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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Brake Problems



  • Check ALL of your lines! I had an 03 and it too looked it was parked over a salt pile. All the following were replaced once and some twice on mine over 8 yrs , 60,000 miles. Brake lines, all PS lines, PS cooler, PS pump ( rotted hose nipple) engine oil and cooler lines ( 2x), brake, AC, transmission. Fuel line connection at the tank where they connect tot he nylon oil lines. Corrosion causes the o -ring to not seal, which causes fuel under pressure to reduce a fine gasoline spray under the truck, ( you know, the kind that causes a fine fire). MY tranny dipstick handle rusted off! The dealer replaced the exhaust heat shields several times under warranty. My bumper rusted the 1st month I owned it and before it was replaced, a GM rep to come out to see it. Took him a year to show up, by then it was an ugly mess. They replaced one and undercoated the other one. Years later, I nearly peeled the undercoated bumper off the truck by hand due to rust. There was like no metal left. There was seriously some kind of major a problem with some of those trucks. All, the GM reps could say is that 'we see no recall in our database'. I no longer see GMs in my driveway after 35 yrs. GMs customer care convinced me to buy the other US truck.
  • Anyone else besides me notice the add for a new 2012 Chevy truck on the right side of the screen at the bottom? Oh yeah, thats what i'm gonna do- I think i'll go out and just buy a brand new Chevy truck, since the one i'm driving right now is held together by the red rot that keeps falling off the truck in my driveway.
    Look at the ad- I QUOTE- "Silverado- The most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road" , which means -the most dependable (at breaking down), longest lasting (the junk yards are full of em').
    HA HA, I Needed to see that ad, its been a hard day!!
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Yea I was under truck this weekend and sure enough the trans lines and fuel lines are rusting away as well :lemon: :sick:
    I gotta tell ya though you started my day off with a smile when I read "which causes fuel under pressure to reduce a fine gasoline spray under the truck, ( you know, the kind that causes a fine fire)"
    I mean really, some of the things going wrong with these General Malfunction Built Tough trucks is ridiculous. Why no recalls :confuse: possibly because enough of us haven't reported to NHTSA but that's a guess. More likely GM has someone in their pocket. They'll probably be looking for another government bailout again soon too :surprise:

    Ray T
  • i own a 2003 1500 chevy. bought it new in 2002. @20,000 miles had problems w/ brakes. GM replaced them @ no cost to me. @ 40,000 miles had same problem. GM paid for 1/2 to get fixed.
    @ 65,000 miles had same problem again. GM would not do anything said it must be the way i drive! Saturday my nephew moved my truck for me and almost hit the chicken coop..NO BRAKES. I looked underneath and the brake line has a slice in it about 1/2 inch long!! the lines are completley rusted. I can fix the part that blew out or replace the entire line. It wil happen again. GM will not take resonsibilty. I live in a GM town and i've bought gm trucks for years, never again. i'd rather drive a foreign vehicle...oh wait maybe i am!! sincerly disappointed w/GM and fact that it will take a major lawsuit due to an untimely death to fix this problem, that they absolutely know about.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Same issues as you. Bought a brand new 2000 Silverado 2500, developed a front end shimmy problem, dealer turned the rotors at 20k under warranty, replaced the sensors. ABS still activates at 5 mph on a flat dry road. I have replaced all 4 rotors, 2 calipers and recleaned the sensors numerous times. GM doesn't care they already got our money and government bailout to boot because of their sloppy business practices while the CEO's keep getting the bonuses.
    I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT. I tell those who are contemplating it not to as well because of their lack of customer care with persistent problems.
    Buyer Beware !

    Ray T
  • I have 2003 Silverado 2500HD 72,000 miles which just had a brake line burst, cost me $654.00 to replace all lines except the one over the rear end, done at my regular garage not dealership as they always seem to find more thighs wrong than what t originally went in for.
    I hear that GM says it must be due to road salt etc, well I run my truck thru the car wash after every storm an do the undercarriage rinse as well as wash.
    Also hear about you must be using truck in the snow belt, well yes, it came with a plow package from the factory, certainly not using it in Arizona!
    By the way it has the plow package but has ever been used as a plow truck just happened to get a good deal on it without the blade in the spring.
    You'd think that knowing a plow truck gets used in a snowbelt some adequate corrosion protection might be a good idea.
    My wife as a 2003 VW GTi with a little over 100,000 miles is there s hardly any corrosion, and yes we both drive it in the snow, gets much better mileage than the truck.
  • I had a 94 GM pick up for 10 yrs, never had a rust problem, and that truck ran good, put 244,000 miles on it with normal repairs except a fuel pump. I still have my 91 s10 with no rust at all. That's why I bought another Gm in 2002. What a piece of JUNK. Road salt my butt. I was told it's the brine they use now. The US has been using brine for yrs. Gm doesn't give a crap at all, and us citizens bailed them out. They took profits VS safety, and they still went bankrupt. I just spent $2000 on brake lines, hoses, calibers so i'll keep it thru this winter then out it goes before the fuel lines and everything else falls off the truck. Then it will go to the auction, I would not be able to look a buyer in the eye knowing he is buying a death trap.

