, 2 foreign and 3 domestic, with no AC compressor related failures like the CR-V's (some with close to or over 200K miles). So to those who want to say there is some difference in operator or location or use, I have to strongly disagree.

    The first failure occurred shortly after I purchased the vehicle as Certified Used in 2005 with a little over 50K miles. At time of failure, had maybe 57K miles. Just a pop and got hot. Glad to have had certified warranty. When I jokingly asked about how often this happens, the service advisor admitted this is a problem common to CR-Vs. Other models have failures they are known for, compressors happen to be what goes bad most often in CR-Vs, I was told. It almost made me want to run to get an extended warranty just to be safe, but I thought, "Hey, surely Honda would have fixed the problem by now." Silly me.

    So when it quit again, the same dealership told me that while it wasn't the compressor this time, the clutch or some part of it (I forget) had gone bad. They recommended replacing the entire compressor, but the cheaper option for me was to replace the clutch. Still lots of $$$. Leaving the dealership I was again happy to have AC working, but this lasted less than 4 miles, as the clutch failed to disengage while accelerating on to the interstate, blowing the compressor. So I called the service dept to see what to do and they said to bring it right on back. They put me in a loaner car. The next day, after working with Honda to see what they could do to best help me in this situation, they told me since they had recommended full compressor replacement, they would just charge me for a new compressor, but not the labor again. So they put a defective part on my still OK compressor, which caused my compressor to blow, but this would not have happened if I had gone ahead and just purchased a new compressor from the start even though mine was still fine. Not quite sure I ever understood this logic.

    Did it save me any money? No.

    Should I sell the car before 150K? I think so to avoid another AC failure expense.

    Would I recommend this vehicle to anyone? Not without warranty coverage to include the AC for as long as you plan to own the car. I had full expectations of exceeding 250K on this car with no major problems like this when I purchased this vehicle based on past personal and friends and family Honda ownership. So sad to have to be disappointed in Honda now because of this. This does show up as problem in ratings of used cars in Consumer Reports, as the climate system only gets an average rating instead of the much better to better than average ratings reported on all other Honda vehicles except 03 Pilot and 06 S200 in my 2009 Buying Guide issue.
  • dwkinseydwkinsey Posts: 11
    Actually I just moved to Florida last fall from the Maryland suburbs of the Washington, DC area. I also have asthma, and I can't really go outside anywhere except in the desert because of severe allergies, so staying indoors is not a big deal. But at least in Florida I don't have to shovel snow or go up and down stairs, as I have a worse problem with the cold than I do with the heat. I purchased my CR-V new in Maryland, which is where I used my A/C the most. I only used it a few times in Florida when it failed, so the Florida heat cannot be blamed for the failure.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,732
    "RE: Lawsuit. The vehicles are out of warranty, I don't see a claim here... there is no written or implied warranty on the A/C lasting longer than 3 years / 36K miles, unless you bought an extended warranty, in which case the mileage/time would be whatever was purchased.

    Not necessarily - possibly a latent defect matter. "

    I'm not a lawyer, so I would not know of such things. But it seems to me that Honda does not imply any warranty beyond 3 years / 36K miles. If the parts last that long, then Honda is clear. It may be a poor design, but then that is not any different from some Detroit models that only last 100K or so and then fall apart.
  • nlv1nlv1 Posts: 28
    No, you are a blue eyed goddess. Cause a 6-foot person driving a mini/cute SUV, trying hard to be manly looking would look like a goddess (not referring to other tall persons driving this car, this is just for him and his attitude). You can add on all the gadgets you want to your 2005, they won't add to your manliness or lack of it. We have automatics and a manual and I learned to drive a stick shift years before an automatic, each type has its pros and cons. It doesn't make me feel less of a man when I drive an auto. Only persons with inferiority issues ;) should feel that way.

    Sorry, just can't resist, this is the 2nd time I've seen this from the goddess... Now back to the compressor issues...
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,732
    "most of FL is below the sea level

    Not exactly. The average elevation of Florida is 98.43 feet - above sea level. "

    Only because of the higher elevations in north and north central FL. I lived in the Miami area for many years, and South Florida up to alligator alley is about 6 feet or so above sea level, if I recall correctly.
  • nlv1nlv1 Posts: 28
    So, what's your point? The complaints here are about a car part prematurely breaking down. If your heater broke down in the winter and your car only has below-average miles, won't you raise the issue with Honda?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    South Florida up to alligator alley is about 6 feet or so above sea level

    Of course, which still contradicts the OP's assertion that most of the state is below sea level. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,921
    If your heater broke down in the winter and your car only has below-average miles, won't you raise the issue with Honda?

    Excellent point. But you have to wonder how many car companies would do anything at all beyond the warranty period. Honda's compressors seem to fail a bit too often, but Honda has gone to bat for a lot of people who have posted on this discussion.

    btw, my wife has mild asthma out here in the high desert of Boise. Apparently a climate change helps, but only for about 5 years, after which you acclimate. So it may be most helpful to move every 5 years to keep your system on its toes.
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