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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    Has anyone installed this compressor? Does it fit right in?
    I'm driving my 02 with 85K miles very gingerly, cycling it off and on every 20 seconds or so.
  • My 2003 Honda CRV Air Conditioner stopped working last Friday. Took it to the dealer and was told it would cost $3500 + tax to replace the entire AC system. I contacted Honda America and have a case number and am waiting to hear back.

    Here is some information I was provided to see if anything can be done. Maybe if these organizations get enough complaints something will be done about this problem.

    Share your experiences with the following organizations, which may be able to provide you with information and/or offer assistance:

    1. Center for Auto Safety, 1825 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 330, Washington,
    DC 20009-5708. The CAS compiles information on defective automobiles,
    ranging from transmissions problems to paint problems. If you wish, you
    may send them a letter sharing your experiences with them. Should they
    have any information on your particular automobile, they will forward it to
    you, along with helpful information and advice within 10 days from date of
    receipt of their letter. They ask, but do not require, a $.60 SASE to help
    keep their costs down. Or, you can visit their website at

    2. Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. at 4200 Wilson Boulevard,
    Arlington, VA 22203; 1-703-276-0100. The Council of Better Business
    Bureaus, the umbrella organization for the BBBs, also provides programs and
    publications for consumers, and helps to settle disputes with automobile
    manufacturers through the BBB Auto Line program.

    3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW,
    Washington, DC 20590, 1-888-327-4236 or 1-202-366-0123. The NHTSA assures
    compliance by domestic and foreign motor vehicle and equipment
    manufacturers with motor vehicle safety standards, automobile recalls, and
    airline problems. You may wish to visit their Website at, where you will be able to obtain information on
    air bags, child safety seats, and automobile crash test results. You can
    also search through an extensive list of automobile and automobile
    equipment recall notices, and report any problems that you have encountered
    with your automobile.

    4. Your State Attorney General's Office, which helps to resolve individual
    consumer complaints, conducts informational and educational programs, and
    enforces consumer protection and fraud laws. You can find their telephone
    number in the blue section of your telephone book.

    5. Send an email with your complaint to Consumer Reports to
  • peter76peter76 Posts: 6
    My 2004 CR-V A/C stopped work at 52,000 miles, it blows air but no cold air. The dealer said the compressor locked up; the compressor, cluch set, coil set and condenser must be replaced. Honda America denied any assistance. My question: do I really need replace the condenser? the compressor did not exploded.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Not sure, but some folks on this forum seem more technically savy. Just curious, how much did they quote you for the replacement of the parts listed? I am pondering getting mine replaced ahead of time and too would like to know what to replace if the compressor has not exploded.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I'm driving my 02 with 85K miles very gingerly, cycling it off and on every 20 seconds or so.

    The system will cycle it for you, automatically. You may be putting more wear and tear on the A/C componenents by manually cycling it on and off.
  • andycoolandycool Posts: 1
    My A/C sopped working today , it was fine today morning but all of a sudden it stopped working , i didn't hear any noise may be not in Houston traffic . Mechanic just did a visual check and said that the compressor and condenser are gone ,,i have to take it to honda Dealer for check up and pay $$$
    by the way my Honda is 2004 CRV 64000 MILES

  • peter76peter76 Posts: 6
    It is quoted $2,100. Not bad, but not sure how long it will last. By the way, I replaced an oxygen sensor 2 years ago, costing me about $500. Honda has expensive part. I will go to Toyota after this.
  • amwjramwjr Posts: 4
    My wife's CR-V ('02 with 73K miles) behaved exactly the same. Also got same response from American Honda. They did offer me the 'warranty rate' of $2700 for total system replacement. Condenser must be replaced because it cannot be adequately flushed of debris. I pouted and sweated for two weeks, then decided to have local mechanic replace all parts. He did so for $1338 and provided 1 year parts/labor warranty. Has worked well for two weeks. Still unhappy with A-H, but at least we're not sweating. Will not buy another Honda. They're no longer worth paying a premium price, as they don't stand behind their product. It's a shame. My dealer, Walsh Honda in Macon, Ga, has first class folks. It's a Corporate business call. Bad choice, at least in my opinion.
  • This month had my 2004 CR-V a/c compressor seize at 60K miles, resulting in metal shards being distributed throughout the a/c system. Total a/c replacement cost: $3250. I contacted Honda of America, explaining this was my 4th Honda since 1992. They agreed to pay 2/3 of the cost, leaving me with an out of pocket expense of $1150.
  • peter76peter76 Posts: 6
    Thanks! I intend to go to local mechanic too. Honda-A loses my trust at all. Knowning the A/C system has designing problem, they did nothing to solve the problem but looking for excuse to deny the assistance. In my case, Honda-A said sorry your car was purchsed in Canada. Honda Canada said sorry you car was in US now. I recolated to US after I owned the CR-V, and all warranty was already transferred to Honda-A. Shame on Honda! No more Honda for sure!
  • For all those that said "You will never buy another Honda" Read below...

