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Chevrolet Equinox Real World MPG



  • marcia54marcia54 Posts: 3
    Thanks for that information. My car is still under warranty so I will take it to the dealer and have them check out the electronics and drivetrain. I would love to reach 31 mpg on long trips again.
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    I understand how you feel , our equinox awd only acheived 32 mpg ( cdn gals are 1/3 bigger than us ) GM advertised getting 41 , like hell !!! instaneous readout useless ,fluctuates wildly , anyway installed a performance chip ( possible gains up to + 6 mpg ) and last long run got 37+ still short but an improvement . We drive very economicaly and find that GM simply lied . and sevice reps only concerned with GM relations not the customer, theres not many satisfied owners & lots like us who drive carefully to obtain good mileage and fail to do so.
    PS we have 20000k on our 2011
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    The EPA has a test for gas milage. Its really a flawed way of telling what a car should get on highway or city. Till this changes you will never get what you want . But I agee with you, till car makers adjust to real world gas mpg , you will have unhappy customers
  • ohc6sprintohc6sprint Posts: 23
    edited May 2012
    First report on this 2 month old vehicle with 3,000 miles. Not a day goes by without me, or my wife saying that we love this car.

    I have been watching forum posts on this vehicle for over 3 years and at times wondered if I would be happy with the fuel economy, which was a primary reason for choosing the 4 cyl, non all wheel drive version. I live in Western Pennsylvania which is very hilly, but not mountainous. The 4 cyl has been more than adequate on performance in my opinion. The 6 speed gearing takes care of any steep hills.

    I have had my Nox for 2 months now and have had 7 fill ups:

    Tank 1, 25.6 mpg DIC, 25.1 actual, avg speed 32.5 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 2, 24.0 mpg DIC, 22.2 actual, avg speed 27.5 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 3, 26.1 mpg DIC, 25.2 actual, avg speed 31.6 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 4, 25.4 mpg DIC, 24.2 actual, avg speed 32.0 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 5, 24.2 mpg DIC, 23.4 actual, avg speed 28.5 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 6, 25.3 mpg DIC, 23.4 actual, avg speed 29.9 mph (city & hwy)
    Tank 7, 31.3 mpg DIC, 32.7 actual, avg speed 51.7 mph (trip)

    What this shows is that my combined mileage for city & hwy (tanks 1 thru 6) is 25.1 mpg DIC and 23.9 mpg calculated, or 5% less than what the DIC states. My average speed was 30.3 mph, which shows that there is good bit of highway driving mixed in with the city driving. Too difficult to keep track of the exact percentage of each.

    My last fill up was after a 354 mile trip from Pittsburgh to Ohio, in which I got 29.3 mpg (DIC) going out and improved to 31.3 (DIC) coming back without resetting. That meant that I actually did better than 31.3 on the trip back as it pulled up the 29.3 average to 31.3.

    Going out, there were 4 people in the Nox, no AC, traveling 60-70 mph, on interstate (70%) roads and slower on 2 lane (30%) roads with an occasional town, a few stop lights, and some 35 mph zones.

    Coming back, with 4 people, I did more interstate (80%) driving, used the AC, but kept my speed at 55-60 mph. I watched as my trip average continued to climb to 31.3, knowing that I was getting higher if it was continuing to climb. My big surprise was when I filled up and instead of a 5% DIC overstatement error, it calculated out to 32.7 mpg and a 4.5% understatement on the DIC. I did the calculation at the pump and was so surprised that I went back and tried to put more gas into the tank, thinking that it was not full. The nozzle clicked off each time I squeezed it, telling me "hey the tank is full." I did manage to put .5 gallons more into the tank, but it was over full and topped off more than any of my previous fill ups. I will have to see if the DIC understates on my next trip. I wonder if it is due to some software formula used by the DIC. Anyone out there (those of you who check DIC error) have a similar experience where the error flips from 5% overestimated to 4% underestimated on a trip?

    So, I averaged over 32 mpg with the AC on and with a full load people. The elevation of both ends of the trip were very close, so there wasn’t an overall elevation factor involved. There was no noticeable wind in either direction that would account for a meaningful impact on economy. The major difference was that I drove 10 mph slower on the interstate on the return trip. My tire pressure was 38 to 39 psi, temperature was 50 degrees going out and 75 returning. I also checked my odometer calibration the first week that I had the car and it was right on.

    So, needless to say, I was very pleased knowing that at times I averaged a good bit over 32 mpg, maybe 34 considering all the times that I had stopped for lights, driven at 70 mph and went through reduced speed zones on the two lane roads.

    The EPA test for hwy mileage is an indoor test that does not involve stops, hills, wind, cold temperatures, using the A/C or exceeding 60 mph. Probably, the EPA applies a correction factor for that.

    I would think that the EPA obtains a sample vehicle from the manufacturer, tests it and then gives a mpg number for that vehicle. That is the number that the manufacturer then publicizes. So, by my experience, one cannot say that GM is misrepresenting on the 32 mpg claim, only that one may have a Equinox with a problem, or a driver that fails to understand all the factors and the influence that each has on mileage.

    I would buy another Equinox without any hesitation. Hope this helps those that are concerned about mileage.
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    H i your comments are very interesting , you seem to have bought one of the few Noxs that seem to achieve what GM claim, but then you have the fwd version ours and many others who have the awd version have economy issues, other then that we do like our vehicle, just upset with fuel economy, and we have done very careful checks on hwy use only ( not interested in city use ) just what we can get from point A-B hwy not close to GM claims.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    'Coming back, with 4 people, I did more interstate (80%) driving, used the AC, but kept my speed at 55-60 mph.'

