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Mazda CX-7 Real World MPG



  • I have a CX-7 awd - constant 25 mpg - 100% hwy at 115-120 kph.
    STAY IN MANUAL - much easier to control boost.
    Auto - keeps switching between 5th and 6th gear
    Cruise - stays in 6th but the boost keeps coming on at slightest ascent.

    Try it.

    *city driving is 16-18mpg - love the turbo
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    Just FYI, here is a NA 4 cyl.:
    #547 of 547 23.6 mpg with a/c on 2007 CRV 4WD by guru_g Sep 04, 2007 (12:30 pm)
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    I get around 25 mpg without airconditioning (a/c). I always use cruise control when I can and drive from 65-68 mph. total mileage=4100 miles. On one of the longer freeway trips (~200 miles) I got around 27 mpg on the freeway driving 75-80 mph with cruise control and a/c. The above is without any passengers in the car.

    Enjoy the power :)
  • CXT FWD T. 1,600 miles of Suburben driving. Average = 20.26 mpg. Hi 21.69 & low of 19.64. Car now has ~ 2,200 miles on it and I did not measure gas mileage for the first 600 miles. Not great but, expected for this large a vehicle with 244 hp. Ed
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Consumer reports has just weighed in on their comparison of MPG amongst various categories of vehicles.

    I just received my '08 New Car Preview. CR had an article about fuel economy and how to use/interpret the EPA new figures as opposed to CRs real world tests.

    On page 16 they listed Best & Worst in Fuel Economy - those cars they actually tested. In the Best column, under midsized SUV's, in 8th place appears CX-7. Yippee! :blush: With 18 overall MPG, City at 12 and highway at 25. The only other vehicle that made the list, that's routinely compared in these forums, is the RAV4 and Forrester, both fell under the "Small SUV" category.

    Y'all can take comfort in that there are lots of other vehicles that did a whole lot worse! Now, don't ya'll feel better? :P

  • Just got back from a 700 mile dedicated long-distance freeway trip with an AWD cx-7 GT and did 24.50 mpg on mostly cruise control at about 69~70 mph. I have found that driving 75 mph + which is a breeze on the cx-7, brings it down to about 22 mpg.Driving 65 mph or less has actually brought 25 mpg or a little more.

    Urban driving is bringing a fairly steady 19.5~20 mpg and shorter rural (non-stop) driving is also delivering about 22 mpg.

    I once brought the speed up to 100 mph for a very short time and it ran quite smooth and quiet.
  • driving for two weeks in Detroit city only and a trip from Detroit to Clarion, Pa interstate only: air 100% on with cruise control set at 72 mph on the interstate trip.

    19.9 city 23.9 hwy
  • From what I read in one of the car magazines software changes in the 08 CX-7 allow Mazda to only "recommend" premium fuel rather than "require" it as the 07 model year does. My experience is if you use regular you will get less gas mileage. Also almost any car with a turbo that I know of requires premium fuel. Anyone with an 08 burning regular?
  • I've been looking at the 2007 CX-7 and love a lot about it, except for the premium gas requirement. Can anyone tell me if they use premium, upgrade, or regular gas - and their performance.
    Also - what are you REALLY averaging for mpg highway/city?

    Trying to decide on the CX-7 or the Mitsu Outlander.
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  • I use premium as required by Mazda in my 2007, and never considered doing otherwise, even on 700-mile freeway slogs.

    I'd say my mileage is about 2 mpg off the EPA estimates for '07: 16 mpg around town (driving like I stole it) and 22 mpg on the freeway (a fully loaded vehicle).

  • I now have 21K miles on my AWD CX-7 and the mpg's continue to be horrific. My daily commute is 50 miles roundtrip, half the commute is highway (70 mph) , half back roads with few stop lights / signs. My mpg's are consistently in the 15-16 mpg range which is far less than the Mazda EPA estimates. My driving style can be classified as spirited. Is anybody else experiencing similar dismal mpg's ??? I am currently in a 3 year lease and considering terminating the lease after 2 years.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    21,000 miles on a '07 cx-7 AWD getting 18 mpg city driving here in snowy Minnesota. Did slightly better in the warmer weather, maybe 19 to 19.5 city driving. Have received up to 24.5 mpg on a long hwy. trip averaging about 70 mph. Sticker advertises 18 city and 24 hwy.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    You sound surprised!! :surprise: Everyone on these forums KNOWS that the CX-7 is a gas-guzzler.

