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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • samm43samm43 Posts: 195
    What holes being too small are you referring to?

    Did you get the 4 or 6 cylinder in the RAV4? Does it have similar fuel consumption, assuming both are AWD?

  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Don't remember what holes the mechanic referenced. As I recall the mechanic said because of this - the condenser freezes up, implodes, spewing metal fragments throughout taking out the entire ac system.

    In Arizona, ac is a MUST HAVE not a luxury. The RAV 4 is 4 cylinder, gas mileage averages 26 mph Good luck.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    edited May 2011
    "...Original tires still had good tread at 49,000 miles but I cut one on a piece of metal in the road and decided to just replace them all. ..."

    Just to chime in here, I also had a 2003 EX AWD, and my tires lasted for about 44K. Must have been a good year...

    I also had the rear fluid changed at 30K as a precaution.
  • hondaguy21hondaguy21 Posts: 1
    Hey Eurosion

    I followed the link to the new air conditioner kit. Looks good. I called them and talked to them about a 3 year warranty.

    Have you had yours installed? If so have you had nay problems with it so far.


  • carol4011carol4011 Posts: 6
    My AC went out at 60000 miles and Honda said they would not repair it. What is the link for the AC compressor kit? Also have you installed it? Any info would be greatly appreciated as last year I suffered horribly with no air in Ohio. Thanks so much
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    It's in post 1836 above.

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  • j_m_bj_m_b Posts: 1
    For those of you wanting to delete the compressor, the belt you need is 56". This went on a 2008 with 136K miles. First time it went out. I had to make a tool to release the tensioner.
  • yhoyho Posts: 4
    I have 2004 CR-V, the dealer quote me $4100.00 to replace the whole system. my body replaced it for me for $375.00

    It turned out I only need compressor, not whole system. The compressor kit was from a 2006 Civic, he compare the part number, they are the same, and so far over a year, it is still working great.
  • gusmorgangusmorgan Posts: 3
    To Booger53...I have the same problem with my 2005 CRV. The dealer offered $1000 of the $3200 however I cannot afford $2200. I have tried to resolve with American Honda but have been met with the rudest people in customer service. I was told that my car has too many miles for them to offer any financial assistance. I am trying to find out more about the "area rep" you mention. How did you know who to contact and do you have more information on how I can find out who my area rep is? PS - it is now 105' in Tucson AZ
  • gusmorgangusmorgan Posts: 3
    To hondaacstinks:
    I would love the email address of Honda's CEO. please post it or email me.

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    edited June 2011
    He hasn't been back for a while.

    I'm sure that someone scans the emails and will simply forward your email to customer service.

    Meanwhile, by posting your email on a public forum, you've invited every spammer and spambot in the world to grab it.

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  • clftexasclftexas Posts: 1
    I have the "black death" problem with my 2001 crv. Happened 2 years ago, but now I'm desperate to get the A/C fixed. I'm in Houston. Can you share the names of the shops you went to? Thanks!
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    I took my CRV 2004/90,000 miles to HONDA dealership today for oil/filter change and to replace engine air filter. Right after I left the shop, a couple of miles down the road my A/C broke. I went back to the dealership; they quoted me $ 3750 to be fixed. Could the dealership have messed up something while servicing my car that led to the A/C to fail? Any ideas? Did anyone have similar problems?Thanks
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Count yourself as a "Lucky One", mine went out at 46K and again 2 months later. The dealer did not mess up ... HONDA messed up when they re-designed the ac unit.
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    You may be right. But this is what happened exactly: The A/C clutch or “plate” in front of the pulley/belt was missing (probably it fell down while I was driving to which the noise was attributed to). How could that have happened? Are you saying this is a bad design by Honda? Did any one else have exactly the same problem? Thanks.
  • nighiknighik Posts: 5
    After reading all these comments and on as well, it seems it's definitely Honda's bad A/C design for this type of car. In my opinion, we should complain to Honda of America and to the DOT/NTSB or other Federal Agencies about this. It's highly treacherous to drive a car where the A/C locks-up or disintegrates while driving. Luckily I wasn't driving fast and there were no pieces of fragmented metal that fell off the A/C that did damage other parts of the engine. We should be on top of this. Thanks.
  • pjr226pjr226 Posts: 1
    My 2002 CRV has had 4 different A/C compressors and now the 4th blew out yesterday. Last one was put on in May 2010. Just over a year ago. Why does Honda not see a problem here? The blinders must be large and tight to miss this one. Honda speaks that there vehicles hold their value. This CVR has no value when I have all these A/C repair costs annually. Todays economy (which is why I picked a CRV) does not make anual repairs in thousands possible. We do need to contact Honda of America and not take NO for an answer. I'm going to be a nuisance until they make it right!!!!!
  • rrubyyrrubyy Posts: 19
    Good Luck with Honda .. they know there is a problem, however, no one has died because of no a/c .. so NO RECALL ... AND ... they will tell you that!!!

    Why did it take you 5 a/c outages to discover this is CRapV is not worth the money?

    Dumped mine after 2 outages in 3 months, with 46,000 miles on the 2004 CRapV.
  • vkgarryvkgarry Posts: 6
    I feel for you. I have a 2004. We bought it in Spring 2005, and the first compressor failed that summer. It blew a compressor every summer through 2009. That would make the total 5. I haven't fixed the last one yet. The first two were done under the factory warranty, the second two under the extended warranty. This will be my second summer w/o A/ Las Vegas.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    GET RID OF THE CAR, My 2004 went out at just under 50k miles; repaired at independent (because I was not aware of these postings), HA reimbursed 1/2; it went out again in 3 months (this time covered by warranty). I traded the car in on a 2010 Toyota RAV 4.

    Getting rid of the car would imply destroying it. You merely passed on the problem onto someone else. Nice! (Not!!!)

    Trading a problem car to a Toyota dealer who will in turn sell it to someone else, or auction, and the car ends up in hands of some single mother with 3 kids who can barely afford it... I guess your version of "pay it forward" is a little a skew...
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