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Honda Civic Hybrid Engine Questions



  • jamrimanjamriman Posts: 14
    I own a 2006. Now that the weather is warming up, my stalling has returned. Car engine stops and is not reactivted by taking your foot off the pedal nor pushing on the accelerator. Honda can't duplicate the problem so I am stuck with this intermittent problem. I have to shift in S or L to start the engine up again. It is worse in stop and go traffic. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I am not a mechanic but I have had this problem and can give some advice. I can't believe all the terrible information I have been reading about. First off the battery has nothing to do with the car not starting. Battery should be fine, the blinking lights are a clue. Read your owners manual about what blinking lights indicate. One person mentioned letting the gas tank breath. That is the closest thing that anyone had said to answering the question. The sensor for the catalytic converter are problems in the hch. They should be recalled, but I don't think Honda built one that works. I have a 05 HCH and I do primarily city driving. My warning light first came on at 30K miles, I tightened the gas cap and everything was fine, as recommended in the owners manual. It happened for the next 30K miles with a little more frequency. I finally replaced the gas cap. The light came on and would not go out one time. No problems with cars performance mpg or sputtering. I took it to the dealer and they said it needed 1 of 2 catalytic converters. I could not afford $1,500 at the time and kept driving it. The light went out and I took it back to Honda they said all was good. The next time it happened I was at an appointment and went to leave and I had the blinking dash board lights again. If you look in the owners manual. Their is a safety mechanism that prevents the car from starting and you get blinking lights on your dash as an indicator. When the catalytic converter is too hot or its sensor is indicating a problem, the car will not start. In that instance I had the car towed to Honda they said everything was fine and nothing was wrong it happened to me again and then I read in the manual about the lights and went to a few forums myself and I figured out what was going wrong. Now I live with the problem. Every once in a while the light comes on and off. Every once in a while the car won't start, but give it 30min max and it will start. However, in my opinion if I replace the converter the problem with the sensor will still give the same issue. If I replace both the problem may go away however for a cost of $1800 its not worth finding out. I will simply live with the inconvenience. Hopefully one day Honda will give a recall. PS I get the warning light more often when I do hwy driving. Maybe a mechanic or someone else with more experience can elaborate more on what knowledge I have given.
  • 92 Honda Civic.
    Recently, the engine stalled when it tried to shift beyond 25 mph. I had to step on the pedal harder to get the car shifted from 25 mph to 35 mph. The car run all right after it reached 35 mph. I checked the transmission fluid and it is low. Is this an ignition or transmission problem?
    I recall that I had the similar problem a couple years ago. The mechanic told me the # 2 spark plug well was filling with oil causing the ignition wire to short out. They replaced the valve cover gasket, spark plugs and ignition wires.
    Why was it filled with oil? Would this be the same issue again? Is it something else?
    Thank you for your advice.
  • On my 08 hch, I do have the same experience on hard braking with auto-stop to come up. Any further status you could share?
  • nmckainnmckain Posts: 3
    Can someone chime in on this issue? My 07 HCH (92Kmi) occasionally starts like a non-hybrid vehicle. This usually happens with the first use of the day although the same thing has happened more than once in a day.

    As you know the engine typically starts with very little sound however when this issue occurs the engine sounds like a regular car starting.

    I recently had to take it in to have a recall issue was something to do with the IMA. could this be the reason it does this does coincide with the recall fix. :cry:

    I appreciate anything you can do to assist!
  • perrydaleperrydale Posts: 3
    I have an 05, and it does this when the hybrid battery is low. I think normally the electric "assist" motor turns over the gas engine by using the hybrid battery to start. When the hybrid battery does not have enough charge, the regular battery is used and activates the starter just like a non-hybrid would do. Why the regular battery does not just start the IMA motor like the hybrid battery, I do not know.

    I could be wrong on this...I am no expert, but did give it a lot of thought when my hybrid first started like a non-hybrid. It alarmed me at first, but then I noticed that every time this happened the hybrid battery gauge showed it was not charged. It does not happen very often with mine.
  • I have an '04 Hybrid, 5-speed, and I am having this same problem. Once the car is warmed up, it will not idle - it bucks and stalls while coasting or resting. The auto stop still works fine. Has anyone else had this problem - or fixed it?
  • I am a poor college student and my car needs its Oxygen sensor replaced. But the dealer wants $400 dollars to replace it, which is close to what I make in a month. SO it's not an option. Next best thing is for me to fix it myself! BUT I don't know the exact part I need, and I don't know exactly how to fix it. I need help figuring it out! I am good with electronics and I figure I can fix a car!!! THANKS FOR READING! hope to hear some good replies.
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