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Toyota FJ Cruiser Real World MPG



  • My Crusier is an automatic 4 wheel drive
  • lgrtlgrt Posts: 5
    After 8,000 miles and watching it closely, MPG is averaging 19.8. Soon you will have a lot more data to evaluate the numbers yourself... Why?

    On August 24, 2007, a father and son team will set out from Poulsbo, Washington in a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser on a road trip north, into the Arctic Circle. Along the way the adventures hope to raise awareness of the need to eliminate hate and celebration diversity in our communities across the northwest. The adventurers' geographical goal, Deadhorse Alaska, just a stones through from the Arctic Ocean and the northern most US point, accessible by “road”.

    Daily blogs will relay back mileage, gas usage and other test drive information. You can follow the adventure at Road Trip Adventure BLOG (

    Drop a note at and let us know what other information you would like tracked on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Celebrate Our Differences and Diversity
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,845
    Just a note. Be prepared to run into Oil Company rules in Deadhorse. You are allowed within about 5 miles of the Arctic. At that point you will have to take a tour from a local vendor to get out to the Arctic. It would be better to charter a small plane to take you over to Barter Island (Kaktovik). Then you will see a very good example of an Eskimo Village. My favorite by far. Nice people there. A couple small camps you can get lodging and food. Have fun and take plenty of gas. No premium available if your FJ is used to the expensive stuff.

    Your links come up empty.
  • lgrtlgrt Posts: 5
    Yes... we are picking up the tour at the gate to go the last 5 miles. The plane sounds cool but i think we'll stick to the dirt roads.

    A couple of quick facts that affect the MPG of our rig:
    Manual 6
    295x70x17 tires

    It will be interesting to see which will change the MPG more: the extra tire weight or the change in final gearing from taller tires

    and thanks for the link alert :-( this should take you to the blog: Road Trip Adventure Blog (
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,845
    In my 25 plus years in Deadhorse I saw lots of adventurers come through. It is a good trip if you have the time to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Just be careful of the big trucks on the haul road. You don't want any rocks through the windshield. Have a great trip! Good grayling fishing about mile 48 out of Deadhorse.
  • lgrtlgrt Posts: 5
    I figure that section is good for one windshield replacement... thanks for the fishing tip... I'm looking forward to wetting a fly line along the way on this adventure.

    Road Trip Adventure
  • rustyb3rustyb3 Posts: 1
    Just got back from a trip to California and got 23.4 mpg on most of my trip. The only time it was less was when I had the air on. Then it droped to 22.2 mpg.

    I love this rig. The only thing I would change is the ability to remotely lower the read window while driving.

  • Hi,

    Just bought a FJ cruiser a couple of days ago, and Just noticed a tag on the tank cap saying "premium gas only".

    Does it take premium gas only? If not, would regular gas hurt the engine? Would it affect the horse power or mileage?

    For people, who have given the real mileage here, did you achieve the mileage with premium gas?

    Appreciate any help.

    tan pu
  • I have about 6K on my 07 FJ. Its a 4X4 with the Auto trans.
    Have used it in a wide variety of driving situations, to include some off road, and towing. I have yet to break 19mpg in any case, and have been as low as 15. Before I go any further I have to say I love this vehicle. I recently purchased it after my 06 Tundra was totaled in a wreck. (welcome to New Orleans) Overall I like it much better than the Tundra. About the premium gas thing. I first noticed this in the handout and on the web site. The Toyota dealer said it was all a mistake (soon to be fixed) and to use regular gas, which I have from the start. I'm not a big fan of the Dunlop Tires that came with it however. Then are the same as ones that came with my Tundra. Despite rotating them every 5K, and constantly checking the pressure, they were pretty much wore out at about 35K? I expect them same from these, and will replace them with Michelin, which I have always had great luck with. Also the first time I took my new truck off road I got a flat from a sharp rock? First flat tire I have had in years? I wish the gas tank was bigger, at least 26 gals. Hard to go more than 325-350 miles on a tankful. :confuse:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Carrying that extra weight around with a bigger gas tank wouldn't help the mpg any.

