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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • shima1shima1 Posts: 19
    Good deal. I think the problem extends through 06.
    If you have the physical addresses it might have more impact if it comes to a mass mailing.
  • Does the 2009 CR-V have any problems ? How is the compressor on the 2009 ? Is the 2009 compressor the same as used in the earlier CR-V's ?
  • Different compressor on the 2007 model on up. No issues to report regarding your vehicle and the air conditioner.
  • My neighbor owns a 2009 CRV. He said Honda changed to a different compressor and that the '09 model should not have the A/C problem of prior years. Hope this gives you some encouragement. I wish I had done my homework, but alas, it is too late for that! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
  • Thanks. I appreciate your information. You also have a nice Thanksgiving.
  • anryanry Posts: 2
    Sorry, I was on vacation. The first letter is J. Since last week, I cannot contact by phone the person in charge of Honda service department. I just sent him a mail in order to know what's going on with my complaint.
  • I recently purchased an "04" CRV not aware of all of the AC compressor problems. The AC was cold for about two months but now no longer blows cold. I plan on having the system repaired after saving the money to have the repairs done.
    My question is are the repairs currently being done by Honda to these AC systems being done with re-designed parts or are the replacement parts destined to fail as the originals have?
    After reading all of these posts it is obvious that there were major defects in the original systems.
    :cry: :confuse:
  • Yes, I paid $1,700 two months ago to replace AC compressor and the replacement compressor just blew out again last week. I had to take it in again, it was a real inconvenience and fortunately, I had a one year warranty from the auto repair place so they did not charge me. So it just means the replacement parts Honda is providing are junk too. In my opinion, Honda should be responsible for this problem instead of ignoring it. I certainly will not take my repair to Honda and give them the business. They quoted me a higher amount originally anyway. Basically they sold a bad car with bad parts and making a fortune everytime someone brings it in to them for the repair. It is appalling that they are getting away with this. I bought a Honda thinking the resale value will be good, but now I feel "stuck" with this car since the CRVs now is known to be the car with problems. Noone will want to buy it.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Yes, I paid $1,700 two months ago to replace AC compressor and the replacement compressor just blew out again last week. I had to take it in again, it was a real inconvenience and fortunately, I had a one year warranty from the auto repair place so they did not charge me. So it just means the replacement parts Honda is providing are junk too.

    If the place where you got your A/C "fixed" only replaced the compressor, that would explain why it was cheaper, and why it failed again, and will fail again and again and again. The proper repair involves replacement of all the downflow component which are contaminated with the particles from the old compressor.

    Good luck.
  • The unfortunate thing is that the garage doesn't get reimbursed on their labor costs; the place where I take my car had to fix, then the compressor went out again about a year later, and THAT replacement went out the next week. Not an all-day job for the last two, but still...
    Crummy part
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    From my message #255, Sept. 2006. Still driving my 2002 Honda CRV, 108,000 miles now and Honda's 100% paid replacement air system still working fine after three years.

    My dealer told me the best Honda Corp. will do now is a 50% match on the cost since the cars are so old with higher miles, and then only for the very best customers, ones that have since purchased and drive another Honda auto along with the defective ones. It is getting to the end when Honda Corp. will simply say "too old" or these cars are off the road. Honda's take, cheaper to have paid some all costs or part than to recall and pay to replace all systems.

    Good luck to all on any class action.
  • I had bought used 2003 CRV w/ 88k miles in April 2007. My a/c went out after 2 months. My mechanic was going to charge me about $600 to fix. Fortunately, when he went to order compressor it was on back order. The local Charleston Honda dealer was going to charge me $1200 to repair. I checked on Edmunds website and found out about black death. My CRV was bought new from another local Charleston dealer and after some calls I found that the 03 CRV had a new compressor installed in June 2005. So after that I got dealer to replace a/c for $374. Thank God and Edmunds, because I'm still driving the CRV w/ 154k miles and alls well so far. Need I say more!
  • We bought a new Accord from the dealer we had our CR-V serviced at and they still would not offer us any relief. I'm done with Honda and that dealer. We bought a Highlander to replace the CR-V instead of another honda. If Honda had paid 50%, they would have gotten that money and more when we bought a new CR-V or pilot to replace the old one a year or two down the road (since I know these repairs fail and there's no point in holding on to a late model CR-V).
  • lorraylorray Posts: 6
    Hello, My 2001 Honda CR-V compressor has gone out on me twice as well. It went out on me in 2005 and last year. However, I recently lost my job so I can not afford to get it replaced again at this time. I will not be buying another Honda CR-V again. Take care, Lorray
  • 2005 crv, 66,600 miles, a/c crashed last week. On advice from here, opened case with Honda of America. Dealer evaluated at $3400., area rep reduced to $2400., spoke with Honda of Amer. rep and he reduced it to $1500. Repair completed yesterday. Replaced entire system. 12 month 12000m warranty in writing. Service rep stated that it was an eight hour job. No beef with the dealer, or reps from HoA, very professional. Still think HoA should cover all based on premature failure.
    Out of 2 other issues I had on the car, they repaired 1, rear differential "groan". They would not fix drift or pull to the right issue, though I showed them their service bulletin dated 4/2005, that showed a problem from the factory with the front damper.
  • well, just brought my 2005 Crv to a mechanic, and sure enough, my compressor and everything that goes with it has to be replaced. If it ends up being as much as everyone posted, I'll trade in the car for something more reliable. Don't feel like shelling out upwards of $1500 every couple of years for this thing. Will call my local dealer and see what they say...
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Good luck. Depending on the car's mileage and your service record at a Honda dealer, Honda should offer to pay at least 50% of the cost. Some people with cars with miles not too far beyond the warranty and a good service record, and maybe good negotiating skills, have been able to get Honda to pay for most, even all, of the cost.
  • Hi;

    Just got out of a volvo station wagon (the transmissions are all lemons... it's a $2000 replacement with a salvage, or $3500 for a rebuild). I'm looking for something more reliable! Thought I'd turn to Honda; even considering Toyota's troubles the Japanese really do have a reputation for low-maintenance vehicles you can drive into the ground.

    I'm very disappointed to have read this thread! Or glad to have read about this problem, in advance of buying one. I hear that Subarus mostly encounter headgasket issues, and that Ford Focus wagons tend to need the powertrains rebuilt after 100k miles or so. BMW and Mercedes are just expensive all around. I need something low maintenance.

    So those of you going for something more reliable, what would you buy in stead? In the world of station wagons or other mini-suvs, because I do insist on 25mpg highway.
    ...or I can also buy a CRV anyway, and look for recent A/C replacement, or expect it to die and just drive in a hot car (at least it drives, unlike the volvos with a toasted transmission).
  • sr146260211sr146260211 Posts: 55
    edited March 2010
    Though the older CR-V's have had some major air conditioner issues, the newer ones (2007-Present) do not and the compressors have changed since the 2002 to 2006 models.

    So please do not look upon this air conditioner compressor issues as an ongoing problem with the newer make over.

    To verify, look at this forum to find any issues with the 2007-2010 models. I now have the 2010 CR-V, slightly more powerful, slightly quiter and a good all around SUV in my humble opinion. 6 months only, but enough time to make a firm opinion
  • Well, I called American Honda and they did respond back to me rather quickly with a case number. My service record with my local Honda dealer will show that I have kept up the maintenance on the car (with a few oil changes done elsewhere). I won't hold my breath about a free replacement, but I am hopeful. Otherwise, I will be looking at a Ford Escape Hybrid for my next SUV.
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