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Ford Explorer Engine and Diagnostics Problems

pmorg1pmorg1 Posts: 7
I have an Innova OBDII Diagnostics Code Reader. Have used it successfully on several cars including a 1999 Expedition, 2002 F-250, 2001 Mustang, Toyotas, VWs, Lexus, etc.

When I tried it on my 2004 Explorer, it did not work. Talking to Innova, they explained that by 2008 all car manufacturers had to upgrade their diagnostics to the "CAN" diagnostics and that my Explorer had already updated to this standard.

This appears to be the case, but does anyone know if there are other alternatives, as the CAN software is expesive; i.e., $500+.

Any info is appreciated.


  • I have a Ford Explorer 1997 4.0 enging this noise starts when the automobile gets hot and it continues at stop, on the road any speed this sound is progressive getting worse and louder.
  • blue05blue05 Posts: 42
    I had a 98 Explorer with a tow package and was told that a sound similar to your was to fan clutch engaging . Yours sounds like it maybe defective .
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    2001 Explorer 4.0 v6. Vehicle would not start, so my daughter had it towed to the Ford dealer in her home town. They tested the head gasket after finding water in the oil. I would have done the same. They tell her that the head gasket is fine. Next they ask if the car was in a flood. It was not. They tell her that water was found in #6 spark plug. The vehicle was hydro locked. After changing the oil, a tune up and a fuel filter change at 750.00 they still can't find a reason for the water getting into the oil. Can the head gasket be the cause and the mechanic just missed this? How else can water get into the oil? I explained to her how to check the dip stick for water so we can keep an eye on this. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Pretty much, has to be a head gasket, an intake manifold gasket (which is my vote if the head gasket is ok) or a cracked block.
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Never thought of the intake gasket. Guess that's why I don't fix auto's for a living. Thanks for the info. I'll have them check for that, and thanks for the quick reply.
  • Has anyone had a lot of major problems with their 2002 Explorer? Mine only has 50k miles and has had brakes replaced twice, as well as front and rear hubs,rotors, bearings replaced. It has also needed a new alternator, has had major electronic problems with pin switches in doors, electrical dash board problems, and many other things that have cost me thousands of dollars outside of my extended warranty. Could I just have a lemon or are these kinds of parts expected to wear out after 4-5 years, with only 50k miles on the car? What do you suggest, get a new car or stick with this one? I'm now told I need new brakes again, and I never abuse the car. I'm also told I need emergency brake pads, more electronic parts, totalling several hundreds of dollars. Please give me an honest opinion. My Explorer has not held up well at all for being only 5 years old. Thx.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,447
    what kind a extended warranty do you have that does not extend to 50k miles? why were the tiems you describe not covered?
    not ready to give you my opinion, yet. ;)
  • jcat12jcat12 Posts: 3
    Does anybody know if I can replace my 1998 4.0 OHV explorer engine with 1993 Explorer OHV engine. I am sure they are same motors just not sure if everything bolt right in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • The 98 engine is slightly different form a performance standpoint. If you do make the switch, it won't perform as well.

    But aside from that, the system that controls your 98 is OBD II, and the 93 is OBD I. You'd have to take a number of sensors off your 98 to use them on the 93, and hope there weren't any changes so that everything mates up.

    Here's the kicker...In many states, it isn't legal to put an older engine in a newer vehicle. But if you do it yourself, who's going to know.

    My guess is, on a scale of 1 to 10, the swap should run at a 6 or less.
  • jcat12jcat12 Posts: 3
    Any chance you know what sensors I will have to change. Live in Canada so not sure law applies here. Appreciate the help.
  • rabbitm32rabbitm32 Posts: 1
    2002 Ford Explorer Limited V8 4.6L I have 77,000 miles now on my Explorer and have just found Water in my oil on my last oil change. I have had the gasket replaced by the oil filter that has both water and oil flowing through it. I noticed the problem 4,000 miles after this. I added water just after the repair but thought it was due to fluid loss during the repair. I have taken it back to the facility but they are sure it is not from the repair. I have been driving now since the oil change for 350 miles and have no sign of coolant loss or water in the oil again. My vehicle never over heated and has no loss of power and runs smooth. Does this vehicle have a oil passing through tubing in the radiator to cool? I have no sign of oil in the coolant tank.
  • zevorukozevoruko Posts: 9
    Just wondering, cause the belt in my 2001 Explorer Sport looks a bit beaten and all my cars were non-interference engines so I never really worried about the belt busting and messing the engine.