    Edmunds says the FJ requires premium unleaded fuel (link) - if you are burning regular, your mpg may be taking a hit there too. We had this discussion a while back and the consensus was that regular was ok otherwise (at least that's my recollection). [edit - found the link: toyotasellingg, "Inside Line Long Term Test 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser" #6, 9 Jul 2006 7:24 pm. You'd think Toyota would have changed the specs - what does the fuel label say on yours?]

    See What about fuel types & gas mileage? for more. And check out 2007 FJ Cruiser -- Gotta Give it the Good Stuff.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Just got back from New Orleans--- going 96 miles @ 60 mph 3.6 gal (stopped for breakfast) 26.7 MPG. Coming back 210 mi @ 60 mph - 3.6 Gal (set it and forgwet it) 31.7 mpg. Combined 210 miles 7.2 gal. 29.2 mpg. 07 FJ Crusier automatic 4 wheel drive.
  • My experience is gas with oxygenated additives will always result in lower mpg numbers then pure gas. It is completely unnecessary to add oxygen additives in these days of computer controlled O2 sensors and fuel injection. It's like you are getting 10% less gas per gallon. Also, you haul the extra weight of the additive further reducing mpg.
  • There must be a problem with mine. It is a 4x4 manual, 4 inches of lift, 33 inch rubber, best I get is 18, and typically lots less. I get 16 or less at 75 mph. I get the 18.2 at 55 with everything right. I have 15k miles I use premium. It was worse with reg, but maybe not enough worse to justify the cost.
  • Hey, this question isn't about MPG but is fuel-related. I got my FJ in July '07. Loved em since I first saw em and loved it even more when I got behind the wheel. Anyway, everytime I put fuel in, the nozzle clicks off continuously. I have to pull the nozzle almost all the way out for it to pump smoothly and have occasionally, even lost a little gas while doing this. Any suggestions or have you had this problem? Thanks. :shades:
  • I did a test drive two weeks ago in the FJ that I now own,
    4WD Auto, and on an overall 460 mile trip (mixed city/rural driving) got 22.34 MPG. Mileage is dependent on the driver and his habits. My other car, 96 Lincoln TC, gets s consistent 22.5 MPG. I think that my FJ will improve after a resonable break-in. Jack Rabbit starts and fast stopping deccelarations are the culprits in lousy mileage.
  • Hi
    anyone out there have MPG numbers for a 4x2, mostly city driving? Thinking about buying a "leftover" 4x2, but would like to know if it's possible to get low 20s for MPG in the city, with some freeway. I plan to use regular unless that would void the warranty. Premuim's WAY TOO much out here in California!
    Thanks~! :)
  • judas1judas1 Posts: 5
    I think I spotted the problem. 33" tires. What do you think you're going to get with those on there? 25 mpg? Get real.
  • I haven't put more than 700 miles on my '08 FJ but the first full tank of gas got me 19 miles per gallon. It's a 4x4 with automatic trans. My driving is a mix of rural (lower speed limits varying from 30mph to 45mph with only a few stop lights) and some interstate driving (short runs to work - 15 minute drives, a few of those miles are at 70 mph). Overall I am pleased because that's about what I got in my 4L Jeep Cherokee Sport, which was lighter and smaller sized.
  • I have 675 miles on my 2008 FJ. I drive mostly around town and tend to be a little heavy footed (love the acceleration!). I get a little better than 16. (Considerably better than my F150 pu!!
  • first if I was worried about mpg we would have bought a some small thing
    to drive that said. the avrage was 15 mpg new now with the torando installed at nomrmaly 70 to 75 mph highway were getting about 17.8 in the city 16.5 were happy with that. im shure if we slowed down the numbers
    would get better. if you get a tornado.give it a few tank.s full for I think that need to carbon up a little. but it dos work and yes we love our fj. the things i would change lift gate in rear. and stronger fan for heat and air happy wheeling and god speed
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