    And anyone who is considering the CX-7 should anticipate dismal MPG.

    As a point of reference, as everyone knows, if they care to search my posts, that I don't care about MPG. MPG wasn't a consideration in my purchase. :shades: Styling, performance, and features catch my eye. Bad MPG just comes with the package.

  • I wasn't expecting great mpg's, but 15-16 is less than I expected and with the price of premium fuel...........CHA CHING!!!
  • ;) am using 87 octane fuel (regular gas) and my MPG is about 17 to 18 between highway and local roads in NYC.
    When I tried to use high octane 93, the mileage was lower about 14.5 MPG but I noticed the engine to be a lot smoother. Went to dealer in NYC and I told them what I noticed, they recomended to stick to 87 octane and that the mileage will improve. So far MPG in real world usage is ok, I wish it was better.
    I have owned my car for 6 weeks (2008 CX-7 AWD-GT) love turbo once it kicks in. However, MPG SUCKS!!!
  • I purchased a 2008 GT-AWD a few weeks ago. My initial mileage numbers have been promising. My commute daily is ~75mi round trip, and it is mixed driving roughly half highway and half secondary roads.

    First tank was 18.4. the last two have been 20.7 and 21.4.

    If past experience is any guide, the mileage should slowly improve until 5k miles or so (am at 1100 now) and be pretty stable from that point on.

    I'm expecting to wind up with 23-25 the way things are going right now.

    This summer I'll take a road trip with it and see what I get for pure highway driving.
  • spice15spice15 Posts: 1
    I've been tracking my mileage religiously since I purchased my CX-7 in July 2007 and have only ever used premium. 18 MPG is average for me. One road trip resulted in 27 MPG using an average speed of 70 MPH. That's the best I've ever gotten.

    Not posting as a complaint, just a point of information to the group. May be a duplicate of previously posted information. I didn't read all the 338 previous posts.
  • tewks999tewks999 Posts: 6
    I just rolled 3,000 miles on my 2008 CX-7. For the first 1,000 miles my mileage fluctated quite a bit, hitting a high of about 21 mpg and a low closer to 16 mpg. I mix between highway and city driving.

    After settling down, my mileage has consistently being about 19 mpg for the 2,000 miles, rarely fluctuating more than 1 mpg.

    Looking back, I think the biggest factor I've experienced in my fuel effeciency is the speed I drive. Once I start averaging about 70 mpg, the effeciency would start dropping pretty quickly. In my opinion, going 80+ mph on the highway has appeared to hurt my fuel effeciency more than city driving.
  • 022540022540 Posts: 31
    Things are improving, the last all in town driving was 19.57mpg. This is above the 14-16mpg in the past. Have about 8,000 miles . Purchased the CX-7 Oct. 07
    Hwy driving has been 22-25mpg.
  • Hi, guys I just purchased CX-7 (Touring FWD with moonroof and bose, XM radio Wheel lock Splash guard and all weather mats)

    I think I got kinda good deal (23K) 5000$ less than M.S.R.P

    The reason why I choose CX-7 is good gas millage. yeah I know it sounds like wrong but it has good gas millage. How do I know before I got the CX-7?

    According to consumerguis's real world fuel-Economy Champions in midsize SUV category u can easily find CX-7 in second place. not to mention that without hybrid
    it's first place!!!!!!!!! It's 2times better than worst champion in midsize SUV category

    here's link my-champions-cga.htm

    I used to think to buy CR-V but since honda doesn't wanna give rebate to the customer. I changed my mind to buy CX-7 because It's bigger, stylish, fast and handling champion. (not to mention EPA Champion)

    before the reason why I didn't consider CX-7 is MPG but as soon as problem is solved I purchased CX-7. I didnt get it but I can't wait!!!!!
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