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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    To get back on topic, I feel bad for those of us who bought CR-Vs made in Great Britain b/c of the cost of parts. WHY would ANYONE buy a car made in Great Britain??? (that'll generate some hate mail, I'm sure). If I had a "G" car instead of a "J" car, my very first project would be to retrofit the front end with J car spec AC parts. It would probably look like hell but I'd just cover it up with the front fascia.

    Nice write up on the repair.

    I too have been using Harbor Freight tools as disposable, job specific tools. We were remodeling our kitchen last year, and the 5 year old Craftsman drill died. I grabbed one from Harbor Freight for $11. I replaced it 4 times for the duration of the project. They don't even ask for a receipt. I just bring it back in the box, and they tell me to pick one off the shelf. It is like having a lifetime warranty, which Craftsman does not provide on power tools.

    Anyway, back to the UK vs. Japan. I think most of the A/C failures have been occuring with Japan made CR-V's, not UK. But, I understand where you are coming from. I had a 2002 Civic Si that was made in UK, same Swindon plant as the CR-V's. It was the most troublesome Honda ever, approaching the amount of trouble I got from Mexican made VW.

    By the way, the VIN letter for UK is "S", not "G". :)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    Our store didn't get any of the British made CRV's but we got a lot of "J" CRV's and as I have said before, we really didn't have enough A/C compressor failures to even think about.

    Walked through Harbor Freight yesterday and I was amazed at the quality of their wrenches. 14.00 uys a set of VERY nice looking wrenches! These wrenches would be more than 14.00 each if they came off of a took truck.

    Now, the jaws may spread and they may be brittle and snap and the chrome may peel but for limited usage they looked much better than I remembered.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "To get back on topic, I feel bad for those of us who bought CR-Vs made in Great Britain b/c of the cost of parts. WHY would ANYONE buy a car made in Great Britain??? (that'll generate some hate mail, I'm sure). If I had a "G" car instead of a "J" car, my very first project would be to retrofit the front end with J car spec AC parts. It would probably look like hell but I'd just cover it up with the front fascia. "

    So far as I am aware, the parts for all A/C are identical, regardless of where the vehicle was assembled.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    I believe that is correct otherwise they would need to know the VIN number when ordering parts and that would be nuts to stock a variety of diffrerent parts.
  • We had the same experience as many other posts. We heard a rattling in the engine compartment, followed by a puff of steam under the hood, and then the car "died". I was able to get it restarted shortly thereafter..........BUT no A/C. We took it to the Honda dealer in Bend, Oregon (where we were vacationing) who informed us that the compressor & condensor needed to be replaced. Cost would be $1,600, no sales tax. I called my local Honda dealer in Las Vegas who quoted me $2,500 + tax. It was a no-brainer. We extended our trip a couple days and had the car repaired in Bend. Honda has issured several service bulletins to their dealers on this problem and our Technician told us that Honda was experiencing significant problems with the 2006 CR-V compressor they chose to have made in Mexico at a cheaper price (even though there is a "Japan" label on the part). He said "now they're paying for that decision". Don't know if that's true, or hearsay. Our compressor housing was literally cracked in several places with a hole the size of a half-dollar. Technicians must examine the entire system to insure that metal shavings from the compressor have not made their way through the rest of the system. Meanwhile, we contacted American Honda Motor Co. in CA to request a "Courtesy Warranty" as our 2006 model was beyond the warranty period. Our car is almost 4 years old with 43,000 miles on it. Within a couple days they informed us they would reimburse us for the cost of "parts" ($1,022) and received the check in the mail today. I guess Toyota's current publicity fiasco may have provided Honda with some added motivation. In any event, we are very satisfied with the service (and price) we got from Bend Honda and for American Honda honoring a courtesy warranty. This forum was also extremely helpful in that it never would have occurred to me to ask Honda for some financial assistance.
  • jim442jim442 Posts: 6
    Hey PV
    Sorry to hear about the AC failure on your 07. My 07(with 48K) AC failed last month and Honda was out of stock. Of course my Honda dealer was "shocked" to hear of Hondas with AC problems. I should call Honda America to check on reimbursement, let me know if you attempt that.
    My private mechanic had me order one online from discountacparts, they were great. It arrived in 3 days (shipped San Diego to Tucson) the compressor and dryer (sock) cost 435.00 with shipping and no tax.
    Please post your results, we might be the first wave of 07 and newer CRVs with AC issues. Yeah,lucky us. The fact that Honda is out of compressors is not a good sign for owners. It would be nice to know how many they carried in their inventory. They have had a run on them or their inventory guys are idiots for not having any in stock.
  • pspmacpspmac Posts: 13
    These systems are failing in various models from 2000 - 2009, I am stopping every CRV owner I see in Palm Springs and inquiring about their AC systems. 99% have stated their systems failed and was replaced to the tune of $2000.00. The local Honda Dealer isn't even bothering to mention that Honda might give you a very small credit on the repair.

