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Toyota FJ Cruiser Real World MPG

steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
Please report on your FJ Cruiser mileage here.

Include your odometer reading, city/highway mix, driving style or anything else you think may help others compare their mpg with yours. Thanks!

Steve, Host

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  • davpaydavpay Posts: 1
    Hello, I know the FJ is new or redesigned for 2007, I'm wondering if Toyota will respond with working on better MPG for future models, I'm very interested in looking into a cruiser. I own a 2006 Chevy Silverado 4x4 extra cab with the small V8 and get the same millage that I've read the FJ is getting. My mother who's always been a diehard chevy fan bought a 2000 Camry and says she wouldn't but anything but a Toyota again. So I'm more than willing to trade if the mileage would be better, I've liked all I've read about this SUV. Thanks for any insight that can be given.
  • I've read that the fuel suggested is premium, is this the mandatory grade and can the warranty be voided if a problem develops because or regular.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Just got back from a 5000 mile trip to the coast of Maine.
    I got mpg lowest was 18.3 highest was 21.3 all on regular gas. I drive 75 to 80 on the interstates so I was pleased with the mpg.
  • kruzer4kruzer4 Posts: 3
    I have owned my FJ auto. for 3months and have maintained 19.5 miles per gallon. This is city driving in Denver Colorado. Stop and go. Maybe averaging 150 miles a day. I have 9800 miles on it. This milage is also with the A/C on almost continuous. I recently went on a road trip of about 2800 miles thru Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Averaging 70 miles per hour with the A/C on always. 19 miles per gallon!!!I am confussed on the Premium gas deal. My dealer said that at high altitude regular gas is fine, at sea level I should be using premium.
  • nosbor77nosbor77 Posts: 40
    Do you have 4x4?? I'm assuming 4x2.
  • nosbor77nosbor77 Posts: 40
    Do you have 4x4??
  • nosbor77nosbor77 Posts: 40
    Can anyone report 4x4 FJ mpg please??

    looking to buy..

  • kruzer4kruzer4 Posts: 3
    it is a 4x4
  • No - Find Toyota Bulletin PP06-VG6027 issued 3-24/06 - your dealer will have a copy. It says "However, regular unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating is acceptable." It adds that the HP rating might be reduced with the use of non-premium fuel.

    I'm getting 18.7 MPG on regular.
  • I bought my 4WD automatic FJ 5/19 and have been running regular gas for 4300 miles. And I have installed an Airaid air intake system and converted to synthetic lubricant in the engine,differentials and transfer case. The trans comes from the factory with synthetic. I'm impressed with the throttle response and apparent power but not the MPG. I drive 65% city and 35% highway. City is 15 - 17 mpg and highway is 18 - 20 mpg. Prior to the FJ I had a '00 auto 4WD Tacoma with the 2.7L 4 banger. My mpg on it was 18 - 20 city and 18 - 20 highway. It also was all synthetic lube.
  • I have a new FJ and I'm a little disappointed with the fuel numbers. It's a 4x4 with the manual 6 speed and I did a combination City/Country test of the MPG and came up with 15.6
    The MPG doesn't bother me so much (I traded a 5.4 L Ford that got 11) but the tank is too small. I had the gauge at about a 1/16 of a tank, not touching the empty, and I had only gone 239 miles. Not good. For the desert driving I do I'll need aux fuel if I go anywhere out here in Arizona. On the other hand I feel it's going to be a great hot weather truck with the limited glass and white top. cool :shades:
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    No help here but I can say that shortly after my low fuel light came on I filled up noting that there was still 5 gallons in the tank. I get about 19 combined city and highway so thats an extra 95 miles. I'd feel comfortable going another 50 or 60 miles after the light comes on, if I had to for a fill up.

  • I'm looking to buy a 4x4 FJ. Can anyone tell me mpg with towing? I have a pop-up camper that I'll be towing and want to know what the average towing mileage is.
  • I have about 17,000 miles on my FJ 4x4. I started it on premium 91-92 octane, then switched to 87. I get 15-17 in the city, and 17-20 on the highway. I was really bad, but after 10K miles it improved a bit. Also, I drive 70+ on the interstate, and the best mileage comes when i travel 55mph on small highways. I have towed a 16' bateau, and got around 15 mph on that trip.
  • On roughly 100 mile trips on inter state only I get 26 mpg heavy @ 70 mph, 28 heavy @ 65mph and 32 mpg heavy @ 60 mph. My crusier was purchased in Feb 07 and is a 4 wheel drive model and these resullts are repeatable.
  • I've got just over 7200 miles on my FJ now. It has the BFG All Terrain TA tires and TRD wheels on it. I would say my average mileage is around 15mpg. I've seen 17mpg a couple times, and as low as 12mpg. I drive it like I stole it most of the time.I wish the shifter was a little smoother. I have a 6 speed manual.I love the way it drives.My biggest complaint right now is that it's like driving a plywood sheet down the road, in that it seems to collect what seems to be 90 percent of the bugs in it's path. It has a bug deflector on it as well.

  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    What do you mean by heavy? And how are you figuring your mpg? Don't get defensive but since you are the only person on earth getting numbers like this MAYBE you are making an estimating error?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    since you are the only person on earth getting numbers like this

    I'm not sure how you would know this! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • For who ever is questioning Crusier mileage how about 210 miles @ 70 mph on 7.95 gal of gas, or 198 miles @ 65 mph on 6.95 gal or 234 miles at 60 mph on 6.9 gal or 113 miles at 60 mph on 3.5gal
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