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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • carol4011carol4011 Posts: 6
    I feel bad for you but at least you know you are not alone. There are hundreds/thousands of us out here. My compressor blew at 61,00 and that was two years ago. I still have not fixed it as Honda said they would not repair it. I now have 81,000 miles. In my opinion we all need to get some media attention as that is what Honda will NOT approve of. It is ridiculous as I rent a car for vacation. I live in Ohio and I bet in the five years I had the AC I used it maybe 100 times...that is 20 times a year. Honda had a BIG problem with transmissions and fixed that so why not admit to this. Any one that can get their newspaper or TV station to help would be great. Good luck. There is a group of attorneys trying to handle a class action lawsuit.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,713
    >but since Honda didn't replace it I didn't think of keeping the compressor.

    The shop that repaired it might still have the compressor in their possession.

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  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    " This time I got smart and took it to a local well known mechanic in Baltimore and it only needed a compressor. I saved $1,800 and the mechanic told me in his 30 years in business he's never heard of replacing a whole AC system for the 2nd time within 5 years. "

    Please keep us informed how it goes. When the compressor goes, it generally causes small metal fragments to be distributed throughout the entire system. This will cause the new compressor to fail prematurely. Did the mechanic check the entire system for metal fragments?
  • willowjwillowj Posts: 1
    Okay, mine is a 2004. The compressor blew up fall of 08. I waited until July last year to have it repaired. It was a $1200 job as opposed to the $2000 the dealer quoted.

    Just yesterday, in the 97-degree heat, I felt the power drain again. I made the comment, "this feels like it did just before the ac compressor blew up." Then the grinding noises. I turned off the ac and headed directly to the mechanic who replaced the compressor the first time.

    After reading all these posts, I knew I had to ask if maybe there was debris left in the system when the mechanic replaced the compressor the first time. I just called him. He replaced the entire system for that reason.

    My question is, now what?
    Does anyone have a fix to this?
    My mechanic is looking for a heat shield. I found ONE post suggesting a grille insert that solves the problem. That's only one post. I don't want to have to replace my ac every year. This time, my mechanic is trying to have the manufacturer replace the compressor at no charge. Does the fact that it didn't blow up this time mean there's no debris or do we replace the whole system again?

    I called the dealer that sold me the vehicle. The young man does not know of a fix.

    I really like my CRV. I had a 2001. drove it to 106K and never had a problem. Should have kept it.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone can help.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,006
    You probably want to dump it. As more and more of these failures occur word gets out (e.g. Consumer Reports now black dots it), so as time goes by its just going to hit your depreciation harder and harder. Keeping it is kind of like holding a bad stock, except you have to dump $2G or more on the A/C every few years to boot. I'd cut your losses and run.
  • belacquabelacqua Posts: 15
    My air went out yesterday (100 degrees in TN), My regular Honda mechanic said my 2002 CRV had a history of the AC compressor exploding and that I would have to take my car to the dealership. Having had too many bad experiences with dealerships, I found myself online and in this forum.

    Reading through many of these posts, I'm sensing only doom and gloom. I would like some opinions, so I don't waste time and money. I'm thinking--fix it; sell it.

    What specific actions are others taking? Really, I need some input!
  • oathoath Posts: 7
    Take it to a reliable mechanic, if the car is paid for, the car runs like a charm, keep it. I was told to get a new one because the AC broke for the 2nd time. I was smart this time and I took it to 2nd opinion. I saved $1,800.00 by going to 2nd opinion and I have no idea what the mechanic did but it's running better than when it was brand new. Now it's giving me 26 miles/gallon instead of the usual 23 miles/gallon.
  • zinc6824zinc6824 Posts: 9
    just got my issue fixed through a local mechanic for $800. This was the best deal i could find. The dealership wanted $2800 for the same job. If you plan to keep your car, you better shop around, no need to give Honda any more money.
  • maryohiomaryohio Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 CRV with 108,000 miles and yesterday the air conditioner went out (90 degrees out). I took it to an independent repair shop that I deal with. Today they told me it was the compressor - I don't have a price yet. Do you want me to send you the service records after I get it fixed?
  • belacquabelacqua Posts: 15
    My '02 CRV has about 70,000 miles, and I had planned to keep it forever. So, if I could get the issue fixed for under $1,000 and repair the problem that caused the explosion in the first place, the CRV would still be a "keeper." However, if this is a re-occurring problem, then I would have to weigh all the options. I have pretty much babied it, so except for the air, it's in excellent condition. In the South, though, it's pretty difficult having a car without air--even it runs well.

