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Mazda CX-7 Real World MPG



  • russ_49russ_49 Posts: 54
    Another update, 283 miles, 14.47 gallons about 60/40 split city/highway for 19.56 MPG on premium only 1180 miles on the oto.
  • russ_49russ_49 Posts: 54
    251.1 miles 12.584 Gals 60/40 split city/highway, 19.96 MPG 1430 on the oto!!! :D
  • exigentexigent Posts: 2
    I've had my CX-7 GT AWD since they hit the lot. Mine has had the following (using Premium... it's a turbo... you MUST use premium):


    All is commute/in-town driving...

    I am estatic over the mpg! Much better than the crappy 05 Jeep I had prior!
  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    Wow, that's the best I've seen reported for an AWD. Congrats!
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Have you noticed any so-called "turbo lag" on acceleration from a dead stop?
  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    I've never had a turbo before, but yes, there's a bit of a kick when it hits 2500 rpms.
  • nycdragonnycdragon Posts: 14
    2nd Gas Tank results in 15.75 MPG (0.25MPG improvement from previous 15.5 MPG) :confuse: 80/20 local/highway mix.
  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    We imagine the firt few fuel ups op will show increasing gas mileasge, and you adapt to the car, the car adapts to you. I've startling idling the engine after a trip to allow the how oils to drain from the turbo. I odn't know if it has an effect or not. When I hit a good cruising with level roads and not too tight traffic, i put it from auto into manual, let it just soak up 6th gear without worrying if id like 5th.

    Just for a guide, is there any sort of
    0-100rpms -- 1st gear
    1001 rpms - 2001 2md gear
    anything like this?
  • russ_49russ_49 Posts: 54
    Another update, 1713 on the oto, 283 miles, 13.842 gals 20.45 MPG! 45/55 city/highway!
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    I'm scratching my head here. Everyone KNOWS that the CX-7 is NOT fuel effecient and that it takes premium.

    If fuel efficiency is so important to you, then why on earth would you buy the CX-7?

    So why waste your time on this forum, bragging how much MPG you can tweek out of this vehicle? If you're worried about MPG, then take the CX-7 back to the dealer and get something else!

    I didn't buy the CX-7 because of MPG or lack of it. I bought it for a host of other factors. If MPG were an over-riding concern, I would have opted for a hybrid.

    Ok, I'm off my soap box and done with my rant.

    Vince. :shades:
  • russ_49russ_49 Posts: 54
    I'm not at all worried about it! I traded in an 02 Milli S which required premium fuel, for this. I'm a huge Mazda fan, this is my 6th in a 5 year period! I actually think that the MPG that I get is about the same as my Milli. And I can truely afford to buy whatever I want!

    By the way, I was the one who, when watching the earlier posts regarding the need for premium fuel, to tell the poster to stop complaining, and go buy themselves a Kia!!! And if an extra $4 a week for gas is going to influence your decision, go look at a Hugo!!!

    When the page was setup, I figured I'd just post some real numbers so that people can see what this does.

    OK, also off the soap box here, and loving every minute in my CX!!! ;)
  • edwardsfedwardsf Posts: 187
    Well, if you want to really compare an all wheel drive vehicle to another all wheel drive vehicle regarding gas mileage, you might try the Audi A4 Quattro Avant which gets EPA 22 and 30 (the CX-7 gets 18/24). While it does not have the clearance for off road driving, the A4 is faster, quieter, handles and brakes better and has about the same amount of room as a CX-7.

    Also, it is odd that some folks are getting mileage better than EPA's (when real world drivers normally get less). You are probably a very careful driver - with a fun car like a CX-7, I would have trouble not driving fast. Also, some posters here look like they are using the notoriously inaccurate car computers to calculate.
  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    CX-7s don't have a trip computer.
  • wmiiiwmiii Posts: 10
    Just turned over 2400 miles and have been keeping a detailed record of all fuel used since picking the CX-7 up with 12 miles on the odo. So far I am showing a total of 120.9 gallons to cover 2377 miles. This calculates out to be 19.66 mpg. All but about 200 miles have been to and from work on a 20 mile stretch of IH35 in Austin during morning and afternoon rush hour. I keep very accurate records on my PDA's spreadsheet. On the one hiway trip I estimated around 24 or so mpg. I do try to keep my foot out of the TURBO as much as possible to conserve fuel but I also do enjoy the feeling it gives to hit it at least a few times a day. Probably an average driver. Very Very pleased with the car. :)
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Still awaiting the arrival of my CX-7; should be here any day now. While I have no intention of tracking its gas mileage, I am curious about one thing. I drive 30 miles one way to work. The first 20 miles are on a beautiful stretch of road (2 lane), which is residential - but since I leave fairly early and it's not a heavily populated area, I'm able to do those 20 miles non-stop going between 50-60 mph (yes, I'm speeding at that point; SSSSHH!). Is that considered highway? How would that be classified? It's definitely not stop and go.

    My last 10 miles are truly highway - the Merritt Parkway (Connnecticut).

    This is purely to satisfy my own curiousity; as I mentioned, I'm not particulary concerned about the car's mileage.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    Sounds like hwy to me...

    My own idea of city driving is stop and go, period. Since I drive 82 miles one way a day when I work, about 30 of that is inner city with some stop and go... The rest is all out Texas Highways, WOOOO HOOOO!!! :shades:
  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    That sounds right to me too. Highway is cruising along in higher gears. City is stop and go.

    You drive 82 miles each way to work? OUCH!
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    14 days a month... shift work and 14 days off!
    Killer times :shades:
  • russ_49russ_49 Posts: 54
    I figure that this is about as good as I'm going to get, went to NH over the weekend last week, plus this is going to be for three tanks, 856.7 miles 41.566 gals 20.61 MPG. I must say just a sweet ride!!! 2590 on the oto!:shades:
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    Well, THAT hurt. :surprise:
    The first tank I had full control over since taking delivery got filled up today. Vehicle is a GT AWD and has 550 miles on it now. My driving was 60% hwy/40% city. I consider myself an agressive driver, though I am taking it relatively easy during break-in (if the engine's ever hit 5000 rpm in the past two weeks, it sure wasn't on purpose).

    249 miles / 14.8 gallons = 16.8 mpg.

    I could've gone further before filling up, but the timing was right today. We'll keep watching as the car gets in its groove...
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