    i'll say it again, I'm on here for the sole reason to get GM truck owners informed before we read a post about an injury or DEATH. Get your truck brakes lines fixed now, before they give out. When it happens, and it will, it's just like a murder movie where the wife cuts the husbands brakes lines and he goes over a cliff. Ya,, it's that quick.
  • dhb4dhb4 Posts: 4
    The abs light has been coming on quite frequently on my 06 gmc Sierra. At slow speeds the abs makes a ratcheting sound when I'm not even touching the break. When I do push on the pedal it sometimes pulsates. It doesn't matter if it is raining or on a dirt or paved road.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • The ABS was another problem along with rusting brake and fuel lines. There was a recall where all the dealer did was blow dirt off the senors at each wheel. This didn't help. I ended up pulling the ABS fuse and cured problem. Note the ABS light will stay on all the time. Mine is a 2002 pick up. Not sure if the 2006 was recalled for this. The brake pedal would go to the floor at around 5 mph, and you won't be able to stop fast in traffic or pulling in a parking place. Pumping when this happens would help, but in a panic situation, your screwed. I don't think they figured a fix for this either. And don't forget to check ALL your brake lines for rusting ! Not sure if the 2006 was affected with that problem too.
  • Good morning dhb4,

    If you decide you want to get your ABS system serviced at your local dealership and wanted for us to work with you through that process, please don't hesitate to contact us at (include your name and contact information, summary of the situation, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealer).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    My sensors were replaced on the recall notice (2000 Silverado 2500) The problem reappeared 2 yrs later. I pulled everything apart to get to them (their behind the hub so it all has to come off on the 2500 just to get to them) cleaned and reinstalled. All good for another year now sensors are kicking on @5mph flat surface dry pavement road for NO reason at all. I have reported issue to NHTSA as well as the brake line rusting/gas line rusting & transmission lines rusting.
    Maybe if enough of us do it something will happen. ( I'm thinking this way based on my brothers Toyota pick truck "silent recall" for the entire frame being replaced do to rust issues).

    I'm not sure what GM Sarah is gonna do for you other then set-up an appt. Listening to other posters, they still had to pay for the repair.
    Keep us informed on your out come and don't forget to file a report with NHTSA

    Ray T
  • Hateful Jim here- Not sure if you've seen my first posts, but your truck is now doing the same thing mine did right before i hit the HUGE yellow pole in LOWES parking lot, trying to miss the SUV in the spot directly in front of me.
    Found this site and found out that when the wheel bearings are just starting to wear out, NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO DETECT, the bearings let the hub wobble just enough for the sensors to detect the wobble, and it confuses the sensors, causing the abs to activate. The only different symptom your having is that your getting it "when i'm not even touching the brake", mine did it immediately at soft braking, hard braking didnt matter, at that point no braking. GM said nothing was wrong with my truck, but the pole at LOWES didnt care much for GM's diagnosis!! Check your hubs, it might save your life.!!
  • Hey Sarah, Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that. To think that Garbage Motors cares, or even intends to "work with you thru the process", THATS A JOKE-Ha ha, dang, bout fell outa my chair there laughing.
    What are they gonna do, help her put a downpayment on a toyota??

    Hey- keep them jokes coming- days are tough here in this rough economy. Us hardworking middle class ( NON UNION/ NON AUTO INDUSTRY EMPLOYEES), workers that dont make a weeks pay per day, and cant get a bail out, we need a good laugh a day.
    Drive slowly, remember that GM your drivin may just get you killed!!
    HATEFUL JIM SAID THAT- Ya'll have a great day!!
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208

    Your like a good cup of coffee and comedy show first thing in the morn'in. :P

    I think GM Sarah is an Avatar in GMcustomer service dept. ;) not real but out spoken ;)

    Ray T :shades:
  • LOL Jim, Good posts. I still haven't seen anyone getting results from the customer service rep who replies on here. How about telling us that someone has actually got their truck repaired PAID by GM.

    I get better results posting stupid stuff on Facebook.
  • Jim here. Hey thanks, truth is, i mean every word of it. Hey- I'm 51, i bought my 1st Chevy truck in 1979 at 18 years old, and it was a hell of a truck. To date i have owned 5 or 6 chevy's, and they ALL were super trucks. BUT- and thats a BIG butt- somewhere down the line, Chevy went from building dependable trucks for the working man, to making cheap trucks to profit!!

    Hey- wife and i have been talking for a couple of years about buying a camper to tow to Clearwater Beach, and setting it up so we would have one there when we go down every year ( I REALLY love the Tampa Bay area, best place i've ever been, i reside in the great state of North Carolina). BUT- like i told her last week, BEFORE i buy a camper to tow to Florida, HELL, I'd have to buy a truck to pull it with!! I'd be afraid to tow a camper for an 8 hour drive, only to break down halfway there.

    Remember, GM is the most dependable trucks on the road (at breaking down and GM not finding anything wrong with them, that is)
    YA'll have a great day, HATEFUL JIM said that.
  • Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I too installed a bug shield and now have static in the speakers! Do you have the Bose speakers mounted in your A-pillars? That is where the static seems to be coming from. I winder ifnthere is some shielding that might stop it?
  • Ditto on "Chevy went from building dependable trucks for the working man, to making cheap trucks to profit". I too have a 30ft camper and no way will i pull it with the Chevy, be afraid of something falling off the truck and being stuck. I bought a 07 Ford E150 van new, with 125k on it, not one problem and plenty of tow power. I only keep the Chevy pick up for 4 wheel drive when it snows. (Eastern PA.) I do drive it more now that in the past 3 yrs I've spent $4k on EVERYTHING associated with brakes,master cyl, calibers, lines, front hubs and wheel bearings.
    As I always mention, I'm on here not to just complain about GM trucks, but to make others aware they are driving an unsafe vehicle. Get it fixed now!

    Chevy 2002 4x4 pickup
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    :confuse: Radio static & ABS brake problems are not one in the same, your on the wrong page homey.................
  • Yeah, its a damn shame, you pay this much for a truck, and get it paid off, after paying all that money, its not worth anything, so you cant sell it, Its a piece of s__t, so your afraid to go on a long trip with it, with anything valuable in tow, and IBD (we all know what that means), if i'm gonna plunk down another 25000 for another truck. Even if i did, WOULDNT BE A CHEVY!!
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