    I think you would find thats the magic speed for getting the best milage on the highway. If you happen the match the tach numbers you see at 55-60 at lower speeds it should also do well.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 179
    edited May 2012
    Since my last post I went on 3K mile trip thru Pa, Oh, In & Wis. Most of my driving was interstate, average speed 67 MPH. Overall MPG was 30.6 DIC ,near 30 using the paper method.

    Shortly after the trip had one short trip where I drove 350 miles hitting about 55 MPH. Mileage was near 32 MPG.

    This is on a 2012 FWD 4cyl. LS now with 5K miles logged.

    Fuel used was in most cases with ethanol at the assumed 10% level.
  • mike69440mike69440 Posts: 4
    1.) 20,000 mile break in. (Not just the motor, but the trans, brakes and drivetrain have a lot of internal friction.)

    2.) Only achieveable in walm weather.

    3.) Tires inflated to 38 Psig.

    4.) Do not exceed 3000 RPM, unless a large truck is barreling up your rear.

    5.) Anticipate braking and slowing.

    6.) Do not use cruise control to resume speed, it is to agressive.

    7. Let the tranny upsift, then give more throttle to slowly build speed.

    8. 67-69 MPH on cruise control. Try to keep tranmisson in 5th or 6th gear. Mileage drops quite a bit above 72 MPH. Driving at 60 MPH will get you killed, so don't obsruct traffic. Keep it at 65-70.

    9. Coast on significantly long steep downhill grades.

    I got 30.6 MPG in 450 Miles of MA-NH driving, including hills.
  • marcia54marcia54 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear it's not the car because we really like the ride. Just reached 15,000 miles on the car and noticed that we are starting to get better gas mileage on trips - up to 28 mpg, so there is still hope.
  • moparblue2moparblue2 Posts: 86
    I do not know who told u 40 mpg. That is a crazy number. They are rated at 22 city & 32 hwy. If you want that kind of mpg. You need to buy something alot smaller :confuse:
  • rrovernutrrovernut Posts: 15
    In Canada the equinox awd is rated at 41 mpg hwy , our gallons are 1\3 bigger than US gallons , so thats why your mileage is lower than CDN , with a chip installed I am getting 38 mpg hwy , still not what GM claims.
  • If you put the car in "ECO" does mileage improve in town driving?
  • Hi we leave the econo on all the time have not noticed any difference either way . in town only or all the time , supposed to alter shift patterns , far as i am concerned it just sounds good to be in " econo mode "
  • Eco button or no eco button. Will make no differance for me or you. still only get 25 to 27 on highway. I have 19800 mi, on a four cylinder equinox. We like the equinox but never came close to 32 mpg hwy :sick:
  • Just a note to say that I own a 2011 Terrain and did own a 2011 Nox, both 4 cyl fwd, each of them average low to mid 20's around town and in highway driving they routinely get high 20's @ 65mph w/air running and if I go up to 75 it drops to 25mph average. This is by the DIC and I just traded the Nox in on 2013 LTZ 4 cyl, awd and with 1700 miles on the odo it averages 25mpg + on the DIC or by manual calculations since I picked it up 2 weeks ago.
    IMHO you can get the mileage per gallon out of the engines it just takes knowing where your power curve is and how you drive. For myself that is keeing the tach below 2000 rpm for best results. Hope this helps. :)
  • Can't figure out the mileage. Drove from Clovis NM to Temple TX last weekend in my 2013 LT2 and averaged 33.9. Coming back on the same roads it was 28.8. My 2011 Malibu routinely gets 34-36 on the road with its 4. My 2003 DeVille Cadillac got better mileage on the road - 30-32 with a 275 HP V8. I am looking forward to finding a certified Cadillac XTS in the next couple of years. I'd like the V6 as well as better gas mileage than the Equinox. Also when you floor the Equinox you hear a sharp engine noise - more of a whine than a roar. Sounds really tacky.

    Can't figure out why the gas mileage is poor with the Equinox. You would have expected GM to fix it in the last 3 years. It was bad in 2010. Interesting to note that the ECO button does nothing. Why put it in?
  • i think the 4 banger is just not up to the job resulting in poor economy and its sounds tinny, Gm should admit it will not achieve what they claim , now we have paint peeling off the plastic front bumper
  • We bought a new 3.0 litre V6 2012 Equinox in February. It has gotten awesome mileage since new. The highest was 29.2 on the highway, the lowest was 17.7 in the city. We routinely average 19 to 20 in city and always get at least 25 to 27 on highway. This is by actual calculations, not counting on the DIC to be correct. i am a huge fan we now have almost 15000 miles and have not had any problem at all. I run fully synthetic oil that I change myself every 3000 miles, maybe that helps????? I love this vehicle and would purchase another in a heartbeat.
  • glad to hear you are pleased wih your V6 Eqiuinox , I feel we would have done better with the bigger emgine, still having issuses crop up , on star quit working ( antena ) couple warning lites requireing service , and had have front bumper repainted .
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Good morning rrovernut,

    We're sorry that you are not satisfied with your Equinox. In an earlier post, I noticed that you're writing from Canada. Have you already contacted GM of Canada about this? If you would like to, they can be contacted at 800-263-3777 (Hours: M-F 7:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 7:30am - 6:00 EST).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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