    In the case of the V6 in my Explorer, is it wise to change the belt now? Is the engine an interference engine? What is the risk if the belt/pulley breaks?

    Thanks a lot for the info guys!!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You have nothing to fear - that is a non-interference engine, and it's driven from inside the engine by a chain.
  • zevorukozevoruko Posts: 9
    Very well, thanks you the information, Ill rest assured :)
  • chollowschollows Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Explorer which I purchased the extended 75,000 mile warranty on. I have had the vehicle in 3 times over the life of the warranty for problems with the way it runs. It sometimes jerks into gear and actually rolled backwards while in park in April. It has also had a high pitched whistling sound. I have been told each time that the mechanics found nothing wrong. The last time it was in was on April 26th because it just wasn't running right. Again, nothing was wrong. On May 28th I had stopped at my mother in laws. I was there about 10 minutes. When I started the car up to leave, it had a terrible miss. I took it into the dealer the next day. I was told that they thought it was an enternal engine problem and it would cost $689.09 to tear it down to see what the problem was. If it is the engine, $6,000 - $7,000 to fix. The car was 443 miles over the extended warranty. Now I have a car with 3 payments left and a major problem. Ford will do nothing about it either. We have been buying Ford foe over 20 years because my father in law was an employee. The last 2 vehicles have been problems. NO MORE FORD! No wonder they are going under. The quality is gone and the customer service doesn't care.
    Get a new car now!
    I am looking into Hyundai. Can't beat the warranty and the models are great.

    Run to you nearest dealer and trade in now before you have my problem.
  • jcat12jcat12 Posts: 3
    Engine swap succesfull did not use 93 OHV but used a 96. Salvage man told me I was making a big mistake buying engine, swore up and down it wouldn't work,but it did only a couple very minor differnces biggest problem was different size manifold bolts. Saved me $500 versus buying a 99 with same milage. Hope this helps someone.
  • i have a 98 ford explorer. i her the pulleys rattle a bit. but i started it up one morning and it sounds like a knockin noise coming from the engine. now i was told the pulleys could be bad but i dont know. its not loud and its on the drivers side of the car. as i accelerate and slow down it goes with the engine. it doesent get louder either it jus stays the same volume. what could it be????
  • I have a 96 ford explorer o/d light starts flashing on and off dont want to go until i get up to about 25mph took it home parked it noticed trans fluid coming out from under.let it sit some one told me it was the front seal go out next day put more trans fluid in it drive it does the same thing except its not leaking trans fluid, check the fuse box , fuse was blown change it o/d light stops flashing but still acting the same way like its stuck in 2nd gear any ideas??? please help!! thanks :mad: :confuse:
  • My 2002 Ford Explorer EB version has over 95,000 miles on it---transmission replaced 10/06 under extended warranty which has now expired. Recently, engine seems to "lag" at hwy speed---I am rarely on the hwy---but yesterday travelled from DC to Baltimore---I95---no problem except "lagging." Just today, however, while driving around 30mph, I noticed a "chugging" noise seemingly coming from under the driver's seat. Noise worsened with acceleration. Any ideas as to the problem & the cost therof? Thank you!
  • I have a 98 ford explorer sport with a v.6 'E' engine.i have a rattle coming from the engine and was told that it is the timeing chain.I was told that its just the valve in the tensioner that needs to be replaced and this will help the problem.has anyone else heard this and if so can replacing just the valve solve the problem.
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