    In part it reads......

    "my RAV4 with 67,000 miles just broke down on the PA Turnpike while driving home from vacation. Got towed to the closest Toyota dealer and they say the Transfer Case is the tune of $4,400.

    i am the original owner and the only one who has ever touched this car is the dealer i purchased it from. it's had all recommended maintainance & service. the dealer is shrugging their shoulders.

    i called Toyota customer service and after researching the cars service history and reviewing the estimate they have offered to pay half of the parts cost, which is $1300. which leaves me with over $3,000 to pay to fix a car i planned to run forever...

    i am very very disappointed in the car and Toyota's unwillingness to stand behind it and help a customer who's clearly experiencing a very unusual catastrophic mechanical failure.

    i was a loyal customer, but after this exerience i am sad to say no more toyotas for me "

    Every car. And I mean every car owner from any manufacture will have issues and one or more will say, " Never again will I buy another, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, etc, etc, etc.
  • sgpsgp Posts: 13
    Are there hundreds or thousands of RAV4 transfer cases failing like the CRV air compressors are self destructing is this an isolated incident?
  • Reason for the post is to tell those that think Honda is in general a bad car when in fact its reported to be better than Toyota if one would do the home work is just stretching it too far.

    Yes, there is an issue with the air compressor but making a blanked statement that Never Again will they buy a Honda or any car for that matter is over looking the fact that other manufacture have issues as well, some are serious and that includes Toyota's.

    Just go to and check on which manufacture has the better product and you will find Honda is listed near the top over Toyoto's.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Honda has expensive part. I will go to Toyota after this.

    Toyota parts are not cheaper.

    In reality, no parts are cheap when buying form the dealer. It is like paying MSRP for the car, and I am sure most people negotiate, rather than just pay the sticker.

    You can buy OEM Honda parts for 1/3 from a number of on-line Honda dealers. One even advertizes on this site. Many local dealers will price match or beat on-line prices to earn one's business.

    Read about Toyota engines sludging up, too. I guess it is horse and carriage for you from now on. Clydesdales or Mules?
  • berriberri Posts: 4,000
    These posts just show you that one of these days people are going to wake up and realize its dumb to pay a premium price for a Honda, Toyota, etc. The newer D3 are catching up, so you don't need to get ripped off by the dealers or overpriced sticker prices any more.
  • peter76peter76 Posts: 6
    Honda CR-V oxygen sensor about $270 vs. Toyato RAV4 about $110. Honda CR-V compressor about $560 vs Toyato RAV4 about $350, plus Honda put the receiver/drier together with the condensor for A/C system, so you have to replace the compessor + condesor whenever you get compressor locked up. Do not tell me Honda did not make such stupid design on opurpose! is based on the survey for new car in 90 days period! Honda is not honest to its customer and the customer has the right to SAY NO! NO HONDA ANYMORE!
  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    What's a D3?
  • berriberri Posts: 4,000
    D3 = Detroit 3 (Ford, GM, Chrsyler/Mopar)
  • Thank you Carol for the information.

    I have a 2002 CRV that has just blew up it's third! compressor in as many years...
    Got off the phone with Lindsey at Honda Corporate office to get the ball rolling, she was NOT very helpful except to tell me it will be two days before I get a reply form the case worker, and NOT to expect any help! Wow! Nice customer service...

    Another local owner had just paid for replacement of entire A/C system, got a check for $700 from Honda for parts but still cost some $3000 plus labor for system to be replaced, and for how long till it blows up again?

    Any other owners out there, lets hear how you dealt with this obvious defective part issue!!

    Thanks all,

  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    Still wondering if anyone has installed this compressor.

    2002-2004 Honda CR-V - Spectra A/C Compressor
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