    Don't count on Honda doing anything for you, their corporate customer service reps have been very nasty on the phone and basically refuse to help.

    I am joining the class action lawsuit against Honda at and I am making a giant lemon to fit over the back tire that reads, " Honda AC Failed? Contact" I drive on the I-10 an average of twice a week between Palm Spring and Los Angeles, thousand are going to see my sign!!!!!!!

    I have also started an email campaign advising all of my family, friends, and business associates how Honda has handled this matter and told them not to buy a Honda. I was thinking about buying a Pilot but Honda's behavior in this matter has completely turned me off from being a customer of theirs ever again!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    So, you've stopped 100 people in their CRV's and 99 of them have had A/C problems?


    I understand you will never buy another Honda and you will make a crusade out of this.

    My only questions is, what will you buy that you can be assured will never cause you any trouble?
  • I feel your pain and believe Honda's reputation is at stake now. I owned other Honda cars and until I got this lemon a 2007 CR-V, I and several family members would have sworn by the company for quality and support. The 2007 CR-V A/C compressor stopped blowing cool air in Wyoming while heading to Seatle from Dallas with several others in 3 cars to connect on an Alaskan cruise. It made it 900 miles before catostrophic failure and the compressor pulley assembly froze ( A/C clutch should not have engaged because it stopped 900 miles earlier and I tuned the A/C buttons off) and while driving from Seattle to Dallas the pully froze and the serpantine belt stopped moving. Honda should have redesigned and used dual belts given the previous compressor issues on past models .

    So at 4PM on Friday August 6, 2010 in Pendelton Oregon I learned why consumers should be wary of buying a product from Honda. Honda and their support network simply do not support their cars or customers. Honda as I have read has known this to be a major problem yet fail to have parts available n the logistics centers with the knowledge of large MTBF ratios on the A/C condensor since 02. My dealer in McKinney Honda in McKinney, Texas said they had lot's of compressor problems in their shop. They tried to help remotely as Honda Roadside service (who said they would call back but never did) left me stranded in Umatilla Oregon (27 miles or so from the next Honda dealer in Pendelton OR.) We got another towing service.

    The dealers only fault here is that they represent this product. They should advise customers away from the CR-V and tell Honda they won't stock them. I had an 05 Pilot that ran forever without problems. Family member and myself will probably never buy another Honda given the way this service issue was handled and from what I have read. No one wants to be stranded with a car that cannot be repaired immediately or within reason. My brother-in-law driving in the caravan said now he will trade his Honda in and not buy another Honda/Acura product because he witnessed if traveling you are left holding the bag when their product fails.

    I got back to Dallas squeezing my girls and I into the other 2 cars in the caravan with many of our pices of luggage in a car some 1400 plus miles away unrepairable because Honda does not have the parts. Dealer in Pendelton tells me they he put the request as critical to Honda. Does anyone think Honda cares? Honda district reps authorized to cover half of the repair. And not considering I now have to fly to Portland or Boise get a one way rental to get the car when repaired and pay again the same hotels to return home.

    I'd tell people to take their bills to small claims, but given the number of complaints, the judge would probably force us to settle via a class action.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    Right.... a dealer is going to refuse to stock the #1 selling midsized CUV in the US and the 3rd best selling vehcile on their lot, which probably also has a higher margin than the 2 vehciles in front of it in sales.

    I do agree that if this is a common failure, Honda needs to have the parts available. thsi may be a result of the economic times and Honda keeping invetories lean.

    I must admit that until I see some hard facts in terms of AC failures on CRV's vs. competitors and the industry as a whole, I'll remain skeptical.

    For example, if thsi problem was so widespread, there would be a negative mark in the Consumers Reports survery. There is not.

    I think you have to keep in mind that this has been the top selling SUV's over hte last few years so there's a lot of them out there. Whenever soemone has a failure, it's common these days ot complain about it online. Most people don't go online ot tell everyone they didn't have a problem.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I've been following this for a while and do wonder why if there is no problem why would their be a shortage of parts? Could understand if it was a part for an old car where parts may not be readily available but that isn't the case. Lean times or not a manufacturer need to ensure they have sufficient parts on hand and from the sound of things there must be a problem, otherwise why would there be a shortage of parts on something that is not considered a special order item.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    When I checked with my old store last week the main parts guy told me that they had sold ZERO compressors for 2007 CRVS and had warrantied none.

