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Dodge Durango idling up and down



  • The blower motor is relatively easy to remove (under / behind the glove compartment) I think it has just 3 screws (8mm?) (the rear screw is a little difficult to get to) If you remove the screws the motor comes straight down. It may have something stuck in the blades or while you have it out get it tested at any local auto parts store or auto-electric supplier. Hope this helps!

    By the way, my TPS was the problem and has been perfect since replacement. The fuel injector service did not help fuel milage :-(
  • Hello,
    I'm having the same problem with idling up and down, was told by dealership TPS needs to be replaced--for about $180, is this a complex issue or can i have any shop replace this? From what i have read it doesn't seem like it's a big problem....

    2000 durango v8 4.9 engine

  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    ur battery is dying. it will have 12.6 volts but cca will be down. ur batt. cant hold its reserve capacity charge.
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    check the transmission fluid level, ur torque converter may not be locking.
  • Not a big deal to replace the TBS. I prefer going to private shops you trust (ask friends who they use) rather than the dealerships. Then you can talk with the person actually doing the work rather than a service manager.
  • poopsiegapoopsiega Posts: 2
    I am having this same issue with my 2002 Durango. I doesn't seem to be as bad when the engine heats up. But the Check Engine light is constantly on. When I put the car in park it idles up and down like I'm pressing the excelerator. Sometimes I can quickly press the excelerator and let off and it will come back down to a normal idle. has anyone answered on how to fix this yet? I am very mechanically challenged but would like to repair this myself. Since gas is $4 a gallon I would like to save money on repairs if possible.
  • I drive a 2000 Durango 5.9L with 92,000 miles on it. Best vehicle I've ever owned.
    Recently I took a trip to the mountains in Colorado. As soon as I got up to about 6,000 ft, the engine started surging and it wanted to downshift. The check engine lite came on. When I returned to a lower altitude, after a while the lite went out and the performance improved somewhat. It still surged somewhat and continued to do so occasionally even after returning home to Illinois.
    Any thoughts please.
  • johnny84johnny84 Posts: 1
    hey i am having the same trouble with my durango.. so did the TPS fixed the problem when you change it on yours??? pls rel at