    So, does anyone know what the specific problem/design flaw is that causes the compressor to explode? I'm guessing that we are really not fixing the cause, even though we replace the whole system, since some people have had to replace theirs twice.
  • gctbgctb Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 crv and the ac compressor clutch and coil crapped out at 35 months, 46000 miles and Honda is not doing anything about it so far. Looks like the ac issues continue.
  • gctbgctb Posts: 3
    2007 CRV 46,000 miles, ac compressor clutch and coil failure. I have always considered Honda as reliable quality but my long time Honda loyalty may be over after this 35 month old CRV AC issue and reading about all the other Honda AC issues. My 2007 is hot as hell now and Honda is taking over a week to decide my case. Sounds like they do not want to pay or admit to subpar AC parts. Thanks for the 90 degree car rides Honda and opening my eyes back up to the resurgence of american quality!
  • I just had the same problems with the Honda CRV air conditioner in a 2004 CRV with a little over 68,000 miles. I live in the midwest, so this seems to be in the general range for this failure based on what I have read in these posts. I am grateful to those who posted to this site so that I knew to contact Honda of America. The price started at $3200, and eventually was lowered to $2012. That is still ridiculous for a known problem with these vehicles. The Honda dealer admitted they are putting the same systems back in. I will of course sign onto the class action lawsuit, but i don't hold out much hope for that. This was the first Honda in a family that has purchased many many Toyotas, but I could not get the price I wanted on a RAV4 so I took the chance and bought the CRV. And I would be happy with the CRV had Honda stood behind the product. But instead they acted like I should have been fine with paying $3200 for a new AC system that by their own admission will probably fail again.. This will be my final Honda and I will do whatever it takes to spread the word...
  • ok, guys. Honda has a fix for this and are willing to help. They have posted a service bulletin on the correct way to fix this. If you take it to a local mechanic, you will most likely be doing this again.
    Here's what you need to do. Take the car to the local Honda dealership. Have the problem diagnosed there. The fix is liable to be somewhere between $2500- $3000. After they have given you the bad news, ask them to submit a "goodwill Warranty request" to Honda America to help with the cost. Now remember, the car is not under warranty, and you most likely did not buy an extended warranty, or you wouldn't have a problem. So don't get too greedy, if you go with guns a blazin, asking for 100% coverage, you are going to get turned down flat. Ask for something more reasonable like 50 or 60%. If you have a good dealership who is willing to submit this, you will most likely get what you ask for. Trust me, not alot of other car companies will do this.
    Please remember to be nice to the dealership service advisor. He/she didn't cause this to happen to you car and really wants to help you anyway they can. This is a tool they can use to do that.

    Good luck!
  • belacquabelacqua Posts: 15
    After much searching for an explanation for why the compressors blow up, I found the following link to a post written by someone who builds and knows AC compressors. It seems credible to me.

    In an earlier post the idea of a heat shield was mentioned. I am going to see what I can find out about that.
    I really don't trust dealerships, don't plan on wasting my time with Honda of America, but would nevertheless like to keep my CR-V without the worry of it crapping out on me.
  • lugla2010lugla2010 Posts: 1
    the ac on my 2004 honda crv quit working today. i heard a sound that sounded like i had run over an empty plastic bottle and hot air after that. i decided to see what the possible problem might be so i googled 2004 crv ac problems and i cannot believe that so many people are having the same problem!!. so i went the nhtsa website and there are only a handful of compalints there. i think that if everyone of us who are posting complaints here posted the same complaints at the nhtsa official site honda and their dealers would not be able to hide behind their sandard asnwer of "its the first time we have heard of this" i have been preaching the virtues of honda since i bought my 2002 civic to anyone who will listen to me but now i think that will change to the placard in my rear window telling everyone tht HONDA WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS. i can understand auto parts breaking down and needing to be replaced but, for a component to fail and damage other parts that is horse pucky and honda should pay for the repair to the rest of the system. why should we have to pay for $3000 worth of damage for a $300 part.
  • hondaguy17 mentions a service bulletin for the correct fix. Can you post a link to that service bulletin, or give us the specifics to it ? Thank you very much in advance..
  • belacquabelacqua Posts: 15
    I, too, would like to know about the service bulletin. Thanks for your help, hondaguy17!
  • zempgirlzempgirl Posts: 2
    In 5/2009 I replaced my AC compressor at 80,000 miles on my 2004 CRV. Honda paid half and I paid half.
    NOW 18,000 miles later; my compressor is failing. It is just outside of the warranty! They are unsure if they are going to pay for it. I STRONGLY believe Honda sold the dealership a faulty part. Why would this happen again? (This is a second compressor!)
    I have to have the AC's also tied to the defroster......
    Finding out more and more about the CRV is driving me nuts!!
    I am so done with Honda!
    I thought American cars were bad.....I am beginning to thing all cars are bad.
    This is my first my last....time to trade it in! UGH!!!!!!!!!
  • zempgirlzempgirl Posts: 2
    I have also just filed with the BBB against American Honda Motor Co...and Planet Honda.
    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General in my state
    And I have filed for class action law suit.
    I am done being a victim to car companies. They need to stand by their product or get out of business!

    I don't know where this will get me....but I am willing to find out. And I am going to vote with my dollar from now on as well.

    Bye bye Honda!
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