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Saturn Vue Noise, Rattles and Vibration



  • ff1usff1us Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Saturn VUE 4 cylinder. At about 30 some thousand miles it starting having a loud rattling noise only for a few seconds after starting the vehicle. Happens mostly when the car is cold but sometimes does it even when the car is warm. Any ideas or anyone else had problems like this.
  • This is a defect with the starter, the noise is actually due to a lubrication problem at the nose cone of the starter. We have a repair shop and this has become our worse nightmare. Every re-manufactured starter we put on makes the same noise, eventually. We have one coming in next week and we are going to try using a synthetic grease on the nose cone and see how long it lasts. A new starter from Saturn costs about $700.00 at our local dealership
  • jac72jac72 Posts: 3
    I eventually gave up, and it is still making the noise. Always when the engine is cold,and sometimes after it has been run for a while. Your right, all 3 remans did the same thing. I will definitely try the grease on the cone. Thanks a lot
  • Does anyone oout there have a 2007 Saturn Vue AWD that sounds like a rattle trap. It has to be the noisiest vehicle I have ever driven. I have taken it to my dealer/retailer and was told that "all of the AWD V6s are like that." It runs great, handles well and drives nicely but it is so freakin noisey. It sounds like the whole suspension is going to fall apart. I have had it checked out and was told everything is tight and nothing is wrong. Help! I may have to get rid of it.
  • Yours sound like the same issue I had this past summer. I don't have the AWD, but I had the same noise/shaking going on. It's an indicator that your wheel bearing are going out maybe. Mine was shaking bad on stopping, and then the noise, and found out from this forum and others that it was probably my wheel bearings (turned out to be drivers side front). I had it checked out, and that's what it was. Had them replaced at a cost of about $400, and haven't had any trouble since. No noise now. I am back in love with my '07 VUE, but hated it for a while. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for replying but I don't think it is a wheel bearing. Vehicle does not have the slightest vibration, doesn't pull left or right when braking, stops without issue. It just seems the entire undercarriage is loose. Maybe it is the plastic body panels. It is just plain noisey. I did have any issue with the right rear bearing but had it replaired but it was just a dull grinding noise, not a rattling noise. Anybody have any other suggestions. Thanks again.
  • I have the same noise coming from my passenger front... sounds like a whining dog at times. I've taken it to 3 different shops, and three times they can't figure out what's going on... The high pitch was not from my brakes, I just paid for/insisted on new brakes and the sound is still there - just as strong as ever. Anyone seen the Saturn Bulletin #05-05-23-005A? It is a bit older, but said it was going to be including newer models... I just found this bulletin today - and found this site too, looking for some explanation. I printed it out so I can take it to the shop and see if the problem could be the caliper pin bushings. Will let you know...
  • glock31glock31 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Sounds like wheel bearing for sure. I believe you have to replace the whole hub unit. I have searched online for the hub and cheapest I found is about $86.00-$120.00 just google the part and year of vehicle and you should be able to find it. If you start to hear a rattling from the front passenger, have your motor mount inspected. Its real easy to access. I have an 07 FRNT WHL Drive and its located under the air filter box, you have to remove the back bolt and the bolt near hose that leads from the filter box to the throttle body. Move the filter components out of the way and you will see the motor mount. There is two bolts on each side and a bolt in the middle. Make sure to loosen the center bolt first from the mount. Then remove the two bolts from the frame and engine. No need to support the engine from underneath. You can if you want use a rubber mat like an old mud flap, fold it and use a floor jack against the transmission and axle area.
    I would start with resurfacing your rotors if you haven't already, that is always a cheap and easy fix to noise and rattling
  • 3 mechanics said that it's not the bearings either... if it were the noise wouldn't be intermittent, it would be all the time and much louder. I'm thinking the bushing makes sense - it sounds like plastic, it's connected to braking (most often after I brake a few times getting them nice and warm). I was thinking someone might have had had the bushings replaced and found that it worked... I'll keep watching for a few more days before I take it back in. Thanks for the response!
  • iv been a mech for 15years ad iv seen and heard of this and iv fixed it aswell .its your brake calipers and brake pads and the best thing to do is buy oem dealer parts brakes pads and rotors
  • Wow! I think you hit the nail right on the head. Now that I think about it, it does sound like brake/rotor chatter. Thank you very much. I will change pads and rotors this week and let you know the results. Again thank you.
  • lovuelovue Posts: 7
    Most car make that very same noise.
  • vagnozvagnoz Posts: 1
    Did you replace the strut assembly? Took care of my noise in the front end.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 151
    I had posted a note in the maintenance and repair section of the Vue blog that we were experiencing some kind of noise coming from underneath the '05 Vue AWD we just bought earlier this month. It is a well kept vehicle that just turned 49K yesterday. I've been hearing this noise almost from the first day we got it and it definitely is NOT a wheel bearing or brake issue. The noise seems to happen when we are coasting or decelerating to a stop, and makes a sound that I just cannot describe. I said to my wife it sounded like a pigeon cooing!(No, I looked underneath and there's NO pigeon!) I took it to a well respected repair shop yesterday and the head mechanic went for a drive with me and although I heard this noise, not all the time, but intermittently, he had a hard time hearing it. Then, when he took the wheel and headed back to the shop, he THOUGHT he heard the same thing I was talking about. But after looking high and low, checking motor mounts, suspension parts, brakes and bearings, UV and center bearing parts, he couldn't find anything! When I went to pick it up, one of the co-owners said that there is a double walled pipe coming down from the manifold into the flex pipe and it's possible that something in there is loose causing this sound from time to time, but NOT ALL the time. He told me to wait until it gets louder or just turn up the radio!! I sort of figured they weren't going to find anything as I had been under there 3 times in the last 4 weeks and I didn't see anything either. So that's what were going to do for now, just live with it. But it is a very nice small SUV that has plenty of power and handles quite well and gets fairly decent gas mileage. Have a great day, folks!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I would recommend taking it to a GM dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • djmykeldjmykel Posts: 3
    I have 2003 Vue V6 (not AWD) and I have had the same Vibration since I got it... it had 20" rims on it and everyone told me that the tires were to big.. so I put 17" tires & rims on it and no better.. then I was told to inner tie rods were the problem, so i replaced them.. then the said the rear trans mount was bad, so i replaced it.. I still have the rumble bump feeling at 60 to 70 mph.. I have had the tired re-balanced and still the problem is there.. I am soooo stressed over this, it is killing me.. what can the problem be??? every machanic is telling me different things and that would be ok, if it was fixing it.. NO noise from anywhere, just a bad vibration/rumbling from the front end that I can feel in the gas peddle and the steering wheel.. PLEASE HELP...
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Here's a suggestion: Intermediate steering shaft - some have so much play in them that they will cause a vibration that you can feel at 60-70 mph. replace it and I bet you will get rid of your problem. You've already replaced all of the obvious things it sounds like.

    Good luck
  • djmykeldjmykel Posts: 3
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    Yes - go here:

    Scroll down and click on "steering column" then click on "steering column assembly"then "lower shaft" and the "view illustration". Its part # 5 in the photo.
  • saturn20saturn20 Posts: 1
    I have a 07 Vue Redline, it shakes on the highway and it's weird because some days are better than others, seems like when the weather dries out it's good but if there is moisture in the air it shakes pretty bad. I have done all the brakes, rotors and checked the bearings to the best of my knowledge and didn't notice any play in the wheel, and there are sounds of anything worn out. Any suggestions?
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