    This problem is being hugely overblown in forums like this but that happens all of the time.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    I stand partially corrected:

    In Consumers Reports, 02-04 model years, '04 in particular show higher than averag enumber of complaints abotu the climate control system. The complaints drop off in hte '06-current model years.

    Also, the complaints drive system (AWD system?) on '05-07 models are higher than average. I wonder if this is related to lack of maintenance on the rear differential, rather than failures. Sicne there was no engineering change after '07, I suspect the problem is related to not servicing the rear diff at all or not soon enouhg. Once drivers get to 50k miles or more, they get noises, and take it to the dealer.

    Finally there are a few low marks on the fuel system in '02 -'04 models. Overall the marks are excellent and it earns their highest reliability rating.

    Their surveys do not differentiate between failures and complaints or problems that were ocrrected and are somewhat subjective.

    In comparison, the Subaru Forester has some bad marks for the drivetrain prior to '03. The RAV4 is about the same. The Rogue has a few bad marks and the Santa Fe also has some bad marks. No car has perfect marks. Each has a few weak spots on older models.

    The CRV clearly has some climate sytem issues in '02-04 models, but other vehciles have similar issues ot address.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    It's amazing how CR can give a red dot for a catagory yet the next year, they will give it a lower rating when NOTHING CHANGED between those two years.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    That may be true however I find it odd that if there was not some sort of problem the parts should be available readily without having to wait two or three weeks.
  • Motoguy you sound like a lawyer for the manufacturer "I want to see some hard statistics"; Remember Camry was once the number 1 selling car until recently and Toyota's problems with it. So I don't care how popular the brand is. Brand deterioration starts with ignoring consumer complaints. Toyota fell out of the number 1 automaker spot because they failed to fix known problems. Albeit there problem caused deaths. Yes it is common to complain online and yes there can be some emotion to it, but the details in the complaints given are showing these instances to have both merit and credibility.

    Let's examine the facts, cars less than 3 years old should not have so many problems pointing to a particular component, in this case the A/C compressor since 2002. If you do look at google you will see many have a problem with this (why are there at least 1100 entries); When the dealers tell you they have a problem and cannot get the parts, I don't need hard statistics when hard facts suggests there is a problem. My dealer had 4 A/C compressors go out last week in high heat in Texas. I have a degree in mathmatical economics and very familiar with statistics, so yes unless their is an appropriate sample etc. one can stand behind or lie with statistics, one can work these stats to their advantage (If you like, there was a book I was required to read in my Economic studies called Lying with Statistics). Let's just say the MTBF on these units are high and failure rates probably exceeded planned by Honda and the require inventory of parts are being exhausted at a greater rate than supply in the supply chain (In layman terms my dealers are calling around every where to try to get these Honda certified parts and the car broke down on August 6th: That kind of tells me something is wrong ; lawyers are hovering to file a class action and I suspect one will be filed.... so I guess Consumer Reports has this one wrong, and I can tell you from experience having owned other Honda products, the CR-V has cost me more in such a short time of ownership than my Pilot or past accords.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,356
    According to our store there isn't "some sort of problem" but I agree, parts should be available.
  • alana50alana50 Posts: 12
    There may not be a shortage of parts. Most businesses run on what's called 'Just In Time' business model, which means that unless there is a common problem (air filters, oil filters and the like) they do not keep them on hand as storage space for so many vehicles would be very expensive. Therefore, they order parts from main warehouses or clearing houses.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I fully understand that but it there is a two to three week wait for parts to arrive there is either a shortage of the part or a problem in the pipeline somewhere as that can of delay shouldn't be happening.
  • Sad to say I'm part of this club. I just got the bad news today. I took my 2005 CR-V in this morning thinking that all I needed was minor repairs to the AC. I have been very conscientious about taking care of my vehicle and doing the oil changes and scheduled maintenance. I have not had any problems in 5 years. Imagine my shock when I heard the it would cost me $2797. I have about 76K miles and had plans to keep this car for several more years. I literally became ill. If I hadn't been sitting down, I would have fallen down. I thought that the estimate was high and I wanted to get a second opinion; so I didn't get the work done today. It's 100+ degrees in TX right now!! I'd like to know how many people had success getting Honda to pay something.
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