  • :blush: Hello all fellow Durango owners that are having the same idling problem. I have been having a problem for nearly a year also....I think I have found the fix....My vehicle has been in the shop 4 times now...they have cleaned the IAC valve, changed some hoses, hooked it up to diagnostics time and time again...I would drive away and all seem well for about 2 days...then the same idling problem would start all over again. Last week, it not only was idling irratically, but it started to surge forward while I was stopped at a stop light. It kept lunging forward and I had the brake down to the floor...I finally put it in park. I called the auto shop again (furious)..they told me to bring it in. I did a half day's worth of research. Took it back to them and told them that I wanted them to change my TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). They almost laughed at me (I am a female of course) and they told me it was not tripping any codes...I told them I didn't care...I wanted them to change it for me. About noon that day, they called me and told me that I was 100% correct...I had a bad TPS!!!!!! They changed that for me (free of charge) and I have been driving it around for 5 days now and it has given me NO Problem in idling. I did also have a bad thermal fan clutch (which I have let my boyfriend replace). So far so good....It seems like my 01 Durango 4.7L 4x4 hit 100,000 miles and started falling apart!!!! I have additional a/c problems now in that it is not blowing really cold air. the mechanic said my freon is full, etc, so I don't know what the problem is. I get some cool air, but it never really gets cold! Oh yeah, and I also have a power steering pressure switch going leaks, etc. But if I can save you some time and money with the Idling problem, then I will be happy! Good Luck with it!!!!
  • atvmax99atvmax99 Posts: 3
    Hello! I just read your post on the idle surge and was hoping for a follow up on your idle condition. Your last post on this issue was over 2 weeks ago so I was curious if your Durango is still behaving. Ours is a 2001 4.7L 4x4 SLT, we bought it new and up until 105K miles it's been a decent vehicle however it seems to be making up for it now. Among many problems the biggest now is the surging idle which from searching many forums is quite common to this particuliar vehicle. We've had it back to the dealer several times to correct this annoying/dangerous condition. They've replaced the TPS, the IAC, cleaned the throttle body and fuel delivery system, it was fine for a couple weeks and went back to doing it again. The engine light is on but it's been on a year prior to this condition and the code for the light is a General Computer Fault. So far this problem has cost over $500 to correct and no avail and I can't keep bringing it back to them because they claim every part they replace is "defective" which gets them out of giving me a refund for the work since it still does it! For awhile it seemed to behave when outside temps were above 80 degrees so I replaced the Ambient Air Charge Sensor which still didn't fix it and now it will surge to 2000rpm's regardless of outside temps!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    If it's showing a general computer fault, then by what criteria isn't the computer (I'm thinking PCM here) a suspect? I have the same model but a 2000. The IAC valve has been the problem on mine, but I've never replaced it, just removed and cleaned it.
  • atvmax99atvmax99 Posts: 3
    The vehicle has had this fault code well over a year prior to it developing this problem, that fact doesn't give me lots of confidence it's the cause of it's woes. Plus the ECM or PCM whatever term one uses to describe the car's computer is an expensive "lets see if THIS fixes it" proposition. It's obvious from everything thats going wrong with this thing from, no rear heat, recently replaced front drive shaft, once in a while working fuel guage, the idle problem and now I discovered the AC compressor is constantly running, my Durango is at it's end of life point where it morphed from a descent family vehicle to a "can't trust it to get back home money pit"! We'll deal with it until we can get it's replacement. :(
  • I have had this same problem for 2 YEARS NOW and no fix on my 2001 Dodge Durango. I have replaced the TPS, IAC valve, cleaned the throttle body, tune up, new air filter, various mechanics driving it and "it runs great!". Sometimes it will either just out right cut off or just idle really low until it corrects itself. When this happens while i am actually driving i get no juice to the engine and it will barely crawls until i can get to the shoulder and put it in park. I know its a simple fix but because no codes come up and the problem never seems to duplicate for any of the mechanics it is still not fixed. HELP! Any answers or solutions PLEASE email me at
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • hagronhagron Posts: 6
    My 1999 Durango is hard to start when it is cold or warm. When the engine is hot, it starts fine. It runs well, just hard to start cold or when you let it sit for more than 40 minutes. I have replaced the Water Temp Sensor, Intake Air Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Idle Air Control Sensor, PCV Valve, Distributor Cap and Rotor. Nothing has helped. Any suggestions as to what I have missed?
  • gjshadgjshad Posts: 1
    what and how did u clean the iac valve?
  • chrissyvchrissyv Posts: 5
    It seems a bunch of us are having problems with these trucks with no fixes available or found. I have been having my same problem for close to three years now and still no fix. Mine will be running fine and then start idling really low and sometimes it will actually cut off whether i am driving or sitting at idle at a light. It mostly happens while sitting at idle. Only once did it surge really high to the point where i had to cut it off thinking it might blow up. I have replaced the iac valve, throttle position sensor, had the throttle body cleaned (supposedly), just recently had the fuel injection cleaned. None have made a difference. Im at the point where i may go to the junk yard and start buying cheap sensors and see if any of thise are the problem. Cant afford a new vehixle right now.
  • atvmax99atvmax99 Posts: 3
    Is the engine light on and if so what code comes up when you pull it?

    I was in the same predicamant with my Durango thinking my only option is a new car but fortunately replacing the PCM solved all of it's woes. It now idles perfectly in all temp conditions and even fixed another issue I had which was the AC compressor clutch staying on all the time. The engine code for PCM was P0601 which was a GENERAL FAULT CODE PCM. This part is $800 if bought through a dealer, I found a refurbed one on Ebay for $200 and free shipping!
  • chrissyvchrissyv Posts: 5
    No engine code ever comes up...thats what stinks about the whole thing! I did have someone else metion the pcm. So your did the same idling issue???
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    edited April 2011
    I used a contact cleaner to somewhat dissolve the gummy build up on the plunger, then let it drain out good. Then I put in a few drops of gun oil and worked the plunger in and out a little to distribute the oil. It's been good now for about a year (I don't use it as a daily driver anymore). I suspect it will eventually gum up again and I'll probably just replace it next time.
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